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I was just trying to annoy any government agency that was looking.

Any takers?
By the way, Powers, I wan't suggesting anybody follow that (below) guy's advice, I just thought I'd point out this blatantly anti-free speech law.
Er...let me just go on record as saying "I love the U.S. government." Off the record, though...I think a few reforms could be made, not as radical and disruptive as this guy is talking about.

This guy got arrested for putting information on his website about building bombs, even he never made any. Although I don't agree with his goofily wrong politics, It's still pretty retarded that somebody can get arrested for typing something.

I was watching cartoons earlier; I don't know if anyone's ever seen 'House of Mouse.' It has newer Mickey Mouse cartoons. Anyway, in one episode, Donald Duck's nephews were acting ill, so Mickey offered them food. He offered one kid some ice cream, the next a pizza, and the third a fish taco (otherwise known as a simon dawson).

The delicious creamy layer is what makes it so good.
Here's an interesting article about the invention of the modern condom, which apparently is celebrating it's 350th birthday. It's also a short history of STDs, including old King Minos' bout with sperm that turned into scorpions and serpents.
Be sure to notice the name of Charles II's doctor.
102 years?! Yet another reason that the American gov't is completely retarded.
Your ruthless attack on the deeply held beliefs of others is inappropriate and unwarranted...nah, I'm just kidding. Anti-evolutionist postmodern dead paganh Christians can all go to hell, and probably will, thanks to the advent of hell by God in the 14,000th century, B.C. What does that tell you, Dinosaurs didn't go to hell. Yes, I did just make that up, but I'd love to create a website explaining religious things with pseudoscientific facts.
I think the downfall of Western Civilization can be traced to the realization that if you say something enough most people will believe you.

Holy shit! as if there wasn't already enough reason to hate the government.



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