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This guy makes the comics.
They're awesome as all get out. I highly recommend "Elephant King" and "Big Sperm Guy".
And "Shittiest Guy Ever" is quite possibly one of the most amusing things i've ever seen.

Shittiest Guy Ever! (remember to open this link in a new window)

If you've not read the other comics on the website Drew found, I suggest you do so. But I've forgotten the URL.
If you louve soumething, set it free. If it coumes back to you, set it oun fire. Thanks for the colouring page, Drew. Here's anouther good one: it's a picture ouf Woodrow Wilson demounstrating his lateust inventioun, the pencil.

Why do you hauve a colouring book?
"It caulms me douwn"
In the beginning there was darkness, as far as the eye could see (which wasn't really that far considering the fact that there was no light for eyes to receive or for that matter, any eyes to receive it). Then some stuff happened and the dinosaurs emerged. It's a common misconception that the dinosaurs were killed by a meteor from the sky, when in fact the meteors that killed them evolved from simple rocks already existing on earth. The meteorites hunted the dinosaurs to extinction and bred with the animals that were left to produce "The Giants of Rock" such as Led Zeppelin and The Thing. The giants rose up against their mineralian fore fathers and destroyed them, tthus securing all the groupies for themselves to produce the human speecies.


Love is a burning flame.

Hello... I've de...what the hell is the change time a date for? Doesn't that kinda ruin archiving these posts if the times and dates are false, pant bastards of Blogger.

There's a new nickname: 'Occasionally Daniel'

I had forgotten that you were on this blog, what's it been? a century since you posted? Just kidding, but where is everyone. Seems only Drew and I post, and occasionally Daniel.
You all crack me up! Thanks for the smile...

Wine! Whiskey! Beer! Gin! Vodka! by your powers combined I am Captain Drunkard! Captain Drunkard, he's our hero, gonna take sobriety down to zero, gonna help us put awry bad guys who like to preach and pry.

Help Improve Blogger by Eating Some Ass.

Ha ha ha. Thanks for dragging that failed project out of obscurity.

The government really is cracking down on people downloading music. It's shameful. But is there a glimmer of hope? Something to stop this menace? I'd say "indeed". Lurking in the shadows is an ancient evil, ready to provide us with loving salvation if we can summon it, you and I both know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about "The Beast." not the bad, liquid Beast, of course, I mean...Copyright Infringement Beast!
I had a dream last night involving people trapped in coffins for a science experiment, me convincing my grandmother that one of the coffins was a cell phone, and me battling to the death the guy who was conducting the experiment. The main weapons used in this experiment was a ball of mosquitos (probably a variant of the ball of birds I dea I had for daytime fireworks), tiny balls of ants and fleas, and a blowdryer.

I had a strange dream the other day when I was taking a nap. I dreamed there was a test you could take that
would tell you how old you were by asking you a series of questions. Each question had a number assigned to it, and you added
up all of the numbers for the questions to which you answered yes. I can only remember two of the questions:
Have you ever ridden an elephant?
Have you ever hired the mafia to kill someone for you?


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