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if you can, great if you cant, we will work Something out, ok? ok.
Ummm that might be a problem then.... I don't have a way to get there right now... maybe I might show this weekend, maybe not....

i am going home this weekind. my sisters returned the belt to my closet due to the size, i think, but, its there, i'll be there. where will you be? and who is coming with you?
Hehehe....I have an idea.....
Wait...girls are wearing my belt? What girls, and how is that possible, they'd have to have large hips or be unusually fat to do's at your house...are your sisters wearing my belt? Damnit barry! Tell me when you'll be home for a weekend and I'll try to get to nashville to get it. Of course I could just have you mail it, but I'd rather come get, crispy creme and barry, can't go wrong with that... no matter what anyone says.
Collin, we need to talk. its..your belt, its lonely, i dont know how much longer it can hang in my closet, alone. i hear it crying, and i am two hundered miles away from it. your poor belt Collin... it never talks, it just makes noise, it never jokes, or laughs. if i take it for a walk, it just sits there, and my emotions are all a draft. can the belt feel my hurt? does it know that my feelings arn't spaired? your belt need a home, a friend. some one who isnt scared. its long slim body, its metal head dress it wears. it hides alone in slumber, i aknowlege only its nightterrors. its been worn, and not by you, girls that scramble about. sharing, not caring, deviously, they use it obliviously. Oh, your poor belt Collin, i say poor belt it is. it needs a home, a friend, a companion that fits its unique shape and style. not me, nor my house, but only Jay Leno can help.

Yeah, maybe I need to clarify two points, take your pick of whichever works better for your rationale. Number one, the aforementioned creation could have been the graphic involved in the production, which was indeed mine. On the other hand, I never used the single-person pronoun my once down there. The use of the word your was intended to be taken as a plural second-person reference. No fewer than five people made that place what it has become these days. All right, all right, maybe I was wrong in one aspect: T-shirts can't exactly be immortal.
No. There are only so mny fish in the sea, but the best way to fall in love, is to fall in love with me. That, as a screen name makes little sense whatsoever, but when the person says it to you, you start to wonder the meaning of it. And by the way, if anyone made one keys, it wasn't you daniel naas. Your creation, to anyone who knows about one keys, that's pretty damn funny. You're nothing but the keg pumper and you need to remeber that.

How about I start acting like an asshole?

I think there are few things in the world quite as satisfying as seeing your own creation immortalized in a T-shirt.

A new ninja turtles series, animated stargate series, a series based on little cheap pink M.U.S.C.L.E. figures sold in the eighties, Kirby (the thing that inhales enemies) animated series, and Fighting Foodons (a cartoon where food fights, looks like another pokemon ripoff). All shows on The Fox Box.
I had an idea for a movie, but it would only be able to be played to it's full potential in some theatres because I want to use tactile sensation as well as the typical audio and visual. I'd like to change the temperature slightly in certain scenes and pump in a cool breeze or warm zephyr occasionally.

Yeah, 10:30's not bad... oh wait.
Yeah, eight's not bad at all. Maybe you should go to bed earlier.
I get up at 5:45 every morning, 4:45 if I have to go in friday. I thought since you'd already had a job you'd be used to the responsibility.
''|. cant find a way to kill me yet... ''|. "|. yeah, here comes the rooster "|. is there any way that i can go through college and not work? not go to class? and just play vidiogames in my underwear? i wish, i have to get up at 8 every morning and do work study for college, then go to work at fridays. i tell you, this whole shabang is a lot of responsibility, i dont want to grow up. hurumph

On that note,
*music note* howwwwwlllllll!!! me oh oh me oh me oh me oh me *music note*

ya bla bla bla

hey I don't read smut anymore.


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