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Bleh to Pepsi.
Yeah, I agree, I'd like blueberry I might get some tomorrow morning before i trott off to work.

Blueberry Pepsi, that sounds kind of good. It has to be better than regular Pepsi.
Blueberry Pepsi!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!???!?! I...I..I got nothing to say.
Blueberry Pepsi? Tell you what Sureway, why don't you keep that one.
Yes, that would be nice.
You know, scientists rigged up mice brains to make them able to control them. I want flamingos like that, of course the brain control hat would be disguised with a purple, wide-brimmed had with a large feather. It would also be wearing a cape and a gold necklace that has a cammera, microphone, and speaker disguised as some sort of medallion--like a gold Mr. T head--so I could see and hear and speak using my remote controlled pimpmingo.

If only money making the way one does it in RPG's was socially acceptable...

Feh, I ate a tiger once thinking that it was chicken and I'm no worse the wear....

Well, I recently completed a book of essays by Noam Chomsky. I had always disliked this country, but now I can't stand it. On a lighter note, the start of a new semester of college is slowly approaching - time to shake off the dust of this one horse (nonetheless plural horses) town, and return to Lexington (notable for its fame as a two horse town with considerably less dust.)

hmmm...I never realised before how many people confuse morality with legality.

And I've got no feeling in my right hand. Looks like it's going to be one of those days.

My head hurts.

Does it really matter?
Why did you hyphenate no one?

I guess not.
does no-one ever post here ne-more?

I'm scared now.
Good evening friends, whenever I'm on the internet and there's nothing to do I just turn to X-Entertainment and my point is this, german candy is insane and I now know who is the greatest superhero ever. I also know the creepiest children's book devised by man. Yes, even creepier than the one I wrote in eighth grade which none of you probably have heard of but let me assure you, it's insane and scary and involves islands floating in the middle of nothingness being attacked by worms from space that destroy the shields that keep in the atmosphere. The results? Not pretty. Though that's not the story with the guy's eye exploding.

Odd, I just read that there was a musical made of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." That has got to be one twisted musical. For those who haven't seen it it stars Joan Crawford and Betty Davis as two sisters. Jane was a child star and her sister became an adult film star and jane was washed up. Jane ran her sister down, though eventually in a flashback sequence we find out something about the incident but I don't remember what. Jane has to take care of her invalid sister and her jealousy leads her to deprive her of food and even cook rats and her pet bird and feed it to her. Eventually Jane goews crazy and hauls her sister's corpse to the beach where she gives it an ice cream and starts singing and dancing as she did in her youth. It's been called a gay classic...I don't care.
I've been reading the archives of the blog from back in the day (circa august-december 2001), mainly because I don't like saved by the bell and designing women all too well and the golden girls isn't on until 8. Anyway, what happened to Daniel's feature-length flash film? And under what circumstances did I say "I was awarded an ice cream posthumusly"?
A sitcom where all the characters are completely rational! That would be the ultimate in absurdity.

I was thinking the same thing a while back actually. Let me think of something deep and I'll post it later.

La la la la la. Does anybody post on this blog anymore la la?

I don't care... but audrey sure as hell isn't slapping me this time.
Sometimes people take things too seriously, not to worry, I've punched myself in the face.
Slapped? Don't be so damn sensitive. Everyone knows that most of everything I say is just jokes and wise-cracks. Don't contradict yourselves by censoring my right to make those comments.
Plain and simple my dear Audrey: pheremones. I don't know exactly what kind of forum I'm going to do my research in, and I don't know when. Maybe a flea market someday. Also, I need pheremones from both genders, but don't worry about it right now. I'll let you know when\if I actually do it.
Why do you want sweat? o.O
I feel my hatred of money now combating a sickening greed. It's so abhorrent and simultaneously elating. A desire for material things. Also, anyone got a copy of the original script for "Fueled by Satan"?
Note to self: Study the effects of pheremones and golden ratio on people's willingness to buy products sometime or other. Also remember to take better care of anything that could become collectible. Also, write up something encompassing the following: stop taxation of cigarettes, legalize gambling, drugs, prostitution, work on adoption vs. birth tax exemptions and housing for the homeless, happy spiking, love, socialism, eliminate tolerance in favor of acceptance, anti-prentensious artists, pro-individual meaning, sterilization rewards. Note to others: Anyone symmetrical with proper proportions willing to give up some of their sweat, I'll take it if you collect it.

One shouldn't base one's opinion of censorship on one's personal opinion of things being censored. Censorship is censorship.
daniel is working to get slapped again....
Not if the subject matter is naked men, right?
Censorship pisses me off

It's all about censorship and money.
Wow, "College University" episode 6 is 42% complete according to their website. But the thing I was "wowing" was the simple fact that they are trying to raise funds to take CU to TV. Also, does civil liberties mean everyone must be the same and worship nothing? Apparently the ACLU thinks so. I just read about a case in which they stopped students from praying on their own at their graduation.


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