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Well, I've added yet another topping to the list of Jesusdiculous toppings at Miguel's. I shouldn't have wrapped it a napkin before wrapping it in aluminium foil. Add napkin to the list including beans, lentils, and Napoleon.

"You mean the one where Big Bird has an evil twin?"
--My Mom, earlier today
Wow, the blog looks different... and better.
What? Getting the airship to float?
Eh, I enjoy it. If I ever get a triple-decker I'll go por solo.

I haven't been canoeing in six or seven years, but from what I remember, it wasn't that great, not worth $30, even divided among as many people as could fit in a canoe. Of course in final fantasy the canoe was great because it allowed me to traverse rivers and get the floater stone which allowed me to raise the airship from the desert. I wonder how much airship rental is...
I don't particularly care for canoe rental or the explanation that Powers gives (yes, I realize he is being fecicious). By the way, everyone go to the gorge at the same time, it might prove interesting.
Note to self, since I'm at work: Canoe rental is $30 at the gorge for an 8 1/2 mile trip. Call 6-697-01 for details.
Because everything an atheist or agnostic does, he does in vain, seeing as how they won't get into heaven in the end. Atheists/agnostics are also amoral biggots that have no use for any sort of ethical code since they have no incentive like heaven to motivate them to be good people. They just hate everything and everyone, especially God. (How can an atheist hate God?)
Someone (I think it was Daniel) once told me that a coworker said there was no reason to get up in the morning or do anything if you didn't believe in God. Can anybody explain to me why this is? I don't get it.

Black proof country, no cold peaches, tired sturgeons. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, is a movie.
I think it's quite a deal, of course maintaining a sea lion could get fairly pricey

Does anyone see the problem with the cost of that sea lion?

To keep from looking like I can't spell I'm going to say the Hel I'm referring to in that last post is the daughter of Loki in charge of the underworld in Teutonic myth. Of course I could change the post, but I feel this way is better and draws attention to the mistake and away from my secret SUPER POWERS!

Wait a second, I posted that message about the sea lion at about 1:15PM.
What the fuck?! How the hel can a sea lion organize a sleepover or sew?
Today in the classifieds:
"Sea Lion for sale, he know how to do high fives with his legs and arms. If you want to organize something like a sleepover he'll do it. He also knows how to sew. Just a few days ago we taught him to dance. Worth $200.

Yeah, but I was a different person then, before I learned to try to understand zombies instead of fearing them simply because of hearsay and prejudices like "all zombies eat brains."

Wow brandon... I simply can't believe that you too bought into such a media related lie...Is no one safe from the lies against our kind.... I mean their kind.


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