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You guys always shoot down what I like. Well spoot on the lot of ya. My tongue! My eyebrow! Nyah! =P
Remember the Luigi's lemon ices?
Well... tongue piercing has certain connotations that Miles would be especially familiar with, considering his pornography background.
Tongue ring? No, no one looks "nifty" with a tongue ring. Other body piercings ar etolerable, but not tongue or eyebrow rings.
Miles says I would look nifty with a tongue ring. What do the rest of you think? And don't ignore me this time, damn it.

Sorry folks, Daniel did not get in this past weekend. I was going to ride with Sean, but he had car trouble. Drew's mom came up here Saturday morning, but I didn't feel like spending all that time on the road just to be home for about two-thirds of a day. I'll be in this weekend for sure, on Saturday, but I'll probably spend the whole time at home. Nothing personal, I just have to save my money for something. Sadly, I doubt I'll see any of you guys till at least the 22nd of March.
See you around musashi. Anyway, when the hell did daniel get in and when did he leave? Blah... anyway joash's exploits might be bringing me more luck and courage with the ladies... well I hope so. anyway sorry about not posting in a while, but been busy and stuff and now I need to go. Later all...
Where the hell's Barry?

I saw a commercial last night for mountain dew using "Davey and Goliath". The creators are licensing it out to raise money to produce a new Davey and Goliath series. That may mean more references to it on the Simpsons lie when flanders and his kids were watching it nd Davey was building a pipe bomb to blow up the non-belivers but Goliath said "I don't know Davey" and davey put the bomb in the dogs mouth after saying "I'm tired of your blasphemy" or some such thing. Does anyone know which episode tht was in?

Went to a play last night at HCHS that I found out about 2 hours before it started. Why is the spring play in the winter? Saw a lot of faces that I haven't seen in while, surprisingly, most of them were from our grduating class.
I'm sorry Audrey, I thought you had a crush on me... haha!

Ok, if any of you guys are responsible for me receiving those damn crushmaster things, you're dead. Understand? Quit entering my fucking email address because I don't use that retarded "service" and it's really pissing me off.
I'd only be in it for eternal youth and the fact that my uterus would no longer have a purpose.
The vampire, such a potent symbol of humanity, and life... and the universe itself. We do not want to admit to ourselves that we must devour life in order to live. We do not see how everything is limited and merely passed between hosts. For one to grow wealthy another must grow poor. We need something more...visceral, not to drive home the point but rather to create a villain, a figure upon which we project the attributes of ourselves that we feel are negative. Exactly why religious symbols are used to drive away these nefarious beasts. Religion is effective by making folks ashamed of their human nature. Avarice, pride, lust, sloth, envy, anger, gluttony, all basic human attributes. It would only seem natural that religion drives away symbols of humanity. (Of course much of the vampire's weaknesses were created so that the church could increase attendance by using the superstitions of the newly converted) The weaknesses and super powers attributed to these villains serve to illustrate the fact that earthly gain, human gain, has mre drwbacks than advantages. One should not follow the path of man. Life devours life. In order for something to be created another thing must be destroyed.

This Enron scandal has interested me. After reading a few articles I no longer believe those behind the September 11th to have acted for a higher moral purpose. Well, the pawns like the pilots may have thought they were, but I believe their fundamentalism was used as part of a plan to get more oil from afghanistan nd oust hte Taliban enabling less restricted access to said oil. Maybe I'm just bit cynical, but the attacks have done a lot, and I mean A LOT, of good for the U.S. government as well as a little good for the people.
This summer we need to find a place where we can just have a no-sleep-a-thon.
I want to beat Miles' 4 days 3 nights record.
If you can get past 56, you'll have my record beat.
It was an accident. I was a little kid and for mny yeaars thereafter my sister and I were not allowed spiral notebooks. My no sleep record is now 40 hours. fell sleep at five yesterday.

... Why the hell would you do something like that? o.O And, yes, I have an internet stalker. She's fun to make fun of.
the pain I had when I thought I initially rubbed the glass in the eye has returned. Of course it's probbly just a headache or sinus infection. Or it may be a remnant of one of my oldest injuries. Hanging a spiral noteboo from my eye.
No, but somehow that question makes me think that it might not matter.
You've got an internet stalker? Daniel, do you by any chance remember which eye I thought I rubbed glass into?
And Marilyn Manson just makes himself into Tarot people.

Guess what, guys? I've got an internet stalker! Score! XD
34 and a half hours into my sleeplessness and I've never felt better in recent memory. I didn't realize how many bands (ok, so I only know of two) drew from classic tarot cards in their album designs. The inside of the Led Zeppelin untitled album which goes by at least five names is a scene including the Hermit card design. The Tencious D art where kyle and Jack are naked and chained to the devil comes from the devil tarot.
Kosher... powers was human for a second... anyway, we need to work out how this weekend is going to work, if daniel is in town I'm gonna want him to come with us to see queen of the damned... so everyone get in contact and figure something out.... or is that my job. Okage is a really funny/ weird game....
29 hours without sleep. I actually meditated. For the first time in my life I had no thoughts in my mind.
1944. Exact same game as 1943 only in Japanese. It's a WWII game in which you are on the allied side for goodness sakes. Not that it makes any sense anyway with planes flying like galaga ships that shoot lasers and impossibly spreading shot. There are numerous galaga and double dragon clones on nes as atari boasted lots of defender and pac man clones. I started this week playing mainly SNES and then went to mainly genesis and then to nes and then to atari. I've been progressing backward through game history. What's left? Pong? And after that? I haven't played chess in a five years and I was beaten by atari 10 times row. I used to be a decent mediocre chess player now I'm not. If the above statement has no seeming relevance to anything it's because it's been about 25:30 (in hours, not minutes) since I slept. I have already one episode of the sitcom based on us written. It's based on superhog, though of course all the character and productnames will have to be changed.

Actually, I'm trying to escape ME, but I've heard XP's not too good either. ^^;;;
I think XP is what she is trying to get away from, Daniel. No worries though, babe. I'll see if I can get my dirty hands on a copy of 98. If not, Clint might be able to.
I can't make any frivolous purchases for a couple of weeks, I have to save all my money for my spring break trip on the 9th. I can't tell you where I'm going yet, though, since I'm familiar with the communication structure that extends from this web log.
Of course he's not going to live it down as long as he still owes it to me. I got that cd and a chuck berry cd the day "Midsummer Night's Dream" opened and he bit it a few days before graduation. That's only a month or two that I had the cd before it was destroyed.

I'll copy Joe Hargis' XP for you if you want, along with a copy of PSP7.
Daniel, you're just not going to live down the destruction of the Manson CD. =P And I hate to ask you for stuff, but can you try to find a copy of Windows 98 or something? Anything's got to be better than what I have.
If you still have my microphone could you bring that, as well as a copy of the University Forum? Oh, and Antichrist superstar.
Probably this weekend and probably the weekend that is a month from it.
No. If I had a penis as big as a goomba I'd have circulation problems while, driving hole in pants. Anyway daniel, when will you be in?
Don't know what it's about but it's good to go!

What's the name of the game? Bizzario!
You should share this game. Send me the rom for Bizzario. XD

Weren't goombas already kind of penis-y shaped, only a lot shorter?
I downloaded a zip file containing 126 nes games. among these are classics such as fester's quest and bayou billy. Theres a tarot card fortune telling game as well as some weird-ass japanese games and the greatest two player game of them all: Bubble Bobble. But the weirdest of all is Bizzario. It's the classic Super Mario Bros. with the graphics altered. Mario is some sort of cat and goombas and pipes are shaped like penises. Coins are shaped like syringes and whenever mario gets a fire flower he spits out sperm rather than fireballs. Latiku is an alien in a space ship and instead of throwing out spinies he throws bongs. And no, I didn't dream this.

I was going to see if it matched mine, to suggest doing something big with the week, but unfortunately no.
So he didn't go.... Anyway, daniel why do you wish to know?
Pff, yell anyway. He could have at least called you or talked to you on MSN and he didn't even do that. Yell. Yell, I say! ... Or just type rudely. XD
Powers needs to be more aggressive.
I don't yell at folks. Besides, I don't even know why he didn't show.
Ohhhh, I get it now. I still say you should yell at Clint for not showing.

I meant speaking of "got naked" like in your previous post. I'm sorry about the iimproper use of capital letters. I don't often pay attention to grammar wheen writing posts anyway, but last night I paid even less attention because I was wearing sunglasses to keep my head from hurting. By the way, weren't we supposed to go shoot paintballs at cars last night? I waited from 7-12 listening to my classic horror movie cd over and over again.
I never watched American Beauty, and I've never heard of Speakin Got Naked. Was therE a Particular reason you Typed Like that?

Hey Collin and Miles, when is you guys' spring break?
Thora birch was also in American Beauty and speakin goT Naked, she got naked In That movie.
I put my contacts back in. My eyes feel kinda weird now. And the right one immediately starts with the twiching again.

Yesterday someone said I looked like Thora Birch. My first thought was, "Who the hell is Thora Birch?" followed by, "Oh yeeeah..." and then, "No, I don't." For those of you that still have no clue, Thora is that chick from Now and Then. I believe her character was young Tini. Whether or not that's the spelling, I don't care. She was the one that wanted to be famous, and she put pudding balloons in her bra. She was also in that stupid goose movie, I think. Thora, Thora, Thora, what were you thinking?

And, of course, my question goes unanswered. Just like my whole naked post was ignored by all but Collin.
That's a tough call. Generally, unless you have it planned out, I'd stay away from city targets.
Any advice on where to burn things? I need fire in my blood, well, not in my blood per se, I just need a solid jet of flame or an explosion or perhaps just a light immolation.
I can't help but think that out of the aforementioned entourage, two of the four will simply spectate, and little more.
Paintball, paintball, paintball, squee!
Umm... Besides Collin, Miles, Powers, and me, who's going again?
A word of advice from personal experience: load up on paintballs and drive around the undeveloped areas of outer Bend Gate. They're not very well lit, historically.
Aaaaaah porn. As I said we're going out tonight. Be ready. :P
Porn is steadily seeping into every corner of the internet. I was looing at a site about the symbolism of certain flowers in victorian times and at the top of the page was a damned fetish porn banner. It's a disgrace.
It's not a healthy environment for anyone as long as that bitch is subbing. I swear someone needs to hold their hand over my mouth before I tell her to eat a dick again. I'd hate to tell her more times than I tell my art teacher in a week. Oh well! I think all of my fucking teachers need to eat a dick, except Mrs.McCormick. She would be the only professor that I won't tell to eat a dick, well until Mrs.Poston gets back!

Don't throw burning toilet paper on gasoline & drano in a park bathroom. =P

I'm sorry, Donna! Forgiveth me? English is just an unhealthy environment for me. Mrs. Poston needs to come back!
Thanks Audrey! By the way, where the heck have you been? I called your house all morning. I even went to your house... I was banging on the door & kept calling the house. Then I came to school, and you didn't show up for class. I'm worried!!!!! Call me when you get this blarg!!! To everyone else... I LOVE YOU ALL!
Hey kiddies, heres a bit of advice for St. Valentines day: don't burn carboard rolls in an enclosed space.

YOU ARE NOT UGLY!!! I LIKE your hair, missy. =)

And, Collin, quit using my faces! XD
Another thing, even if you totally HATE my haircut now... please don't tell me! I've had enough "oh my god" comments to last the rest of my life!!! And I'm upset by a few telling me that I'm ugly!!!!! IT'S JUST HAIR dammit!!!! It'll grow back... eventually! Life makes sense again!!!! YEAH!
It seems like forever since I've been online... wait a minute, it has! I hope everyone knows that in spite of everything that has happened.... I still love you all! I feel a great need to say that after all that has happened to me in the past four weeks. Thank ya'll for being here for me... and Miles & Michael a special thanks for the goods to keep me drunk saturday night & go to church with a major hang-over. It felt really good at the time. I do miss Josh daily, but nothing can bring him back to me! Why did death have to take him away from me. I didn't get to tell him I love him, and I didn't even get to go to his funeral. I really miss him, but that won't bring him back... so I'll just have to let go. It's just so damn hard! Sorry ya'll!!! I just want you all to know that I love you and I don't know what I'd do without you! Thank you Audrey for letting me cry on your shoulders every weekend and sometimes during the week! I have to get offline now, but hopefully not too long! I LOVE YOU ALL & GOD BLESS!!!!!
Wow, the millitary has a "pain beam" in development. Some company's got a floating city in development. I want to create a breech loading fireball gun, though with certain designs I've worked out muzzle loaders would also be possible.

A celebration of the id, how wonderful.
We're celerbrating my need to just simply hang out without reprecussions from offending female friends of mine. I'm also celerbrating the need for physical exploration of the female body. Feel free to donate your audrey XD I did it again ha! J/K I should stop making such jokes maybe she'll think me and clint are alike and we'll lose a person. Oh well.
Celebrate? What are we celebrating? I'm lost. Wait... Why am I asking here when I can ask you now? Arr!
We're doing something to celebrate friday.... I need to get out and do something bad... I got audrey and miles. Well that is if audrey is going. Whoever wants to can shoot cars with my slingshot. Ultraviolence! Carnage and destruction and some fucking random movie while we're at it. I can fit you alll in my car.... he he he he he. I'm primo driver this friday ok? This however will cost you gas money. Like two bucks I suppose. Whatever you can spare, I get paid some that may not be the case.
Ben naked? Seriously? Whoa! It bothers me that I'm more impressed that ben was naked than audrey.... I'll get over it. I have nothing to bind me to staying here, no girlfriend and no real need for love anymore. Going to cali is set in stone now.

I love getting e-mails from people but I hate those that say something like "If you don't forward this bac to me I'll know I'm not your friend." or some variation on that theme. They actually think that a pre-fabricated cookie-cutter message is special just because they sent it to you. While it is touching that someone would want to send me something like that there are two problems with the standard message. a) It's not the work of the person sending it to you. b) The sheer number of people on the list which is not usually one. I am writing this to express frustration since it is coming close to St. Valentine's Day and the number of these e-mails may increase. This will be my first Valentine season with the internet so I have no data to support that, just assumption. And I can't complain directly to the people sending the things until after April first for it would ruin my experiment if they started sending less useless e-mails.
Daniel wants to die, too.

Ben and I got naked last night. We had fun. Take that how you will. =P
Hell, I'll throw ten bucks in that pot too if someone will take a picture
I find it very creepy that I receive an e-mail from (unknown) with no subject and the only thing in the body is "QUIT". Granted I am in one of my paranoid phases (last night I had to have the light to my room on and the theme from "Halloween" playing ere I would even venture forth from my room.
Now I have to kill you. You can't be Ed because I am Ed, and Miles is not Audrey. Therefore, I must kill you. And I must also kill Collin for telling you he'll give you $10 to kiss me on the cheek, which isn't going to happen by the way. _
You should try a military auction.

And I'm Edward too.

I'll get back to you when I understand what you said.
Why? Trying to build a Tesla coil or something?
I'm probably going way out on a limb here, but does anybody have a 3025 VA instrumentation transformer or a some kind of capacitor array that can support at least 75kV DC?
YES! I guesed Ed and I am Ed! XD

You are Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the Fourth
A strange and fun loving kid. You are an expert computer hacker and have all the really important, meaningful dialog in the series :).
Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?
Yes, I think you're right, Daniel. But in my naivete I wanted to give Miles the benefit of the doubt. Shame on you, Miles!
Funkalicious3 now has a name. I call it Liquid Orpheus and if anyone needs any porn music, look no further than Liquid Orpheus. While not as good as Sexercise or Love Muscle, Liquid Orpheus is uncopyrighted while I assume the others are.
Criminy, could the implications be any more blunt? Time to hit Miles with a camera...

... What do you mean what am I up to? o_O Suspicious.
I've done it one time, so there. It was actually kind of fun. Might do it again sometime. Hey, Audrey, what are you up to? :P
Why haven't I ever heard of any of this?

Cheese, Collin. Cheese.
Of course, don't forget that lots of things can cause TSS. I know a fellow who was hospitalized because he put to me duct tape on his skin.
TSS, would that be Toxic Shock Syndrome? Everyone laughed when my mother and aunt started working at a company called Dal Con because of a product, I think it was a contraceptive of some sort, called the Dalcon Shield which was taken off shelves after causing numerous cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Tami caudil.... tasty...audrey made me think of sex... need cheese.
I know all about TSS, it's pretty scary stuff. Tami Caudil made me read one of those pamphlets last year, and I went and showed it to all the guys
Ummm... Shit, I used to have one, but I can't remember what it was called.
Finally! I'll probably go back and work on it some more in the future, but as of right now I declare my first complete recorded song. Funkalicious3 (title pending). At 1:13 it's not quite as long as riff+ but it is more complete. Over 6 megs though, so if anyone can tell me a good wav to mp3 converter I'd be much obliged.
tampon pamphlet?
You know, I think they made up TSS. Really now, have YOU ever heard of a TSS case? I sure haven't. And if it's caused by leaving a tampon in too long, then why are men warned about contracting it in the tampon pamphlet?

All I knew about was one time with the phone sex. I don't really think that's carrying it a bit far with miles. Has he done anything else? Has it come to what?
Wait, what's going on here? Has he been hitting the phone sex a little hard?
Apparently it has, Collin... Apparently it has... I really think Miles has some sort of sex addiction. I mean, yeah, it's normal for guys to think about sex all the time, but this is just taking it a tad too far.
God miles.. has it come to this...?
Jesus was a rock and roll caravan man. Word to your mothers.
Note to self, read this post when I get home.
A C-130 is capable of taking off from a shorter runway when JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) units are attached. Interestingly enough I found that bit of information in an urban myth about a dumbass strapping one to his car and slamming into the side of a mountain.

Industrial Funky Town, Lounge NIB says: And speaking of uterus, I just found out what a pessary is. After that I decided that I don't want to be a woman to feel their pain and discomfort in birth, menstruation, menopause, social positions, and what not.
We burned down a bathroom! says: ok, i don't even know what a pessary is
Industrial Funky Town, Lounge NIB says: Older women use it for uterus support because sometimes their uteruses (I guess that's the plural) fall fall out.
We burned down a bathroom! says: i didn't know they could fall out
We burned down a bathroom! says: that's kind of amusing
Industrial Funky Town, Lounge NIB says: Yeah, but also disturbing. I hope the same kinda thing doesn't happen to men, I don't want to got to use the bathroom someday and find my prostate or something hanging out of my ass.
Sorry about the underline tag, the blogger ate the last bit of my post. On a side note, Powers, don't ever mention your pubic again.
Damn it, Naas. Close your tags.
I don't think any of us in a children's book would be a good idea exxcept maybe barry, robot barry as collin seems to call him. I wrote a children's book once, about 8th grade when I first decided I wanted to be an author, to illustrate to children the importance of retaining their childhood based on what I had observed in the population of adults. It was around that time I stopped trying to deny I was getting older, no more pubic hair shaving or pretending to myself I wasn't attracted to the opposite sex. I was coming out of a dream and into the harsh reality of being a teenager. Perhaps that's why "Dreamland" was so disturbing. A man falls into a coma and creates inside his head a world called dreamland. The capital city, Morpheus, represented life. In the beginning everything was peaceful and jolly but as it grew older there were relationships with other cities and the city began to grow and eventually fell into decay, there were financial problems, nightmarish creatures plagued the town from time to time, all culminating in the destruction of the dillapidated and virtually abandoned city at the hands of a giant scaled worm (I had recently read Dune). I also figured out that the symbolism presented would probably not be accurately interpreted by small children.
Incredible, it's like a children's book or something. Uncle Miles Gets Some Action, Sorta
Ofcourse it did. She said she was wearing purple panties with a teddy bear on them by the way. ;)
Ummm yeah, it seems it did.

any word on if that actually happened?
Miles said we have too much time on our hands... Yeah, someones calling to talk dirty to him... enough said...
Oh. Well I suppose that would be better if it was made specifically for that purpose. I'm not really much on modern millitary strategy, I prefer medieval weaponry when it come to war. I prefer mainly ground attacks with infantry and cavalry without guns, or at least guns that it would take awhile to reload after each shot. As for modern millitary, I propose gorilla warfare and bat bombs. No I don't mean guerilla. Since most of our fighting is done these days in arid regions, trained gorillas ravaging enemy encampments would not be expected and folks would be held up on attacking the gorillas for a few seconds with the "What the hell?" response. And the bat bomb was supposedly an idea around in WWII where incendiary devices would be attached to thousands of bats which were released from a plane during the daylight over a city intended to be destroyed. The bats will seek the dark crevices of the city and explode. They'll have quite a time putting out all the fires.
Eh, more like brand loyalty. That and the fact that the Rolls provide roughly 391 more horsepower. That power makes a difference, since this model was built specifically for a lifting heavier loads off of shorter runways.
You have a philosophy on what to opt for in millitary airdrop operations?
A C-130? I never knew what kind of plane it was, but I can't believe it was a Hercules. Those are mainly used for military airdrop operations. Oh well... I'll bet it's one of the models that used the Allison T56-A series of turboprops. My philosophy is always opt for the Rolls Royce Trent models, like those featured on the 103J.

Sweeps month! I doubt the local news stations are going to top the big story from ten years ago, tommorrow's the anniversary. A C-130 dropped onto Jojo's in Evansville.
I believe Jimmy has the coin now. He also has a can of mackerel from Nick Glass.
Hopefully the elaboration doesn't have something to do with physics. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that those who remain idle take time for grantted and don't realize it's true value as the most important commodity or perhaps that the immortal grow and watch their friend die, the heavens take them. By the way, George Harrison is dead. Wisdom of the divine.
Yeah, there is. But I don't feel like elaborating right now.
Consider for a moment that I don't go to school and I don't have a job. Of course I have a lot of time on my hands, but there's no such thing as too much time.
Good Blarg. Very good. Two handed purse causes evisceration. OUch!

So, this chick from ev is supposed to call me tonight and talk dirty to me. I predict it will be a lot of fun. I wish I could record my phone conversations. What's up with you guys anyway? Tongue of Frog? Seems like you all have too much time on your hands.

Or perhaps Daniel should be given the coin to pass among lexingtonians. But first it should be in some way marked, incase it comes back, to identify it as the same coin, although I've never seen one like it I doubt they struck only one, or poured as I think it may be plastic. But load all that irony and the dead chicken into the FAA's chicken cannon. Much better than a potato gun or fetal pig slingshot. Though not better than a human cadaver cannon. Cadaver, corpse, carcass, Cher, career of Carrottop (or anyone appearing on telephone service commercials for that matter), ever notice how many c words can be used to refer to lifeles husks?

The irony here is so thick that I'm practically having to shovel it off the sidewalk.
Yeah, it would look kind of odd dragging a dead frozen chicken down the street on a leash. That a pretty crappy present. Who has the coin now? Maybe that could be a present to barry to pass it along among folks in Nashville.
I think he means a live chicken.

Happy birthday, Barry. We can pretend me starting my period today is your present. Have a nice day. =P
Shouldn't cost more than twelve bucks with a Kroger card.
Anyone know where I can get a chicken and how much they cost? I want a pet chicken named Neo Matilda, after my first chicken.

And because of that, they have to make themselves feel special by "pulling over" parked cars and not using their PA system only to claim they did use it and that it's broken.
The weaest link doesn't have real celebrities. Kato Kaylin, Darva Conger, Leif Garret, some guy from temptation island. Those aren't celebrity. And by the way, cops don't have balls. An urban legend of refuted origin. Cop pulls over woman. Woman says to cop "I bet you want me to buy a ticket to the policeman's ball." Cop says: "Police don't have balls." After realizing his mistake, he drove off.
Warning! here's another one
Tongue of Frog! The instructions of a novelty toy, translated into english from some foreign language.
First I'm cold, then I'm hot, then I'm cold again, then I get hot. Will this annoying cycle ever end?!?!
Ok, to the first one I have only one thing to say: "WTF?" That kid is going to have some problems when it gets older, unless it's not really its parents that are pretending to be it. It could be intelligent and fluent in english and html right from the womb. Sort of like how Stuey Griffin was plotting the conquest of Europe while still in the womb. To the second one: "Baby and Vodka?"

Well, the way you said it made it sound like it was spelled the same with different pronunciations.

Hehehe... Fire...
What do you mean how do you know which one it's supposed to be? If you are talking about how do you know which meaning it's supposed to have, I don't thin I clarified. It's a different spelling as well as a different pronunciation. Dafrodit is to love romantically. Dafrod is to love a family member. Indeed they are, harassing kids in a park while murderers are going free. I wonder when they stopped allowing folks in the park after dark? Could it have been back near the end of december when someone lit the inside of the bathroom on fire?
Cops are so useless.
Well, what if someone writes "dafrodyt?" How are you supposed to know which one it's supposed to be?
And I doubt there's a need to slap him silly. He's already silly. It won't have any effect. The moon is a plaything, but the instructions are on it, so we can't play. Arr!
Well, you're welcomed to next time you see me, but why would you want to?
Powers, I wished you still lived here, cause I think me and Drew would slap you silly.
Wait, that phrase is not entirely correct because I've recently modified my language and frodyt it is still a noun and must have "da" added to the beginning to make it a verb. Thus the phrase would be "Agto dafrodyt zigto" I also think I'm going to go with a base twelve numbering system rather than base ten. It may be more dificult for folks to learn, but hey, I'm creating my own language after all. I don't really expect anyone else to learn. That also means I'm going to have to create my own symbols, at least for the numbers since our numbering system is based on base ten numeration. This also means I will have to revise my calendar since it is based on ten. Now it will have to be twelve months of 30 days each, and I still have the 5 day festival week (six days on leap year).
i have turned my attention toward languange for awhile. I am developing my own now. "Agto frodyt zigto." meaning: I love(friend) you all. The word frodyt must be pronounced fro-dite and not fro-dit because that would change the meaning to "I love(romantic) you all." I have taken elements of the english langauage and mythology and our culture as well as creating a few words from scratch to develop my language. For example: Frodyt is derived from the name of the Godess Aphrodite much like the english words aphrodesiac or hermaphrodite. And an example of english words lampio(lamp) means light. And culture Hefe(hefner) means sex. And the meanings of words can be modifed with prefixs and suffixes for example: add the suffix ti (which is like the english suffix er) to Hefe to get a word meaning tempter or temptress. To specify one can add a gender noting word like pin(male) or vag(female) for example Vaghefeti-temptress. But the language is of course not finished yet. It will take forever to finish the nouns and even then it won't be finished and the other words will also be a while coming.
Well there's a chance I could've been shot, which wouldn't be all too bad if I was killed. Now wounding might be bad.

Wait, let me rephrase that last line. College scares the hell out of me and the guys sometimes, you're better off not being a part of what's happened lately.
Wow! I wish I had been there. Some folks in my acting class were talking once about how they saw a carjacking with a gun at Deja Vu and another guy in the class called the police about a man being beaten to death on Limestone. Where'd you see the attempted murder?
I love college. Tonight I witnessed an attempted murder, seriously (two shots fired).


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