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good job barry, nice to finally hear from you again...

merry xmas to all of you. I hope you get whatever you wanted.

hey, it wrked
i tried three times to post, and thjey didnt come up

yo been a while since i posted, but i thought, eh, ehy not. finals are almost over, and my website now has a guestbook in case you forgot that's all

Does blog still exist if I don't post on it?

Are you holding my belt hostage? If you are, god help you when I get my hands on you... if not, thanks for holding it for me. This woman in front of me looks like she's wearing a wig... who knows, maybe she is...

If you miss me that much barry why don't you come see me? Shit I'm so damn pissed right now... my stomach hurts and I want to just go to sleep... but no... no sleep for me I feel so bad...

collin?, are you there?, i have your belt, i miss you, i didnt see you this weekend, where were you?


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