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Despite substantial losses, Kevin Costner continues to direct movies, and I'm glad. I liked "Waterworld" and "The Postman" and now he's got a western coming out. You don't see many of those these days.

Here's another bizarre find from work.

Yep, though I wasn't directly struck. The lightning struck the house while I was leaning against it and I got a powerful shock through my entire body. For a few hours after that parts of my body felt tingly and it felt as if I had just consumed 7 cups of coffee. To top it off, I didn't get the job at wal-mart because they couldn't call me for an interview.
Wait, you got struck by lightning? Did Brandon Powers get shocked?

I was called in for my first interview ever, I filled out a sheet of paper and they told me that they'd check my references and input the information from the sheet in a computer and call me back probably about tuesday. Monday lightning destroyed both our phones, but my modem was spared this time. So I've had to call wal-mart with justin's cell phone but everytime I call the person I need to talk to isn't in. It really pisses me off and I got struck by lightning today.

Man, That's crazy. People confuse this midget. =S

What the fuck?! Speaking of scientology, a man on the bus the other day felt it neccessary to explain to me his hatred of scientology because they brainwashed his dog, which is why he decided to become homeless and roam around the country.
Here's a picture of Matthew Broderick being harrassed by a ball that shoots lightning and low self-esteem, courtesy of the Scientology website.

i just logged on the first time in about 2 months, and i really hate the new look. It was easier to read and follow the old one. How do we downgrade back to it??? Anyway just thought I'd say hello to all of you. I haven't seen some of ya in a while, so call me if you're in town and want to do something with me.

Trazan Ja Trazan Ja Ska vi hitta pa na't ball? Trazan Ja Trazan Ja Leka eller dra en trall Nar vi titar in tell dej vill vi se in kulig grej Trazan Ja Trazan Ja Ska vi hitta pa na't ball? Du apan Mmm Papan Yeah Apepapedingdingdang Du kan Sjunga Mmm Apans egen dinga sang Ja Hanga upp och ner i din svans Tjattra hogt och steppa en dans Apan Mmm Papan Ja Apepapadingdingdang Take it!

That is awesome
Here's something else that's Jesustacular.

On a side note, I will be purchasing this. It seems to great to pass up.
actually, barry, you post just about as often as anyone else

hey, whats up, i need to post a little more, anyone up for taco salad?


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