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I refuse to acknowledge your fiction. The accounts of Paul Hindenburg are historical, whereas the very name Victor Hindenburg is made-up. Drew's suggestion of the incorrect first name was a disrespect that I have corrected, Brenjamin.

On a lighter note, apparently black windows are gates to hell.

No one made a mistake, Daniel. You may have created hindenburg, but he has grown out of your control. Victor is his name, and victor he shall be called. Paul Hindenburg, I realize, was a real person, but Victor Hindenburg is so much more than flesh and bone. Possibly greater than Bill Brasky.

Drew! We've made a horrible mistake!

That legendary figure, the Prussian superman, the hero of every military conflict in history was Paul Hindenburg, not Victor Hindenburg. His full name is Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Hindenburg und Beneckendorff.

Whaa..? I... That... Uh... I hate religion. I like Jesus, however. That magazine/bible just fucks Jesus up the ass.
LOL! That's awesome, ROTFL! I'm LMFAO! ;)


I wish I had a better computer. I'd like to play the sims online. It looks very interesting. I'd like to crash the economy. I read that Will Wright played a character named Alan Greenspan to help keep the economy in check so inflation wouldn't spiral out of control like it apparently did in ultima online.
It gets much worse. Anyone at all interested in virtual worlds should read the complete history of the Alphaville Herald. The Sims Online certainly has a large number of people who just want to play the game, but it has a hell of a dark side. Warring mafias, secret governments, chlid prostitutes, con artists, secret homosexuals; it's ridiculous.

On a side note, Dostoyevsky was right. In a society without accountability, lack of morality is troublesome.

That is absolutey disgusting but absolutey hilarious!

In other news, recently it was revealed that the most notorious female prostitute in The Sims Online is actually a guy. Not terribly surprising, of course, considering that 9/10 of all MMORPG characters are male, but still; this character's
"cyber-fellatio" skills were known across the city.
This is certainly intresting.....

Here's some great reading. Check out the Fire from the Sky series
at the bottom of this page.

Destroyed space shuttles, moon bases, Soviet UFOs; good stuff!

The lame-assity is unsurpassed.


Yeah, lame-assious is a rather appropriate description of the suggestions.
Powers! This tops the hair lady!

Notice how she claims she's willing to do anything, but her suggestions are absolutely lame-assious!

!. My dear god. The auction is not for the hair itself but for the right to shave it! What the fuck is that? 2. That would be a much greater article were it real. I love real, Christ-loving, atheist bashing articles. They send a pang of hatred through my body that just warms the heart.
If I can put another link on here, this is the greatest article ever.
Yeah, I think they have them at the Barn.

On a side note, I think a starting bid of $45,000 on hair is hilarious. Classic American thinking -- stupid crap being worth an absurd amount. Warning! Auction ends Friday at 6:30PM!


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