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Thanks. Here's the Advent Children stuff I was talking about.

oh. good job at mimicking those self-involved web-journalists.
Today I woke up about ten an was still sleepy. Don't ya hate when that happens? :P Neway... got a class today. I think if I had a college, there would be no classes on wednesday... Itd be like a mini-weekend right their in the middle of the week, on wednesday... that way I wouldn't have seminar tonight either... but I DO get to sit next to Megan, and that's always nice... OMG, today is the midterm! Studying is sooooo boring!<i/> I should see if Megan want's to go to Pazzos after the test. I don't think she drinks (bummer) but maybe she'll want to hang out... (wOoO!)

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Egh, I know what he means.

ha ha, how so?
Hm. It's going to start looking like a web-journal in here if we're not careful.


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