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Yes, they're free, but I don't think the setup would be too good for a comic. Might try instead.
whaa..? Barton makes tavern and gentleman? I had no idea. In other news I have begun work on the Star Llama comic book. I may have to cave in and put it up on a livejournal, that is, if they are free, I don't know.
Get a load of this: that particular brand we love to hate, Barton, makes more than what their name is on. They make the 99 schnapps, Monty, Tavern, Gentleman, and more. They also manage imports of Coronas, Modelos, and St. Pauli Girls.

Whats up everyone been a long ass time since i posted. well later

In the beginning god ate the poisoned apple in the garden of eden and fell asleep for twenty years until awakened by prince charming (a.k.a. Richard Henderson). Henderson convinced God that he should turn Eden over to Henderson. Henderson then smote the garden and forth from it poured the great ohio river. The river flowed across the earth and carried with it the greatness of the garden (thereafter known as henderson) and deposited it across the globe and thus diminished it's greatness and created all the land aside from henderson. Satan was born sometime after that and started a bear racing track in hell (the area directly below henderson.) And that, my friends, is a summary Genesis, before the phil collins robot from the future beat peter gabriel. Also, Satan needs hail stones so he trades power to business men in return for golf balls filled with hail.

ah. I was just wondering exactly what happened to barry, he hasn't posted in a long while and I haven't had any contact with him. Strange to think that somewhere out there, in tennesee most likely, barry is carrying on a life outside my range of perception.
Balorg n.,
Balrog's less evil, more retarded cousin.

hmmm. it looks like the picture of the balorg.

Actually, I got the second picture from doing a google image search for "satan". The first is from some Christian kids show website. And I'm glad that one person played along, with the consequence of me laughing.

Also, the images are different sizes.

(Power's Conscience): Way to nerd it up there, Powers
That's not fun unless you've got a shotgun, a fast car, and vengeance, like mad max.
I think that means that the world is gonna end....or that they are really really bored like the rest of us. I hope for the world ending one. Those are always fun.

picture two is identifiable as the balorg from lord of the rings to anyone who's seen the cover art for the original computer game back in the day and is thus a friendly (despite the fact that he killed gandalf), known character, while picture one I can't identify so I am automatically fearful of, not to mention the people appear to be...what the!? Audrey and Collin actually posted?

I think the word you wanted is monochromatic.

1. Picture 1 invokes violent urges.
2. I'd rather meet the guy in Picture 2 in a dark alley than the scary people in Picture 1.
3. Picture 2 isn't a two headed beast.
4. Picture 2 doesn't have boobs.

Yeah, ummm greyscale perhaps.... horned demons, hmmm, more facial hair on the guy in picture two than on picture one, and I think lastly the guy in picture two is most likely more fun to have a parties.
I don't even know what that first picture is. People, of course, but why?

Can you spot the four differences between these two things?

Me too, but I ain't about to post a link to my journal. Sadly, you can probably search for my catch phrases on google and find it.

I've just been to busy with college and work. Nothing intresting happens anymore. Anything semi-intresting that happens i write about in my dead/livejournals.
Nah, this blog's not dead, I'm just too busy to put my normal weekly load of worthless crap on here.

Perhaps this blog will finally die....
Hm. Dead blog. Maybe the good folks at can liven things up with this children's classic.


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