Group blog
Those of you who I was annoyed with, you're all off the hook now just because I don't feel like being annoyed with you anymore. So there. I want a webcam.
i am ignoring you?, i hope not, i have had work, and i need sleep, and inbetrween, my parents let all my siblings play on the computer, MY computer. anywaysi burned my thumb on my left hand, me and brandon started a new club, the, i am an idiot with hot things club, i started it a few years back, now it is back in season, oh yeah, that kid mikey, ooh, sorry
I'll bet I could guess, but I'm going to keep my mouth shut until the fabulous prizes show up
Do the other two people even know who they are?

Miles is off the hook. The other two still have to explain why they're ignoring me for no reason.
No, Daniel, you're not.
Hoo boy, I hope I'm not on that list...

Ok, I'm annoyed with you, and I'm annoyed with you, and I'm annoyed with you, and the three of you know who you are. However, two of you probably won't ever see this because those two hardly ever come here. So, if you know what's good for you, I suggest you stop ignoring me before I take this further than just annoyance and get pissed at you. Now I'm going to bed.
Ifeel sorry for that mulleted Mikey kid. To become an internet joke. He's so pathetic. By the way, episode 4 of College University is out. It's a two parter. For those of you who haven't seen any episodes of CU, go to
Where the hell is everyone today? You're all dead, aren't you? ¬_¬ Figures.
Sweet sassy molassey! David was looking for that kid's page all semester!
}-{ello my future girlfriend
I don't know what's better: the retardedness of it all, or the fact that the kid has a mullet.

No luck Mikey!
My car decided to throw me in a field about half an hour ago. I don't like ice. Oddly enough, I was listening to "You Spin Me 'Round" and as I was spinning around in my car thinking "oh fuck" I kept singing along like nothing was even happening, which is very strange for me considering I scream at everything.
All this talk about Audrey's undergarments... it's like we're in one of Powers' dreams. Or Miles's dreams. Or Barry's dreams.

And so on and so on; carpe lunum.

Polyhymnia, Muse of Music: the name of my new harmonica. She's also the muse of lyres which are close to harps and harmonicas are sometimes called harps.
meep? has Beaker possessed Audrey?
I couldn't remember whether it was two or four.

I have a camera now, so if any of you end up with undergarments on your heads, I'll be ready to capture the proof. Meep.

Janus has faces, lots of them, two.
Janus is a god with many faces. He is also Magus. Yay.
I think I figured out the symbolism in Vanilla sky with Janus. Wait, not everyone's seen it. Nevermind. Watch it.
Miles wore my bra on his head last night. Of all the times not to have camera on hand. Damn it.


Did I ever tell you guys the story about the old drunk man that professed his love to me at a County football game? I think it had something to do with my pink hair.
December 27, 2000; a date which will live in infamy. I was going to write something else, but I forgot. What a year.
Preachers annoy me. Uck. I was sitting up at my dad's office yesterday, and his receptionist was having a chat with a Baptist preacher that had come in. I'm not sure what they were talking about at first, but she mentioned something about a female preacher performing a ceremony, and the preacher then said "Did you say female? No, she wasn't a preacher. Females can't be preachers."
... And why not? I'm sure there are plenty of women who can speak the word of God just as well, if not better, than he can!
Then he started bragging about saving all these souls. What kind of preacher BRAGS? He even went on to tell stories about how he broke up a homosexual couple and saved their souls. Ok, first of all, that's just plain rude to break a couple up (I'd be ashamed of myself, but he was proud of it!). Second, that sort of thing is supposed to be confidential between those people and the preacher! What's he doing talking about them?
I think someone needs to rethink his career choice.



Collin, I think I'm going to have to decline about doing something today...

My mom's in major surgery today, and it's got me pretty busy taking care of everything that she can't.
I also enjoy going braless, not that I've ever worn a bra. EDUCATIONAL MOMENT: I have some helpful safety tip for all the kiddies out there: When you are meltiing hotglue and sunglasses lens with a lighter, it is hotter than when it comes out of a low-heat hot glue gun. If you, when working with a hotglue gun sometimes use your bare fingers to move the glue where you want it, DON'T if you are heating it with a lighter. Even with less than a second of exposure to the open flame it reaches very high temperatures and due to the adhesive nature of molten glue, it will stay there and continue burning until it has cooled to a sufficient temperature for non-burning. After that you may be left with a nice second degree burn like the one on the middle finger of my right that hinders my typing and clicking ability ability.
Not me. Don't tell me you've given up swearing, too.

In other news, I don't like going braless.

My cousin is 16 today. It doesn't seem like he should be that old yet.
Fricking blogger changed my fricking password without my help! It was a headache and a half getting back on here, has anyone else been having trouble?

LEVIATHAN has returned to it's rightful owner! Praise Helios, and Jesus too! Old Testament, Greek Myth, New Testament. Sounds like the brewing of a new religion. Perfect for a holiday that's a combination of so many mythologies.
That Patrick Star plushy pillow will be mine! And Gary, too!

Oh yeah, and here's a piece of shit. What's the point of having a guestbook if there's not even any content?

sponge bob square pants
I can wear my contacts again! YAY!
Err... I think I've missed something again. What exactly did you do, Daniel?
Ha! So am I. In fact the day after christmas I want to do something with you all. Drop me a line the after four on the 26th ok?
Good news, folks... I've patched things up with the State Transportation Cabinet, and the DMV Fiasco is practically over.

In other words, I'm driving again.
Why does stupidity irk me so? For instance, the people who use light years as a measurement of time. Or, even worse, the folks that apply the term UFO only to space faring crafts of alien technology. Statements such as "There's no such thing as UFO's" imply that these people either believe that humans can identify everything, that flight is impossible, or that physical objects do not exist. Statements such as "That doesn't look like a UFO" imply that there is a definite shape to a UFO, which in order to define specifics for something it has to be identified. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter, I loathe the "Brady Bunch" anyway. Well, I do enjoy watching "our" Brady Bunch. I'll leave you with a quote from that special episode by Sam the Butcher (a.k.a. Miles Downs) "Regis is a lucky man!"
My secret is out! Brandon, no boobies for you!

Fizilm? Have you been possed by the spirit of Josephhargistroll?
It is ok.
I think I've seen that... But I'm not sure.
Don't ever watch 'Last Action Hero" then. It's a decent movie, almost allegorical of itself, but there's an insane amount of pan-n-scan going on in the fizilm.
Some of the panning made me sick though. I had a headache for a while after I got home.
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is a cool movie.

... What the fuck ever, Collin.
Agno ve sedo un dai? Maru de como perno teas? Se nagsta toma... ha ha ha! Domo arrigato! Hacer ne dego que un toregan. Un pero? Shit nah!
Ben has joinéd us! Yaaaaay! ^_^

Andedo basu? o_O
hoy hoy
Insect brownie hybrids? No thank you, I'll just eat the undead bus.
Schpazoi! It's Ben! And Miles! And Collin for a short amount of time! Yay! Sentient beings for me to talk to!
Where the hell is everyone today?
"I have the best penis in the world!" -Damien
"How come we can't feel our boogers?" -Miles
Ah, the things people say in my dreams.

I don't want to eat insect-brownie hybrids.
....are you ok barry?
that might taste good, are they brittish, i dont want to eat any british, they are rough on the top of my mouth. poers wants us to be random, sinse when have any of us been NOT randome? oh well, talk to you all later penis
I think I can drop it in the cloner along with a brownie, but there's a slight chance that it will produce hundreds of giant insect-brownie hybrids.

No... The other kind of cake. Preferably chocolate.
Like the band? I don't know how good they would taste since they are, for the most part, human and I've never eaten human flesh.
We could just eat the dinosaur baby. Change its genetics so it will taste like cake!
Principia Discordia. Let's be Random. Fnord.

Dammit, I wish you'd have told me the wedding was off about about a day ago... I've already got a dinosaur baby in the incubator
Fixed it.
What the fuck?! How in the fucking hell did that happen? Damn it!
Audrey, the umm blog webpage isn't working.
Hasn't been a kosher past two days people. Jenn introduced me to the fact she's not getting married anymore. "Collin, I'm not marrying shad..."JNR "Ha ha ha!"CDF "It's not funny."JNR "OF course it is. I was right! Ha!"CDF "I'm not marrying him because I can't live a lie."JNR "Whaaaa? YOu lied to me a lot, what's the difference?."CDF "I can't marry him because I still love you. I told him and the wedding is off."JNR "What the fuck! Why the hell did you do that!"CDF God help me. And just because I am doesn't mean you're not Audrey.
And you called me disturbed...
Collin, that is the weirdest thing I have ever read. You should put that in your book. It's almost disturbing.

What the hell is Miles talking about?
My sister is outside screaming her head off. My dog has a cat in its mouth mauling it. I laugh some. My sister screams in horror it bothers me. It's the next door neighbors cat. My sister screams for me to stop her. I get mad that my sister is still screaming for no damn reason. She sits there screaming, I can't think. I flat out punch my sister in the stomach. Throwing up she falls to the ground. Silence, except for a screaming cat. I walk to jessie and punch her she sprawls out on the ground and the cat flees from it's mouth. It attacks me, I kick it. Too hard to punch cat. cat flies back dog get's cat again. I slap dog. Cat free, cat run cat gone. Job done.
... Fuck you miles.
Here's a post to show that I care or something.... How about those flamingo sausages? I hear they are going to get discontinued because people don't like gay meat. If all meat were gay, there wouldn't be many of us left ya know.
Oh yeah... Daniel.... I'm not to happy with you... you're a terd too! I would advise you to call me as soon as you see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To everyone else... Hi and I love you!
On a lighter note.... I am a bright and shining star! Even better than that..... EAT ME!!!!!
I HATE HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Kevin's a fucking terd!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not that we can't, we just don't like to. Besides, you have a better chance of killing me when you're driving, and that's supposed to be you're goal, remember?
Pathetic. Well anyways, if you can get to old orchard tonight, I'm watching lord of the rings at seven. Later and yeah, I think after last night I have more than enough adventure in my diet. And why the hell can't all of you drive?!!!
"Any way you look at it, AIDS is bad." -Chelsea
"Andy [Yates] opened me up to gay people" -Barry

"I am Santa Clause!"
So I turned on my stereo because I was going to listen to some Johnny Cash. When I turned it on the switch was set to fm radio which is odd because I haven't listened to the radio in many months. I heard when I turned on the radio "Iron Man" and I though that that was cool since it ws the first time I had heard the radio in a while but it wasn't Iron Man, it was a parody of Iron Man about Santa Clause.
The drunk part wouldn't be too bad as long as I didn't leave the house and the kids could serve as a tasty snack. Don't you hate it when you're cleaning your ears and the head of the q-tip disembarks to explore the inner workings of your head and emerges, from your ear a few days later in the shower? I know I do.
I think I'm going to join Donna. Well, minus the nunnery, kids, and drunk part.
I don't think any of us get enough action or adventure in our diets.
Kids get too damn annoying, so I'll just be a drunk!
Well.... they wouldn't let me in cause I can't live without men, and they probably wouldn't like my language too much! I take that back, I'll just be a stupid fucking drunk with twelve kids running around!
I'm done with all this boy-friend shit... I'm going to be a fucking NUN!!!!!!!!!
Well, duh! You're sitting right next to me. =)
You're in everyone I see, so tell me..... do you see me?
"You've seen a house-fly, you might've even seen a super-fly... but you ain't NEVER seen a donkey fly! Yeah that's right... I'm a flyin- talkin donkey!!!"
You're just now figuring that one out?
??? You're disturbed audrey.
Let's not forget, Powers, that you also made the French king go bald, forcing Chris to play him barefaced.

Fish are ugly. They must be tortured, along with cows, children, and other unattractive things, until they become something cuter.
I wonder if rabies would work on fish? I remember at project graduation Audrey was torturing fish.

i am also rabies, why? i dont like to hurt animals or people, although, i know audey doesnt like small childeren, rabies would work on small childeren
Lucky Rabies. I'm syphillis, a disease started in the human population by people having sex with livestock. Of course I do cause a slow death as those infected with me begin to decay while alive and will go mad.
Errr... Didn't post what?

Take the Affliction Test Today!

What the hell! I didn't post that!
"We're glad our daughter had Jesus in her heart when she died." Wow, that's a great line considering the context. Remember Jesus, uh, Kills. I hope that Dashboard Jesus wasn't her only birthday present.
Fun stuff.

Dashboard Jesus Kills Ohio Teen

CINCINNATI (EAP) - A Cincinnati teenager was killed yesterday when her plastic Jesus dashboard figure was driven into her chest by her car's airbag which inflated during an accident involving two other vehicles.
17-year-old Darlene Fulps of Cincinnati was apparently holding her Jesus figure close to her chest when she ran through a red light and collided with two other vehicles in a busy intersection.
"The air bag inflated and pushed the head of Jesus straight through her heart," said Tom Young, medical examiner at the scene of the accident. "If it wasn't for the plastic Jesus, Ms. Fulps would still be alive today."
"Air bags have saved thousands of lives, but in this case it actually took a life, thanks to Jesus," said police officer Graham Pryor, first officer at the scene.
Robert Fulps, Darlene's father and devout Christian man said "It was just our daughter's time to go, and we can't question the actions of God. My daughter loved Jesus and worshipped Him, and I think she's probably talking to Him in heaven right now."
"We gave our daughter the dashboard Jesus for her birthday last year, and she really liked it," said Mrs. Gladys Fulps. "It's too bad that Jesus ended up killing her, but we believe she's in heaven now, and we're happy for her, and hope to re-unite with her when we get to heaven."
"We're just glad our daughter had Jesus in her heart when she died," said Mr. and Mrs. Fulps.

I will post the danish conversation soon. Really, I will.

Blogger's acting funky. Our posts aren't showing up in the editor, and that's pissing me off. And now I just got this message. "Oops! There was some sort of problem. Please reload this page. If this problem persists, please try back later. We're probably we're on it. Sorry for the inconvenience." I been reloading the damn page. But anyway, back to what I was going to originally say before this thing pissed me off.

I taste blood. I burnt the roof of my mouth quite badly on a potato. Damn me.

I also changed my navel ring last night. And I got a mood ring shaped like a turtle. Yay! And I boiled a toothbrush. ^_^
vroom goes the car, vroom goes the truck, sorry daisy, no turtle wax for you this christmas

Ha-cha! It's in-credible!
I posted that last message from Barry, I'm such a trickster!

Kaboomka, I'm Barry!
Pull the tapeworm out of your ass, hey!
powers, i have mic's, don worry aqbout that, i also have amps and one electric guitar, one classical guitar, a computer, and a four-track recorder, its all cool
Kosher we have the whole team again! This is shellablamos!
Yes, I know I am being used by a large corporation to make money without adequate compensation. That's how most people spend their lives. The point is that people are actually reading my work. I am a Socialist Capitalist (oxymoron). Money is my enemy and my friend but I don't use art just to make money.

When someone finds out for sure exactly who is going on the trip, please let me know either by phone or email or even in person. All I know for sure is me and collin are going. I have no idea what we will do, where we will go, or even how much money I will need. Powers is using you to make money. I like shower heads so long as the water doesn't blast my skin off. Thank you.
Wait, if we're staying a Barry's then it shouldn't cost too much. I'll go then.
I keep submitting my work because that's how one gets noticed, and because my art is not about money, well, some of it is, but not about making money. Plus, the work I submit is not my best quality work, I usually improv it right there.
Hmmm...I was going to ask daniel if he would see if he could find my microphone or signs. I hope he did before he left or else I've lost them. Anyway, I'm coming on the trip if it will cost less than fourty-five dollars. I will need to go by a fifth third atm.
so, is daniel comming too, two brandons, one collin, and a daniel in the pear tree, i love it
Collin, something's come up; I convinced my mom to pick me up Thursday night if you've still got room for me on the trip.
It will be me brandon miles.... that's it.... sorry, and I have no idea what we're doing, it's your town man. Chick hunting I guess.... that's right, I need beads.
So why do you keep submitting your work to them?
You ought to get a job exploiting other people's work. must be getting rich off my poems since they are using three of my poems to put in books and on cd's and yet all I get is a discount on their overpriced products.
Because you can't. That's why.
yeah, "its in-credible" is a long time danielism, i only hope one day the books printed on th subject will be as acurate as daniel him-self, now, lets get to the real point, who is all comming to my house tomarrow?, and are you comming tomarrow?, and how long are you staying?, what are we gonna do?, can we have cigar nights without all the epicurians?, who is la-bard luinskie?, and does audrey have tarettes? points to ponder, things we ought to know, now, there is only one thing left to find out, why i cant be special and make money with out a job,
Actually, it's in-credible. I've fixed it though.
Ok... My dad comes up stairs in the kitchen and says "Audrey, shouldn't you be in bed? It's after midnight." Let's see, I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow. I can sleep in if I damn well please. He, however, has to take my brother to school in the morning and be at work by 8 AM. Now, please tell me why I should be the one sleeping?

I've never heard him use "in-credibly" before. Well, now he knows you've been making fun of him.

Life lesson: don't put marshmallows in the microwave and expect to be able to eat them afterwards. Well, it's possible, but it's damn messy.

I should blog the conversation I had with Powers about Collin being a cream danish. You know, I think I will... But not now, because I'm too lazy to go through and stick the <br>'s in where they need to be.
In-credible, Ha-cha, Oh sweet irony, although, etc. Daniel has many catch phrases to exploit. That's why when Daniel was gone once at the apartment we had his hat and we were making fun of him by having the hat take over our minds, making us spout useless phrases. Oh, and saying things like: "I'm Daniel Naas and I have a lot of stupid ideas that I think will actually work."

Is "Oh, sweet irony!" your new saying now?
They've begun raids on piracy operations. Damn! Oh well. Any of you guys want to have cigar night some time soon? I still have half a cigar to smoke from our cigar night here.
I heard a bunch of kids got arrested for being software pirates...

Oh, sweet irony!
You're not the only one, of course, I've never been in the loop. Though it sounds like a private matter and I will not enquire into it.
Incident? God, am I out of the loop or what? I'd like to know next time you're on and so am I audrey tell me since you seem to know what th hell you're talking about. I'm still feeling sick... I'll be better soon enough however. See ya soon barry.
Just a couple of corrections here from the home front... omit the word 'couple months' and replace woth 'whenever the heck I get around to it.' Plus, deSha's was the resturant that we got asked to leave the smoking section of for smoking. But yeah... for now, I must start studying calculus... tis the season, after all, for finals. Crap.

In other news, a man won one of the world's most prestigous art prizes the other day in England for his 'controversial' work 'Empty Room with Light that Flashes On and Off.' That's all it is, too. I may not know art, but I know when people are stupid. Wish you were here, Audrey, I've got roughly 78/100 square feet of cheesecake in the fridge.
Hmmm...I still hate being alive but now I have discovered I don't want to die. I still don't know if I want to live but that's a start. I feel human emotions stirring inside me. And I am beginning to accept the fact that as a human I NEED to be selfish and that there is nothing wrong with it. I actually feel angry and it feels great. I guess it's a combination of nicotine from a cherry cigar, half a huge cigar, and a clove cigarette with a nice walk from 3:30 - 5:30 in the morning when there is little human acttivity.
September 5th, 2001: At 12:42 PM, Daniel says "In other news, I'm going to start production on a full-length feature film. Done in flash format, it'll probably have to be distributed by hand via CD-ROM. Expect it in a couple of months." Any comment on this, Naas?
Yeah, cheese is good. Eating cheese right now. I like cheesecake.

Why am I even bothering to refer to it as "the incidents" when everyone probably knows what we're talking about in the first place?
i like cheese
I am so totally freaked out right now. The timing of... err... the incidents... is just very odd, Barry.
O'Sha's: A resturant with a smoking section that sells cigars. Cigar smoking not allowed!
Ralph Pruitt...

Do I even want to know? Probably not, but I'll probably hear it from you in a minute anyway.
yeah, well, i dont like sex anymore, i'll explain later

My mom eliminated the parts she didn't like.
Here's something none of you knew. I was born Ralph Collin Duate Pruitt.
This has been a weird day on blogger, I got directions off my microsoft expedia, it's a lot better than anything on here. They got satilite views and gas prices and road construction. It's all kosher later all.
Nope, you're not. He definitely said that. I remember!
Dammit, sorry about showing where you live, Barry. It won't let me take the message down now.
Oh well, if I'm not mistaken you were the one that said "I want to be raped."

Boom! (head explodes)
Oh my gosh! You'll never believe what Donna just told me about her origins! Eeeee! She was originally a pink haired, pink and blue tailed naga-ette! But then she decided she hated pink, so she changed herself! She then became a mint haired, amazonian warrior (don't ask me how she turned her tail into legs). She stayed in the sun so long she looked almost black. And she got a bindi somewhere. But then the sun was getting on her nerves, and mint hair just wasn't that attractive to her anymore (going out of style, you know), so she changed again. This time into the wonderfully sweet Donna as we know her today! Gasp in wonder! Oh yeah, she's Irish, too.
You just started obssessed internet stalkers on their merry little ways to Barry's house. That's what you started.
Oops, I messed up the starting location on that, but I think it still works. I was going to use an arbitrary location like the high school, but I accidentally told it Corydon instead of Henderson. It still works, though... I think his house is the second or third one on the left; I always recognize it by sight.

Wait, what did I start?
My apologies, Mr. Floyd. With finals driving me mad, I've forgotten some things. Does this link work?
Map to Barry's street
Barry, what's your exact address? Daniel doesn't seem to be sending instructions, and EPT? That's not kosher here that it's even really mentioned, and the last time I heard that my friend had a new dependent comming also. Hope that's not the case. Later all.
Daniel started it!
With my saddness or that LIFE SUCKS?
I would have to agree, Donna dear.
I miss my daddy, my lil bro and his girlfriend broke up, Kevin hasn't called, finals suck, and mom's trying to take over my whole damn weekend! I don't want to go skating with her boyfriend and his two brats!!!!!!! I have better things to do on my Saturday nights!
My sediments exactly. Last time I heard that phrase someone had a bun in the proverbial oven.

Error Proof aka Early Pregnancy test?
Error proof test? I don't like the sound of that...
yeah, hey, god loves you
Powers told me that story last night, I think, but I'll listen to your version anyway.

Error proof test my ass.
Yeah, remind me to tell you guys that story sometime when I can use vivid emotions and hand gestures.
Kyle Freels and I got questioned by the police for spying on David Stevenson from a parking garage. Crazy college kids!

At this point we're leaving friday morning unless daniel finds a way here before noon saturday.
I learned how to play Legend of Zelda on my keyboard. Yay!
Have at it, pally. Everyone else is still goin, but fate calls me to do otherwise.
it worked there, what the crap? better make it here, xcause if you dont, i will find my way there, just to drive you here, and make you make your way here, ...yeah
why wont i post and pub?

Before noon is highly unlikely, but I'll see what I can do.
If you're in before noon I think we'll be kosher. Otherwise it's not happening, and we'll stay till monday if that happenes.
Hey Collin, I've had a bit of a problem come up with my scheduling... it's looking like I won't be moving home for the break till Saturday 15 December.

If you can't postpone the whole Nashville thing, just let me know and I'll provide you with maps to Barry's house.
Sorry about that, everybody. I was using Powers' computer to find a backwards way to re-register windows on my computer, and forgot it was logged on as him. The Last Chance College message was my post when I was breaking from beating some systems.
What in the hell? When the fuck did I write that? Am I going insane or did Daniel post while he was using my computer? Well, probably a little bit of both.

'round here, LCC is also known as Last Chance College
Last day of class. Hmmm...I guess that means I'll get to seee Henderson folks more often, that's good, but I like it here. Hopefully I can Transfer to Lexington Community College. I guess if HCC is called the Hille LCC should be called the Parking Lot, because it is just a few buildings in the parking lot of the stadium.
no they don't. chocalate bad.
they need to make cookies with more chacolate in them
Dress up like a policeman and assult a minority, then take advantage of the looting in the following riots
I think Daniel's slowly trying to take over the world by first changing all the color names. First the confusion of colors... Then the rest of his plan will fall neatly into place. Well, maybe not neatly since plans for world domination never really end in much neatness, but it will fall somewhere, and that's all that matters... Yeah...

I have this strange urge to go shopping right now... And I mean now, not tomorrow when the shops will be open, but now... Even though I really don't have any money to spend anyway. Eh, who cares?

Blue and white is a much needed improvement over yellow and black.
I gave this thing a new layout. Now go look at it. My browser claims there's script error somewhere, but I'm not in the mood to search for it, and I never will be because I just don't give a shit.
what did i say?
Good for you. Now let's see if you can rewrite that not to be a run-on and to make sense.
i am 70% brit, i am also black, i had skin reconstruction surgery, now i hang honestly hang with my nigga's
That's right, I was explaining the purpose of the paint-and-fire dinosaur. Remember folks, two separate sprays; there's no synergy between those lovers.

By the way, pirates still exist today. Oh, sweet irony!
Yessssss, I want me's preciousssss.
Daniel, you musn't forget "...The fire is for burning down a church." ---Daniel Naas as he is entering apartment containing David Stevenson.
Who doesn't want Donna Saying "I love you" anymore?
I just copied those over before I left for class... real quotes from a surreal world! See you all later.
What the hell, Daniel?
Collin is the one and only "Sunshine"! I'm just a bright shining star. But I do NOT like the fact that ya'll don't want me to say "I love you" anymore. So I won't tell you guys that anymore, and you'll NEVER know when I stop loving you!! So HA!!!!!! Since I'm not saying that phrase anymore.... hugs and kisses! XOXO
Kid: "Yeah, well, your material is crayola markers"
Daniel: "Thank you very much, young man, for proving my point."

Drew: "Oh, fag-faglicious!"
Powers: "That bum said he was an angel."

David Stevenson: "I am a satanist, I am gay!"
Writer's note- sarcasm...

Girl: "Where's David?"
Jarrod Beck: "Oh, he's out having sex with his girlfriend-"
Girl: "What?"
Daniel: "No, that's not true... he's out having sex with someone else's girlfriend!"
Writer's note- David wasn't out having sex with anybody
I thought the danish was cancerous... And vampiric... And poison... ARG! Which is it!? Anyway...

I am 55% British, just like
Hugh Grant
Thought you drive a British sports car you are most likely to have a blowout in LA.

Take the Brit Quiz at

Quiz written by Daz

Aparently collin has either already regenerated or it was a trick! The danish was poison.

i want someone to scratch my back gently untill i go to sleep, its nice,
Let me. I wanna dream like him too.
I thought Collin was a cream danish. He's been digested and flushed. It's gonna suck for him if he regenerates in the septic tank. >_<

Mreh, ICQ is pissing me off. It keeps setting the ICQ homepage as my default homepage when I open my browser even after I've changed the damn thing to what I want it to be about fifty billion times. It just keeps resetting it, and I'm about ready to break something.
"Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy."---John Denver. But I'd rather not have Donna perched on my shoulder. That's just weird...Wait! Collin is sunshine. I don't want him perching on my shoulder either.
Donna adds some much needed sunshine to this thing, I do believe...
Aww! I'm wearing it now! ^_^
When you wear my toothbrush... you're my best friend, and I love you!
Here let me pinch your cheeks!
Awww.... you're still cute!
Awww! ^_^
aww... you're so cute!
Awww! I love you, too, Donna!
I love all of you!
I bet it tastes like chicken. I love chicken. I don't think I can eat an emulator though, I'm allergic to electricity. It tends to do bad things to me, so I'll stay away from them.
Emulators or the bird?
Emus... yeah right!
So much pain. So much anger. So much wronging and longing. I stand outside and look in when it comes to love. Even with all this I want to know it.
i was comfused, i thought, if i said it, i would feel it, nope, i am a jerk, well, i was, i am all better now, and sure, we'll have cake, and emu's

Barry: we'll visit you if you get some cake.
I could kill you barry for what you did to her. I almost think I think less of you now because of that, but that time is behind you, I hope that girl someday forgives you. I've said I love you quite a few times in my life too. However, everytime I've meant it, and tonight my dad decided to tell me how stupid it was to give jennifer my heart. Fuck him.
i wanted you to say it to me in high school, jeez, oh well, i love my current life, just wish i could see you all more often
Barry, I wasn't talking about friend love when people say "I love you." Of course I mean it in the friend way. I was talking about the last time I said it to someone and meant it the other way. Jeez.
so audrey, when you said you loved me, you didnt mean it? how could you, i mean, i love you still, not that sort of way of course, but still, i got your back in a hard time, now i feel i am one sided. i hate those words too, its gets people in trouble, and hurts, a lot. and it is usually because people are careless with it. evil ashley (my ex) said it soo much, i couldnt just go on and ignore it forever, that itself would have endee too quickly, so i gave in and said it, then she started planning OUR future for the next 80 years, uh uh, nope, wasnt gonna do it, i dumped her, and three days later, i felt so bad, because she was crying all over the place, i got back together with her, and again, "i love you......." she was planning on losing her virginity to me on her b-day, then going to college with me, then we would get married. it was prefect in HER head. so, a month before prom, and two and a half before her birthday, i did it for good, it was the day before she went to get her prom dress. she was crushed, and did everything for me to change my mind, that was like 10 months ago, and she still isn't over me. all because i said those words. i am the typical person audrey dispises, because she knows how it feels, i feel so bad because of it. if any of you are planning on saying those words, i want you to meet ashley, and then re-think. make sure you are sure, because, if there is any doubt in your mind, at all, then someone is going to get hurt.
Do you have your fire and paint breathing dinosaur yet?
I still think we should go to her wedding. Regardless of whether we cause trouble or not, there'll be cake!
The quality of a man or a woman is negligable. Don't get caught up by the haves and have nots. It's the quality of you that matters to me, not how good your boyfriend or girlfriend is.

Ya know what, Collin? Your kind aren't that great either, so just shut up..
Yeah. I totally blew jenn away this afternoon telling her how much I hated her and how I'd never forgive her fro breaking my heart and so many promises. She said she'd always be there, now I'll have to replace the bitch.
My last remark was a bit sexist, but you'll just have to cut me some slack... I've been unusally bitter lately. Sunday morning I had to retire the single greatest twist of fate I had ever concocted, the incredible "Second Chance Plan." The once-present oppurtunity to execute it will never come to pass, so I simply moved on.
Women should be allowed to say "I love you." But only if they really mean it. Not when getting offline, or getting off the phone with you. Only when they realize how much you mean to them, and they realize how meaningful a relationship they have. Otherwise it's a meaningless phrase used to posses men, and it no longer has any effect on me at all. Hopefully you either daniel, it pisses me off to see women with the ability to do things like this. It makes me wanna see them all reduced to nothing but our puppets, this goes for every woman on the face of the earth, except for those that have been used by men. I ripped my arm out of the socket durring my sleep, when it popped back in when I woke up this morning, I screamed uncontrollably. It hurt a lot. Women = bad in most cases. This does not mean I'm gay. I'm in the process of getting a lady to call my own again, and we have more in common than any other chick I know, and she's not concieted, nor a drunk, nor a flat out bitch, unfortunately, she is a blonde prep..... I meant brunette with blonde highlights.
And why is that? Heh, that made me think of the last time I acutally said a meaningful "I love you," or at least, I thought I meant it at the time. Damn, that was a long time ago. Well, if you don't count all the times Cody and I say it. Blarg.

This page needs a new layout. I'm getting tired of the yellow and black.
Here's what I think: women shouldn't be allowed to say "I love you."
What information? Krargbrup. Unholy cheeseballs ate my pocket lint.

Oh my god! I actually used that and meant it! Holy fucking kablargadamn.
It's not that hard to read. At least, I don't think it is. I was annoying Miles with it last night. Then he wouldn't respond. Blarg. MSN's being retarded... Again...

My cousin's dog is a hermaphrodite. He thought it was a girl, but then he went to have her spayed, and she had both sex organs. The doctor couldn't find the ovaries, but "she" had a uterus and testicles and a vagina with a little penis sticking out of it. Just felt like sharing. This is the most I've gotten to use the word "hermaphrodite" in my life. Wee!
Me's confused. Shalashaska
That damn 1337 stuff hurts my head... Audrey, I'm not totally sure what your information is, but I've got a pair of good ideas. One of them's probably right, too... lately I've been cursed with an almost perfect intuition.

Holy shit. RuPaul has a blog.

But that's not my information. But Cody knows now, so I suppose I can share. Maybe. Daniel knows and you don't. Sort of.

Hmm... ][ 7|-|][|\||< ]['|v| 60][|\|6 70 741|< 1337 |=012 4\^/|-|][13. ^_^
Well, I have interesting information... Sort of. But I'm not sharing yet.


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