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I've always thought (and liked) that the Drew Carey show has the feel of some people jack-assing around on camera, but I haven't watched it in a few months, so I've never seen any of these new features.
In other news, a random guy was smoking a blunt in the laundry room today.

The only sitcom that I still watch new episodes of on a regular basis is "The Drew Carey Show", though sometimes I do catch an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" (I don't understand the general hatred of that show). But I digress, as I often do. Anyway, the (Drew Carey) show has been going downhill for a few years, but I will continue to watch until the end. It seems as if the show has been turned over to a new director who not only uses a handheld camera instead of a mounted one as well as using less sitcom-ish camera angles and pans, he/she/it has also introduced an alien element into the sitcom: "Natural Light". No, I am not talking about the beer, I'm actually talking about sunlight filtering softly through the scene through windows that appear to be in an actual house rather than a studio set. I know other sitcoms have sunlight in outdoor scenes, and perhaps a few have used it inside, but I cannot recall such a blatant use of sunlight in a sitcom. It's almost inexcuseable. A sitcom is supposed to look fake. Suspension of disbelief not withstanding, a sitcom ought to deny reality, to mock it.


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