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spacer.gif This is the result of an extremely bored Shiori. What I did was find this thing called Mean Makeover. I put in the names of people I know and posted the results here. Yay. The Mean Makeover is from

Aaron: Stuttering Observer
Adam: Red-eyed Warrior
Ah Yin: Sexy Warrior
Alice: Gorgeous Professional
Amanda: Tough Observer
Amber: Terrible Observer
Ana: Gorgeous Wizard
Andrea: Misunderstood Master
Ashley: Possessive Magician
Audrey: Wicked
Barry: Lucky Genius
Ben/Silent Ben: Dangerous Criminal/Mighty Desparado
Beth Ann: Horrible Loser
Brandon: Insane Pupil
Brent: Quiet Scholar
Brooke: Ungrateful Devil
Cecelia: Smelly Overlord
Chelsea: Tough Destroyer
Chris: Jealous Dreamer
Christina: Crazy Commander
Christy: Crazy Menace
Clint: Short Lover
Cody: Crazy Lover
Collin: Nasty Overlord
Damien: Profound Professional
Dan: Possessed Contender
Daniel: Unlucky Candyass
David: Bad Samurai
Dawn: Thunderous Watcher
Donna: Annoying Monster
Drew: Profound WitchDoctor
Dustin: Vulgar Hunter
Ebony: Jealous
Emily: Excessive Observer
Eric: Loud Dominator
Ericka: Irate Samurai
Jenn: Lying Conqueror
Jenny: Sexy Knight
Jessica: Erratic Loser
Jim: Fearless Tattletale
Jimmy: Atrocious Menace
Joey: Quiet Specialist
John: Evil Magician
Jon: Profound Specialist
Josh: Insane Killer
Julia: Sarcastic Warrior
Kara: GreenEyed Wanderer
Kelly: Crazy Contender
Kim: Stuttering Commander
Matt: Quiet Specialist
Megan: Red-eyed Commander
Michelle: Heinous Warrior
Miles: Atrocious Prophet
Miranda: Foolish Samurai
Nathan: Ungrateful Enchanter
Neal: Arrogant Enchanter
Rachel: Expert Dominator
Robert: Mad Conqueror
Sabrina: Amazing Menace
Sara: Nasty Loser
Sarah: Possessive Bandit
Scott: Smelly Commander
Shiori: Foolish Pimp
Stephanie: Irate Magician
Terrene: Quiet Professional
Thomas: Profound Baby
Travis: Shrieking Tattletale
William: Vulgar Loser

I sent this to Powers, too, and he entered Satan, which came back as "Misunderstood Knight." Sooooo, I got the idea to use God. And, it is...
are you ready for it?
...Annoying Observer!

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