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Steel Reserve comes in cans?

Today's meaningful website: The Poor College Student's Relief

A reason for the world not to rejoice but to cringe in fear: we have access to pepper spray

And The world rejoices....for Final Fantasy X-2 is out and is now part of my collection. =)


We forgot the new traditional "happy birthday" for drew. Happy...birthday...drew...happy...birthday...drew...birthday...drew...happy...drew...birthday...drew...happy...happy....drew...birthday...etc.

New Tenacious D album, out in stores... that or a video... I was so suprised to learn this I posted it without researching it, I need to get to work anyway. (edit) It's a DvD compilation of a lot of their work, quite tenacious in deed. Sorry I haven't been online or around lately, I work pretty constantly, and I do believe I'll be working straight up to thanksgiving weekend, speaking of which I'm planning a small trip to nashville that weekend if anyone is in town that wants to go, or if anyone has a better location I'm for that too.
Anyone ever notice how similar "My Angel is the Centerfold"'s main tune and the Smurf's theme are? Just try whistling "My Angel is the Centerfold."

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner......
Phyisicists have tried for years to reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics, but they completely ignore the Miles Downs Model of the Universe. Summed up simply in the phrase "Matter should be there."


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