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I've searched for a transcription of "Spiderman", the Tenacious D version that is, but I can't find one? Does anyone know of anywhere I can find a transcription of the lyrics?

Damn, I really need to start telling people the difference between me joking and serious suggestions since I can't seem to convey any difference between the two in my voice or writing.
Collin reading recent posts, thinking.: What the fuck is going on and for god sakes powers get over the nudity thing no one really cares about seeing someones pubes, if it happens on accident it will be laughed off most likely and if it's on purpose I'm sure someone will get hit, I seriously doubt having a port a potty is going to do anything accept maybe be the butt of an endless string of jokes that someone makes up half drunk that no one will ever use due to the fact that it is a port a potty and rather odd smelling. Wouldn't you rather just go out into the dark and do it, or go inside clints house? We're not making a bomb fort out of the silo, I mean why the hell is all this stuff happening to it? I remember walking into the thing for the first time and it being rather large, now it seems so small and cluttered.

Sergey: I don't know, guys.
We think so. Are we black?
My my my, aren't we the brilliant one, Daniel? =P

No, we don't. If you're worried about seeing pubes or someone seeing yours, then use the bathroom in the house. Even if there was a portapotty, I'd still go inside.
You know, I just though of something we need for the silo: A portapotty. That way no one will catch an accidental glimpse of someone else's pubes, or pubic hair. Nor will they see any more private pieces of the anatomy. Though I'm sure somone might try to turn it over while it's still occupied.
Hey Audrey... what was the 'spam is the devil' email all about? Is that a new email address for you?
We are well aware of what it means, thank you, Powers.
Pubes, it's another word for pubic hair.

Donna and Audrey together: ... WHAT THE FUCK?!?

it was a brown horse. the manure was green.
Cool. What kind of horse?
there's a horse on my porch. It defecated on the porch. I'm probably going to have to clean it up.
I wrote that since I have no pencil and I need to get this address across campus.
Hello everyone sorry to have not posted in some time, but other things have been taking up my time and plus I've got the other blog that I'm constantly messing with. Finally got the dsl up and running and managed to get my computer where it doesn't freeze everytime I open an application, thank god, so it's all going quite kosher. Using all this added speed to download massive porn on my 80 gig HD and games and movies like lord of the irings and blade 2. Well talk to you later and peace and love.

Wow. I need to post more often. I think you guys have lost it. :) It seems to me that college and women are most defiantly the devil. Later all!
nah, just trying to figure a way to quickly make metal collars for holding things together, my attempt at making one for my cane with a piece of sheet metal and a hammer didn't work too well.

If you need something on short notice, look up vulcanization of rubber
hey Daniel, if you are still inventing things, why not create something inexpensive that is elastic like a rubber band until it is sufficiently heated and becomes a stiff, hard, metallic object when cooled.
why is it that in 1980's sitcoms whenever the main characters take a trip to foreign shores the entire format of the show becomes different. A sitcom turns into a movie with different mood and cinematography and different story. A family comedy becomes a drama about a jewel heist and the unwitting accomplices. Why is this just an 80's thing?

No more Futurama. I watched the series finale tonight though about three minutes were taken by FOX weather. You know, they could cut down on the time they take out of the show if they didn't have the logo or the part saying that it's a weather broadcast and the part saying we now return you to regular programming.

I actually have, (Don't laugh.) Gold dust.
I've misplaced my faerie dust. This displeases me.
In all honesty, I would buy a duct tape hat.

Actually, I think I could sell my duct tape hat to those people who buy novelties such as duct tape wallets and duct tape caps. Not that it really matters because a) I don't want to sell my duct tape hat and b) I couldn't get a patent on it anyway since it's the exact same thing as a real top hat only covered in duct tape rather than felt or silk. I was talking about more of an invention than a creation since I never completed the prototype for it. I had the idea when I was fifteen but because I could not find a suitable container for the reservoir I gave up on trying to make a prototype. I also at that time did not want to expend the money for a battery operated pump.
I'd buy his duct tape hat design for twenty-five cents, but I don't really count as a company. Unless you count Super Ghetto Monkey which Powers is already affiliated with.
I don't think you can sell your duct-tape hat.
Does anyone know if you sell an image such as an original artwork if you also sell the rights to that image or if you, the artist, retain those rights. Also, do any of you know how to get a patent and how to submit an idea to a company, and do any of you know of any companies that would market a piece of clothing that was practicle and "edgy"?

Do any of you folks happen to know if what I'd have to do to get permission to use Carl orff's O Fortuna in a novella? Also, do you think I can have stories from the genres of western, sci-fi, and horror in the same collection in my first foray into attempted published full-length book and have a publisher take it seriously?
Whaa? No government? I haven't yet drafted a plan to sustain an anarchy yet, damn. Why the hell is there no government?
Powers! The Netherlands have no government today, now's your chance to get a country!
duct tape head knows all your secrets

If that happened it was probably from contact of adhesive to skin, I don't plan on any adhesive to skin contact. Besides, as soon as I can I plan on getting some elvet or felt to stretch over the cardboard frame just like a real top hat. While I'm thinking of it, since I look like the mad hatter and am a hatter that's going mad "Have a very meery unbirthday all"
That is correct, extended contact with excessive amounts of adhesive in the facial-region resulted in a hospital visit.
I thought Naas said some guy got TSS from wearing duct tape.
that's not really making pants. Besides, aftermaking the hat (Which I originally inteded to be a fedora but ended up being a wide-brimmed top hat that I'm probably going to cut down to a normal tophat) I decided that duct tape is not a very easy medium to work with.
Just take a pair of pants that you already own and wrap them up in duct tape; make circles around the circumference of your legs
I have figured to get a hat design that I've always wanted without paying too much: Make it. I can make a frame out of cardboard and duct tape and cover it with black electrical tape with a white electrical tape band. I also want to make some pants out of duct tape, though that would take a considerable amount of the tape considering the way I want to make it I'd need 36 36in long strips of 2in duct tape for eaach leg and I haven't any clue how I would make the rest of it yet.
I dunno, maybe to trade on the popularity of "Cheers" in order to turn a profit?
The EV blog. Why would I be thinking about robotic Cheers characters?

What did you think about? The EV blog or a robotic Norm Peterson and robotic Cliff Clavin?
I thought about that once. Then I decided I didn't care enough to do it. ^^;
Ok, that is a little odd there Powers. Hmm, I am thinking about making an EV blog for all the players to bitch on. hmm. Later all
You know, gilligans island is certainly an interesting piece of our culture. In the 60's people were so stupid some thought it was a reality show and people were actually strande don an island and they sent letters to military bases asking them to help them. There was also an animated series called "Giligan's Planet" in which the professor builds a rocket and ends up on a distant planet. I want to see an episode of that. Also on the same topic, there were "Cheers" themeparks planned until John Ratzenberger and George Wendt sued over likeness rights.


Oh, sweet irony
You know. So many sitcoms just use the same old boring cliches for their plots. I want to create a sitcom with fresh plots, like seinfeld had in its day, but first I need a fresh concept.
He needs to while we still have access to that nice room directly abovethe entrance to a residence hall facing a major street. Meaning probably before the end of the semester.
Nope, and I doubt they ever will
daniel, I was just wondering, Has drew poured the baby powder into Collin and Jake's fan yet?
Maybe they want to experience the wonders of the "Bus People" for themselves.
You are going by bus?? As in Greyhound??? Dear sweet Lord, is there any other way????
I need one last road trip...

That's cool, I was just wondering. If all keeps working out, we should road-trip there later in the summer.
We'll be going in about a month, and unfortunately there is no room. Our plan is to bus it down there and ride back here with Aerie and her friend. So no room. It'd be pretty damn nice to have a Daniel Naas along though.
dude, when are you going? Is there room for anyone else?
I don't usually post that much anyway. I just log in once a week or so to see what everyone's been up to. Oh yah, clint and I are going to Mississippi in about a month. Only for a few days at most though. We'll be coming back.. with my woman. --hopefully

Posting dies down sometimes. It happens. I haven't really even been online lately, so that's my excuse for not posting.
and I do think I tood a little bit of your thunder off this blog, wasn't trying to, seriously.
Floydblog is a joke cause you're not on it jimmy. I can invite you if you want to be.

Everything in its right place.
Note to self, here's the address I need to load in the chem lab
Floydblog is a joke.
Where did everybody go? Surely Floydblog didn't cause this recession.

Woke up sucking a lemon? Anyway, I was thinking that Trojan was not a good name for a condom because it leads you to think either a) the Trojans were conquered meaning your condom is going to break or b) because it has the horse on it it can mean this: the condom coated penis is taken into the woman as a kind of ruse and then wham! the sperm burst forth and ransack the place. Maybe they were thinking about it from the point of view that the trojans held up against the greeks for ten years but that's not a good image to go for because if you are going for durability then go for something closer in scale to the needs of the condom (not many folks have sex for ten years) or go for something nearly indestructable.
Yesterday, I woke up sucking a lemon.
Odd...especially since I'm sure I had seen my username as graine since I started living at home again. Speaking of spectralune, have you worked on your spectralune website lately?
I must say I am quite confused, I never used morpheus on your computer, let alone logged into it
I recently downloaded the file sharing application Kazaa and while changing the settings on number of simultaneous uploads I happened to notice that my user name was spectralune@kazaa which is a uniquely Daniel Naas word. My user name for Morpheus was different and I used the Morpheus settings for Kazaa so I am wondering if you, daniel, ever changed the user on Morpheus on my computer. Not that there is anything wrong wirth that, I just want to know what happened.

I successfully boiled down orange soda to a more pure form. It is the first step toward concentrated ginger ale. I also found the perfect sound from an untuned kid's guitar and made caramel.

Well, I don't care what you all say. I know what she told me. she said it wasn't her and i believe her. If you got a problem, i got two words for you. Anyway the clues didn't fit her at all. Maybe i just put a little to much trust in my pals. hmm! Later all!
Welcome back, Barry. Your abscense was a mystery. We all came up with crazy stories to explain it. Just as crazy as wild and wacky bible stories I imagine.
Jessica told me otherwise on my blog.
I would have to listen to that tape powers it sound s like it would rock. So anyone up for anything this weekend. i f you are email me and let me know cause i need to make the plans a little earlier tahn usual.
On my kitchen table I found a cassette tape titled: "Wild & Wacky Totally True Bible Stories" which most folks would admit is really hilarious.
Barry wasn't kidnapped by sewer pirates? Damn!
You're gone all this time, and that's all you have to say for yourself?!

life is a half pipe
Sorry Jimbo, at a past date she admitted to one of the posts
Well, Collin, I don;t think it was Jessica. She said "Never send me one of those" i was like hey someone sent it ot me and i was trying to find out who it was she was like ok. Well later all.
Hey, who wants to see me naked?

The someone likes you was jessica on accident.

I dunno, but I have some bunnies left over. They're probably stale though.
yeah i didnt really like the entire movie but you have to admit the graphics were kick ass especially when getting to see a guy get cut to pieces by a lazer no that was awesome.
I can't believe I just watched the whole Resident Evil movie... parts of it were absolutely ridiculous! Granted, I didn't get it expecting to be moved, but still...
Another person joined the Super Ghetto Monkey club today!! Is this the rebirth of the club for pissed off gamers?!


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