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Yet as in, "Have you seen it as of now" yet. Not, "Have you found it?" or "Are you looking for it?" I just found it interesting that someone else other than the few I know of around here knowing about livejournal...

What do you mean 'yet,' was I supposed to be searching? I've seen it, I know it's out there somewhere.
I started to go file my taxes today and then I realized that I'm still missing a W-2. Who would have guessed Integrity would still be good for something? By the way have you found my journal yet daniel?

With my current schedule (working 3rd shift at the Fine Arts Library) allowing little time for sleep, I have decided to restart my experiment into polyphasic sleep.
I'm considering posting the results of my research here, if anyone is interested.

Or print out this fun Law & Order Coloring Book

Do you patriotic duty. Join the Sasquatch Militia.

Four hundred miles from one side of the state to the other. No more than two months at a comfortable ten miles a day.

Kakoy interesnoy...

Here's a little gem I found yesterday, for anyone interested in crazy theories that involve drugs, bees, and ancient civilizations.

Just another reason why my respect for the human species declines a little more each day.
Wait a second! King of the Hill fan fiction? Breakfast Club fan fiction?

MINESWEEPER fan fiction?

I wish I could stab the internet, then burn it down.

Sure it does. You see, the soul is inside your body, that's why you can't normally see it, but it turns invisible when exposed to the earth's atmosphere, that's why we need to kill more people in space to see their real soul colors.
Color of their soul? I'm not sure that even makes sense...

why do people feel the need to see what color their soul is and share it with folks? eh, maybe I'm just bitter because I'm always Chrono's Cat.
Did you know that 'Live Journal' website will compile the 50 most recent posts for your viewing pleasure? After skimming about 250 or so entries, I've noticed a trend. It seems there's a correlation between web-journal posting and those silly personality quizzes. Y'know, "Your soul color is aquamarine," and what not.
What the hell is that? That's crazy...though were I stoned it might have more value.
Now this website hurts my head.

Strange thing is, today at work I pressed the button for a Barq's root beer and what came out but a cherry coke.

I was reading a website dedicated to embarrasing childhood stories, and someone submitted this gem:

When I was a geeky sixth grader, I did not want anyone to find out that I liked Cherry Coke. So when anyone saw me drinking Cherry Coke, I told them I had ordered regular Coke but the machine had made a mistake.

-Please withhold my name or initials.

Now, the reading comprehension section, why is this funny?

20040105 Any of you that read or liked the lord of the rings might enjoy that... it gets a bit odd at the end, but it has a lot of facts in it, people who just saw the movie will never know. Unless they read the other works...


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