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hey hey hey, porn does have very interesting reading material, but i have already read enough of it from my friends suite-mates. miles is a cool guy, porn is/ was just part of his personality, besides, i wasnt putting him down, and when am i ever going to get to see any of you again? i am going to Panama City Beach this spring! its fun, i went there last spring break, man-o-man, if i were rich, i would get all of us there, and do everything, then at night, after everyones gone, scavage the beach of leftover stuff, you'll find boogy boards, footballs, frisbies, givaway shirts, EVERYTHING. anyways. i miss you all

Ouch, that porn jremark was pretty cvold
know whats creepy, i am reading this book called "Phantoms" by: Dean Koontz, its pretty good so far, and before this, i read John Saul's "Darkness," it is soo, wierd, i never read, never have, now all of a sudden i am on my second book, well, if any of you jhave any suggestions on book i might like, discluding porn (miles) then that would be cool. has anyone seen the cvat lately?

I saw a cat attack a squirrel the other day. The squirrel kicked its ass, though. Also, I've noticed that there are a lot of rabbits here at night. I think I counted 10 or so one time. This place is creepy.

I picked a book yesterday and I thought nothing of it until I was putting it in the cart and I saw under the title the words "Christ Clone Trilogy." It's about jesus being cloned fro DNA on the shroud of turin to see if he was an alien and the cloned jesus ends up being the antichrist or something. I don't know if he goes bowling with anyone, though.

i have your belt collin, but i am sure it is in nashville, i am in knoxville, you are in...wherever you are, and the cvat is still following me. what the heck, did anyone else just hear that? i swear audrey just said that poland is falling, what the hell. anyahoo

I recieved an email today that I have read, in similar forms, many times before. The spelling and grammar were atrocious. I guess it's like they say, "it's called community college because they'll let anyone in."

On a rather selfish side note, don't get together at the silo this Friday, wait until the weekend after this one.
You can have the cvat.

is it just me or is anyone else tired of getting emails from and Apparently, I must be very popular with the ladies or... somebody doesn't like me enough not to guess my name and email.
Can I have the cat?

Can I get a "What the hell?!" Can I also get my belt barry?
yes, i think there is a posessed cvat in daniel's car

it's powers, right?
Is it posessed, or perhaps there's a cat trapped in it.

Remember, I've never been discreet by accident. I was trying to see if anyone was interested in going along for the Norfolk idea, but then that was replaced by Jarrod Beck's proposal to visit him during the weekend after this weekend. I'll probably be staying here for my fall break sine I don't want to put a hell of a lot of miles on my car.
My chair just meowed at me...
Guess who's starting their first job the day after they turn 20.
Yes, leave us hanging daniel wondering what you'll be doing on your fall break. I don't care greatly but this better idea caught my attention like you planned most likely, but will say you didn't just posting it for informations sake, therfore denying any actions as before mentioned. But still why don't you just tell us?
Wait, scratch that idea, something better has come along. Nevermind.

I have no classes on the Friday fourth of October. I think I'm going to the east coast of Virginia, just for the hell of it. Norfolk is right about 600 miles, which is just what I was shooting for.
Yeah, I failed to see how he was hacking anything.

According to MSNBC a guy who buys 25 megahertz computers and sells them as 800 megahertz computers is not only smart but also a hacker.

well, itys official, there are exactly 3,062 molecules on an elderly eloin's butt, and only twelve of those are migratory
I think the eyes represeted perception of reality.
I supposed that explains the exploding eyes. But, what's a nine-year-old doing watching Evangelion? o.O

Dude! The director of one hour photo directed the music video for "Closer".

I wish so much I could go to the Tokyo game show, when I read about some of square's new projects my heart almost exploded. There's FFXII, there's FFT Advance which is NOT a remake of FFT but a completely new story, there's another new Final Fantasy for Gameboy Advance, and theres 2 spinoffs of FFX. Damn that's exciting. I am a nerd, aren't I? I suppose I should consign myself to watching G4 for the rest of my life.
nothing interesting going on?

Just like breast cancer and abortion, parents smoking and their children engaging in sex during their teen years is also apparently linked. So's teen sex in ales and seatbelt wearing.

i live in the ghettoprojects.... this SUCKS,i am one of four white people there,which wouldntbe bad excepts they all come from Chacago,or Ny,or LA,all gangmembers who like todo nothing but get drunk and high, 24-7. the dorm is so run down, the roaches have more towl space in the large bathroom on every floor. complete with six showers full of CRAP and 3 sinks in which this guy from Africa chooses to bath his feet in every day. but there is good news, i am one of the smarter people there, this is only my first attempt at college. unlike most others, who are in thier twenties, and on thier 2nd, 3rd, 4th..... tries at it. oh well, i am going to jump out of liz's dorm on the 11th floor at UTK, where everyone likes to party every night, including tuesday, and stand in the courtyard till morning, and play catch with the, if you dont hear from me soon, its prolly cause my college, is a non government founded African American liberal arts community college. eh, it'll work,

And I've tried calling audrey for the past two days on her cell phone and none of the times have you answered.


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