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Oh, c'mon, now that's just uncalled for. I was just going to say happy birthday, and apologize for my gift not arriving in the mail yet. I got you one of those moogle plushie thingies like in that Final Fantasy game.
Fuck all of you
Dude, she's talking to the guys that were mocking her

Who are you aying fuck you too donna...I hope it wasn't me.

i like flubber, and flubber likes cows, and every time that coffe strikes, it shows that crows can count.
Fuck you

Drew........CALL ME RIGHT NOW, I have all your stuff, it's in your room

collin.......CALL ME RIGHT NOW!, i have your belt, it was in my closet,
Hi everybody! I just wanted to say that I am alive and well... although I missed ya'll terribly this summer! Oh, and Daniel..... CALL ME RIGHT NOW! School sucks as normal, but shit happens. Mom's outta town this weekend! :) I'm going to TEXAS in a week... oh the excitement of being back home! Well I have to go, but I love ya!

Cool, but I'm quite positive I've seen quite more background than any of you on this whole concept. I've come to like country, but you know some of it still sucks.

brandon, too much kentucky, no, NO. i likecountry, tim Mcgraw has some awsome songs,i saw brooks and dunn preform lagrung with zz top live.
I've come to the conclusion that country music these days is actually good, it's just made bad by the singers. They just need to play some good ol' fashion, knee-slappin', instrumental bluegrass.

You're exactly right, I don't know why you decided to post that, but you're right. you shouldn't hate anyone because they are victis of circumstances you don't know. At least that's my view on the subject, total forgiveness.
i just have to say that just becuse they were nazi's and killed jews, doesnt mean they liked it. most nazi's were forced to follow, or else there homes would be burned and thier families would be taken away. most nazi's were protecting themselves and thier families, so dont scorn and ridicule them everytime you hear over the radio or in tv that 6,000,000 innocent people died for no reason, dont hate them, it was thier job, what would you do if the law Inelegantly forced you to conduct a search over a four block radius and evict 150 people in 1 day. see, its ok, because, they get to keep anything they want, whether it be thier fine china, or even gold teeth in thier heads. well, think about it, just because thier nazis, they still might like flowers.
Whoever's riding with me to Lexington may have to wait till Saturday afternoon to leave Henderson. Something's come up at work that could end up giving me a reason to stay here Friday night.
what is right?....prove it........proven?......but.....
But religion bla bla God bla bla bla bla bla infallible bla bla bla hope bla bl bla bla bla bla mmmmmm...Jesus
I just finished watching the video for Radiohead's "Just", and I thought the people on list blogger might like to know what happens in the video.

A man is lying in the middle of a sidewalk, and someone comes to ask him what's wrong. He refuses to tell him and tells him just to leave him alone, and occasionally that it wouldn't be right to tell them. The man goes and gets some other people and they start asking him, only to get the same reply. This goes on for a few minutes, interspersed with clips of Radiohead playing. Eventually the man, after much cajolling, agrees to tell why he's lying on the ground, saying something to the effect of "god save you all". He tells them and the video cuts to Radiohead looking out their window and seeing everyone that had gathered is now lying out on the sidewalk too.

It reminds me of an idea I had a while back: what if the true nature of things in the universe could be convincingly summed up in a few sentences, and delivered a message of absolutely no hope or reason for living. Could it cause the end of all human life on earth?

P.s.: Anyone who wants to tell me that any certain religion is right, but doesn't leave you without hope, stay of my back; it's just a damn idea.
.....don't do that barry, it's too weird, even for you.

tell you what, kosherism, DANG, yo yo, i am alive, i am back, for now, after college, i will have to get settled in, then i will get onto track, hey, guess what, emu, word the emo's
whaaa? wednesday?
I second drews idea. As we all know even if he acts like barry at times, the barry we now know is robo barry, but we still love you. I think . I need to remember how to get to your house, I think I deleted the trip plan from my computer...nope I didn't. See ya wednesday hopefully.
heheh, no he doesn't
Wow, Barry lives.

i am sad, i am moving, this is a very emotional time for me right now
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

if you're not in the omniblog also... i'm in lexington, woo
the camps are supposed to be for "enemy combatant", which could mean damn near anything. for all i know, because of my opposition to the "war" on "terrorism", I could be considered an enemy combatant.

As for a war on terror, it's first target should be one of world largest supporters of terrorism (and was, in fact, a major supporter of the taliban, not to mention many other terrorist organizations)... the united states.

It almost makes me laugh at the terrifying irony of commercial that say, "if you buy drugs, you're supporting terrorism." more accurately, one could say, "if you pay taxes, you're supporting terrorism."

but enough about that...

It's not as if it will have been the first time concentration camps have been set up on US soil. During ties of war, or pseudo-war as the case is now, people go crazy with fear. I just hope that no one takes Ashcroft seriously. He needs to be deposed before I end up in a internment camp.

I think John Ashcroft is a crazy nazi dickhead; just my opinion.
That scares me that ashcroft is trying to make fucking concentration camps in the US.
They refer to them as ghosts to scare the little kids that watch.

If the "ghosts" that Scooby Do and friends come upon always end up being people in masks, why do they still refer to those they encounter as ghosts? Do they not learn fro the past that they are most likely dealing with a human?
Teen Jeopardy consists of not only the easiest, but also the ost asinine questions ever.

That is nasty.
No shit comes to mind after looking at that.


Coke II still exists in Chicago, or at least it did a few month's ago accoring to an article I just read. I know that the last time I saw it in Henderson was while y grandfather was still alive so it's been at least eight, though more like ten years since I'd even thought of Coke II. That, and the American Science and Surplus, definitely give Chicago a high place on my list of cities I want to visit before I die.


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