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Wow. I heard it last year.
Holiday Packages in the air. Holiday Packages everywhere. Faces are all a glowing. Twenty thousand dollars could be showing. May all your hopes and dreams come true and holiday packages too. Season's greetings from the lottery to you. You know what that means Collin? Christmas. But I haven't heard it in the last 3 years.

But I'mnot nice to people who threaten to slap me, even if they won't.
I forgot all about you. Sorry.
Ermph, the people at my hosting place have finally figured out that my mom's credit card has been cancelled, so the domain is probably going to be down soon. However, the name will still be mine until next August. _ Sooo, either I talk my mom into giving me my dad's credit card to sign up with a different hosting company or Collin decides to be nice to me for once and let me use his if I pay him 9.95 every month. If neither happens, I'm probably going to have to move our blog somewhere else, but I don't know where yet.
Blarg blarg blarg... it's a beatles song.

That eating disorder thing is quite funny, like a building that has peace written in one of the windows right next to an armory up here. And coodies (aka cooties) is a term used to describe an infestation of head lice. Not quite a disease, but not imaginary.
Blarg. No. And you won't be smacking me. So don't try.Hell I might not even see you again till christmas.
Wow, Barry, I've got an imaginary disease. Can I chase you around during recess and try to give it to you?

Collin, remind me to smack you next time I see you. First of all for missing class yet again, and second of all for trying to Americanize Japanese words. Akuma is plural and singular at the same time.

Anyway, don't you just love irony? I was just sitting downstairs watching Entertainment Tonight, I think it was, and featured were some overweight little known actresses discussing the negative effects [anorexia, bullemia, yadda yadda yadda (yes, yadda yadda yadda is a new negative effect, except I haven't decided what it is yet)] on young girls that only see itty bitty women on TV. Then it cut to a commercial.
"Want to lose ten pounds this weekend? Try the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet! It's safe and effective!"
Gotta love the hypocrasy of the media.

we have had it for a few weeks, oh, and audrey, you have coodies, nah nah nah
Ha! I am a golden god! Great movie people, just thought of it! I bought a kisk ass set of beads today. 40 dollars! wooden beads ruby like embroidered with dark dragon in Japanesse on them just like akumas! I wear them everywhere.They even vibrate when you put batteries in them. Oooh, I have a present for you audrey, lol, just kidding wish I weren't here. See ya soon barry.
Dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies aren't much fun. Kinda sorta?
You have a puppy? Since when?
I kinda sorta got a new kitty.
my puppy is really hyper, it keeps biting me
Well, they're cloning people today. That's cool.

Whatever, Barry. Brandon, you're wish might come true for that synthetic hair cat. Well, something similar anyway. "Researchers are creating a new breed of cat that will be free of allergens (the tiny proteins on an animal's hair and skin that cause some people to itch, wheeze, and sneeze). This kitty should be in pet shops by 2003. Meow!" I doubt it though. Sounds rather fake to me.
Hey, guys. The other night was pretty fun. Too bad we couldn't make the oxyclean blow up. I look forward to seeing ya, barry. And now I say blarg, cause I want to do something else.
sorry audrey, we were in the middle of talking, and my computer roze and did a wierd thingie, then my sis's husband got on, so, just sayin, i didnt forget about you, it waws an accident, and yeah, i did what i could about finding what i could about this guy, i hear he i some-what of a player, so.... just saying what i heard.

I want a cat with synthetic hair.

I have ballet shoes and pink tights! Wee!
Get well soon all of you. As always, everything is kosher. I realized however, that this personality that I was trying to fight off was quite actually, my real persona, I'm the thief! Lol. What a kick! This whole time he's been trying to get his body back. I guess that's why I wish I were a kid again so much, cause I have no real recolection of it, just images formed together to make a pretty picture book. Oh well. You all take it easy, and I'll see you soon barry.

Happy thanksgiving. I'm always sick on Thanksgiving. This year it was a combination cold or flu and cat dander. I love cats but hate cat allergy. It looks as if Audrey is also sick. Get well soon.
I'm sick. Everything hurts. Damn Tylenol PM's not working. My head feels really heavy and I can't see straight. I need to write my paper, but I really don't feel like doing shit. I want to go to bed.

So, have you checked Michael out yet, Barry? =P
cool as in, i have a basement, and i just say random things so i know where i left off, in the blogger, like this
God this love thing is confusing. Already I have a girl comming on strong, a hottie at that, but Rach isn't ready, and neither am I. I don't need a girl to be home for to get a call everynight yet. I might be falling in love but I can't be in love yet. Haven't heard from a bunch of you in a while. Oh well, hope you're all ok. Well me and barry have been talking. but besides that....Anyway, take it easy. UNchained Melody.

Your house is cool as in?

my house is cool probably
Nashville. We're seeing barry. And it's not just overnight, it's over two nights. Friday and saturday. She's 16 and no she's not pregnant, and if she is, it's not by me.... well, there's a chance, but I seriously doubt it, that was the in hole wasn't it..... J/K I'm sorry I have to find something funny, or I'd cry. Well I was already off the horse anyway, need to get back on, maybe I'll find some lady in nashville. Oh yeah, I'm not paying for gas.
What the fuck? Why's that thing getting married? Is she even 16 yet? She's pregnant, isn't she! Whore.

People walking around wearing giant Audrey heads... That frightens me. I don't like it. I'd have to shoot them all. But that in itself would be rather disturbing... Shooting myself, you know. But I don't know how to use a gun anyway, so yeah, whatever. NO GIANT AUDREY HEADS! Too fucking freaky. Although, at least when you have to wear a giant head, you aren't required to speak to anyone. You just (try to) sign shit wearing those rediculously large gloves.

Anyway... I'm lost. Where the hell are we going? The overnight thing probably won't go over well, but before I even attempt to ask, I'd like to know where the hell we're going.
Sounds great. I do need an escape, especially near the holiday season when evrything begins to crash down. At least I'm not in a play near the holiday season as I have been for the last 2 years, that's just hell.
God knows we could all use an escape from our lives for now. Going and spending some time down there could do us all a little good, and we'fd come back just in time for christmas, which is always cheery for me. Maybe who know's somehting will be resolved by this trip. You're all comming, this isn't asking, you're going. Or I'll kill you, seriously. We haven't been around each other in forever.
We as in you daniel miles, me, and maybe audrey if she can stay overnight. Possibly two nights.
We as in who?
Married? What the hell?
to who, so soon? how??? please, i cant drive down there anytime soon, and i cant wait any longer. people, give me song ideas

Married. Barry, I'll be around soon.
If you see jenn on line cuss that bitch out! She getting amrried and we don't like it,and we want her to pay! Pay dearly!

i am in a drawing mood
Who's attractive? Jessica Kellough that's who? Why'd I say that? I don't know. Who else is attractive adrian Yancy. Why'd I say that? Felt like it. I am so frikin shallow! Right now blarg I want it! I want some lovin! Blarg!
i love my life

That's when I'm most comfortable aside from being alone where I feel the best. No Tennesee this weekend. However I will be going on a date!!! Kosher. And the lady is quite hot. I don't feel special, but I do feel good. I have JB weld. I have comet, I have Draino. I have explosives. We're oh so in business.
Hail all. Overcoming my social inhibitions one step at a time. Today I asked a girl to have lunch with me tommorrow. She has play rehearsal so she can't make it, but the point is I asked her and I didn't feel all debilitatingly nervous like everytime I asked Audrey out. Maybe there is hope. Someday, I may even be able to be comfortable in a large crowd.

Those characters scare me. I'm afraid. But at least you are a character like cinderella and not like mickey mouse or goofy. No one will be wandering around wearing a giant Audrey head.
I get to be a character that wanders around like Cinderella at Disney World. Miles said so. Woo.
sounds fun. Admission?
Yes. Miles land is a great new miles-themed amusement park. On saturdays, we give free eat attacks. On tuesdays, you get a free root beer or cream soda, if you can successfully throw a baseball through the gap in a 12 foot tall Miles head's teeth.

i will, maybe. you know, i hjate collin, all he does is say how we cant say anything about him, i ate that, HA HA HA, i did it, i created an imaginary grudge against collin, bvut forget it by sat, hey...i have saturday off work, wow!, wait, i have to train some people fo5r a couple hours, but its kosher
I guess. I was attempting to make this as closed as possible being that I doubt that everyone of you would go with my ideas. Plus there can only be so many leaders, if not one. I'm sure we can brainstorm and come to some conclusion as a group.
Miles Land? That some new Miles-themed amusement park?
Hey, guys. Collin, Powers, don't forget me. I hate money. Because of it, I am not free. I want my freedom. I want to leave Henderson for good, but I can't... It's been a sad few days in Miles land.

I'll send you an e-mail sometime collin detailing some of my beliefs on money and humanity and life and you can look at that and we can get together and discuss it sometime.
I know a lawyer will make you money, and he'll also keep it!
We make a good book first making a basis for our belief. Then we tell people about the book, or how we think, then when they think they're just friends we tell them about our organization. But first things first, what do we believe?
What do you propose we do, Collin?
Followers, eh? Losing it, eh? Hot food, eh? All sound great.
I think everyone's losing it. And I ate my food while it was too hot. Damn it, I really need to stop doing that. Scott's my gopher. Yay.
Whaaaa? I wanna work with you brandon. Share ideas and stuff, I think if we worked together we could make a good organization based off our ideas. Not epicureanism, but something better and new. We need a followers.
Artificial addiction. Man has created the substance and the addiction. Everyone is fettered by it. Makes folks a hell of a lot easier to control. Dance on your strings and I'll throw you some green. Today I signed myself into slavery for it.
Did I hear Money?
He'll make some you nay sayer!
Ha, hire a lawyer and you still won't make any money.
Unkosher would be a good word for that miles. I'd also ask the law about that too. False advertisement. You were led to believe you were getting something and assured you were then they changed their minds? No. Call that Gerling place, I'm sure you can still get some cash out of this, if not more. And everyone deserves to be bitched at by someone, I'm sure someone has done some wrong to some person. In this case I guess it's barry for audrey. And miles too, I'm sure the list goes on, but no big shit who cares. Anyway, I might see you saturday barry, but I've already told you about that. Who gets to bitch at me? Audrey maybe? Nah, she has no right to. The slap paid back all the times I tried to kill her. Miles maybe? Nah, your dog makes me mad enough to bitch at you. Maybe none of you have the right to bitch at me. Hell, what am I talking about? Bitching is only bitching when it affects the person you're bitching at, since it doesn't really work with me I guess none of you can. Ha. I'm kosher.
Yeah, Audrey doesn't deserve to be bitched at unless it's for kicking and punching me. I also found out the other day I get no financial aid, so there will be no UK for me. Instead, I'm going to be stuck in Hendo working in the oil fields pretty much my whole life. Isn't life grand? Oh well, I guess I just suck.
Don't get bitchy with me. I haven't done anything wrong. I haven't even been here! And what the hell are you talking about confusing you? I haven't done anything, dude.
Barry, if you're so lonely down there, then do something about it. If you can't wait for a couple of us to come down there and see you, then don't.

i would love to go you al of your houses regularly, and hang out, in fact, i know i have stopped by your house, collin, on more than one ocation, wanting to hang with you. i soo miss you all. we need to get together, and audrey, stop,comfusing me.
"Thus Spake Zarathustra". A parable written by Friedrich Nietzche to outline his concept of the ubermensche (Hope that's spelled right) or overman. Of course your idea is not exactly Nietzchean, but it's close enough. For one thing, Nietzche was exist and he gave to women only roles as breeders and care takers, not people. So it's a good thing you aren't following Nietzche's path.
Thus Spake Zarathustra
If I've given my soul to the devil, why does it hurt? If I'm filled with hate why do we still love? If I didn't like any of you anymore why do I still care? Damn it all. This confusion in my head is nothing like anything I've ever felt. My personality is changing and I see it. I challenged my dad today and damn near fought. I was two seconds from throwing that punch, and that would have ended it. I can't fight my dad and let him live, he'll come back like before and he'll get me. I can't die. Finally I believe it, I've lost my goddamn mind. In it I can't die. Where have I gone that's made me not think that I'm immortal, but to truly make me think I cannot be killed. I'm sure god will step in now and prove me wrong. I worked out for a good deal of the day. I worked out until my nose began to bleed. I have nothing to live for except self improvement, and I continue to do that I have to find a way to go back to who I was. Emotionless, not funny at all, and as close to god as I can feel. If by eating the forbinned fruit, we became gods, where did the power go? I will find it, I'll find this power in me, and save my self and help everyone become gods. The ultimate in creation, master of our own destinies. God is there, but will not intefere. We have to do this on our own. I Have to remember the legacy of those before me. I have no help but you, and you don't even know how to help me, and I can't tell you because I don't know what you do. God help me I've lost my mind but found myself, and it scares me.
I woke up on my keyboard this morning. I had to switch, there was slobber all on mine. I have pictures to develop.Where are my shoes, they need cleaning. Is it monday? feels like wednesday.How odd....
And collin, let me know aboutthe purpose of this organization so I can have the colors represent the right things and get the symbolism correct
Barry, I love everyone. I love the entire human race, though I've realized I can't be a savior, I don't have a deep enough connection with people for that. I'm instead goin gto try to be a human being. Collin, I'll design your flag. It seems there is a lot of decay and pain in our world this night. I feel as if I should be in pain since everyone around me is. But I'm not. And that is my first step. And about the name Epicureans, I think a name change is definitely in order. Epicurus had some interesting ideas, but I don't believe they reflect our general personalities and goals at all well. By the way, I want to become closer to my friends here but I don't know how. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Navy Blue and green, the colors of my flag. I want you to design it brandon. The Epicureans need a flag. Something that stands for us. We've made a group, time to finally push it. I've been writing the manifesto all night. Hopefully it'll be done by morning.
Yes barry, you must be on your period. It's not that I don't love you all, it's just that over night I've come to love everyone, Except one person, A lot less. And truly the only reason I think I still love that person is because I loved that person before, and the person knows me. It's jenn of course. She's the only one out of all of you that has ever taken the time to get to know me. Sit around and talk to me hang out with me at my house, ask me how my day was, and she still does it. How could I have been so blind? She wasn't the problem, my mind was. I've finally relearned how to write. I've got back my dark edge. And it's all thanks to a person I thought I hated at one point but truly and deeply love. Love is hate brandon, but it doesn't reciprocate on that person, it does it to others. And people will soon learn that. I think tonight is a good night to start doing what I've been planning. Talk to you all later! And thanks blog has helped me a lot.
i heart you? ?, are you saying you hate us all too? everyone here hates every one, why?, isnt this a place where friends can talk, it seems the only thing talked about here is how everyone doesnt like people. how can any of us feel close to each other if we never experiance a closeness. it hurts me to see all of you writing nothing but disgust for everyone else, i mean fine, i hate so and so, thats fine, get it out there, and if you wish sure, tell us, wede love to hear why, but just to talk about hate is rediculus, its like no wonder yu guys dont like any body you too busy being on the computer saying you dont like anyone to actually find people you do like, i on my period or somthing? nevermind, well, i like people
You've not lost your mind collin unless I have, too. Life is pointless and human beings are deeply and severely flawed. And about that hatred, with love of something their is the reciprocal hatred of that thing. Most people refuse to aknowledge it and therefore, to them, it doesn't exist. However, eventuallly that hatred will come forth if prodded. I want to make a difference yet I, too, am consumed with hatred. Hatred of life, of God if it exists, but most of all, hatred of EGO, SELF, ME. But I think I have begun my own new mask, a mask of self-deception. That's how everyone else becomes happy. That's how I will.
I think I developed my last mask last night. I realized so much stuff. It's scary. Im not sure if this is a mask, or if it's my final form. I think it's my final form. But it's so full of hate. The scary thing is it's growing with hate for people I thought I liked. IT's forming all my thoughts into things that are tools for me and I feel like manipulating a lot of things. I think I'm reverting. God we're odd, all of us and none of us are alike, in any way. Last night I decided I wasn't going back to college next semester. I'm taking it off and working for the school full time till summer at which point I'm going to UK. I'm sorry for those of you who are going to be left again. Clint will be the only driver, and that's ify. Such hatred when I think of people. I wish they understood their flaws how imperfect they are. How we all are. IT's consuming. This life is pointless, I have to do something that impacts the earth as a whole. I want this whole planet to recognize me. My voice will no longer be silent.God help me, I think I've lost my mind.
I heart you? ^^;;;

build them a castle, they will be tortured for life o,O
over kindness
i miss you all, but you have forggotten me. i am just here, wanting in, but no one will open the door. i see you al thriugh the night time glass, as you eat dinner, around the dinner table. i watch from a sparrows view as you all trck mice, and follow thier mazes. is there nothing that i will be apart of first hand, or shall i ust watch you be my friends? i want to feel your hugs on my skin, my ears are too full, i want to reach out and touch more than a keyboard. this isnt misery, its lonesome. am i the only one that know that even thought life if at its best, it is still missing the best chucks of fun, freedom, and love. why must there always be a reason to do somthing, why must there be a cause. try to do somthing because you want to, for the assurance of self gradifacation. should we all just watch as time goes by, waiting for the tomarrow you know will never come. putting off all unneccicary subtitles until the end of the book. why cant i trickle into your arms like a leaf from a tree. why must i sit here, alone, wandering if the next moment, i might be able to hear from you. my life is hidden, i wear an untold mask, a mask in the form of the past that only shields my true whereabouts. this mask dampens my visions that are only known to me now. to take off the mask isthe only way every one will see me clearly, and i cant see anyone till a moment soon after. i am happy, now, and i was happy then, but to have both the happiest things in my life at once it almost like a miracle. my new life of servitude, and my dedications are all obtuse to the naked eye, blackened to the world that inenvertantly shtters all means for my loves. to see you all again would fill me with joy, but am i ready? i love you all, and to in turn recieve that love would only make me happy. and that is all i need for now, sure i want you al you be here, but just to know i am loved, covers all my grudges, all my mistakes, nd all my worries, to know i am loved would make it a whole lot eisier to say, hey, i love you to, you dont shoot a gun, but have to target, and you dont fish on desert terrain. to love you have to be sure there is a natural spring that will reflect back upon you, showing my love is not wasted. i need you all. oh, and, tip your servers

I feel all warm and shit inside.
You are loved, too, Collin.
I love you all.

Hmmm...I guess the embarrassment is good, but I still don't see the pain as anything all that bad. I don't really like to inflict pain upon myself, I'm not a masochist, I just need it sometimes to bring myself to reality when I begin fading out. But now if I ever need it again I'm just going to fade out. Oh yeah, watch the wall. It's disturbing. Try for that effect.
Powers, physical pain means nothing to you because you like to inflict it on yourself. The guy that I want to hurt doesn't, and after the ass kicking, he'd have to explain it when people would ask, and he'd be embarrassed and his ego would be bruised, so yay.
I don't.
Physical pain is all relative. It's just a sensation. Though the idea of keeping the person as a pet is good. That's degradation. Physical pain can be used as a means to destroy someone, make them subservient, but it in itself is not the answer. It's the fear of that pain that makes them a dog. You''l need to reinforce your authority at irregular intervals for the conditioning to take, though. And try some drugs, make the person a fucking living doll. Have yourself an avatar to do your bidding without having to result to going out and doing the dirty work yourself. Of course I must state again I don't advocate any type of destructive action against another person, just saying...
Oh yeah it does brandon and you know this. Especially if you maintain the persons lifeforce durring the enitire durration. I've been thinking of kiddnapping someone and keeping them hidden away but alive. Like a pet. Feeding them every other day ripping skin and letting it heal. Exposure to light and dark in long increments. Being that I'm not on record down at the ol court house, and neither are my fingerprints, this is completely possible. I'm just wondering where I can keep him thats clean that the wounds won't get infected, or maybe I could just expose the wounds to alcohol in normal increments so that they won't heal, but stay clean, constant pain is the answer mental torture no longer works for me. I'm sure others can make immunities for it if they haven't already. And wait audrey I'll get him, I promise.
If you can make someone live in fear you can utterly destroy him, not that I'm advocating destruction of a human being, just saying that it's more effective than physical pain. Physical pain means nothing, really.

Shut up. Kick his god damn ass.
Kicking someone's ass is not effective. It's all about fear.
Please do.
Oh, and the offer to kick his ass still stands. The offer about the credit card I'll think about.
Wow, the day has become really kosher already. Last night I found out that jenn is comming down. Not that any of you give a shit, but I'm happy and that's all that matters. I'm going to tennesee, seems like a nice date to take =someone on right? Of course.I'll take you all when dan gets in for a while. But then again, I have to go christmas shopping here soon. We'll see where the chips fall and I'll get back to ya. Hope you're doin better audrey. -

You're damn right Audrey is pissed. Audrey is full of hate right now, and it's because of more than stupid forwards. Someone needs to eradicate Michael Dickhead immediately. When is Cody going to learn? WHEN?! She's making me a nervous wreck.
I'm confused. I'm lots of things, I'm really happy. Today has turned out to be incredibly kosher, Rachael called me! Blarg! Kosher and all that shit. Now, for the next chapter.
audrey is pissed
God damn it, the next person to send me a retarded forwarded is getting slapped.
Ahem, let me quote. "Do you like my new eyeshadow? Isn't it cute? It's purple!" Ok, when I think of the word cute, eyeshadow is not something that comes to mind.
What do you mean about bimbo? Oh, I'm back on the blarg blog. That retarded is at it again. Snraopeter.
All I heard about the party was drinking. I wish I had been there.

what happened at the party?
Well, I can honestly say I have seen the epitome of bimbo at that little get together the other night.

Oh yeah, Collin, I forgot to remind you to ask me something Saturday, so what was it? And I'll take you up on the credit card thing if you're still offering.


Hey, I can answer that. It's the sound a cat makes according to the.... Japaneese or chineese, I can't remember which one. The party is today. Kosher
Well, that's my normal mood. Sit here. But right now it's odd because I'm tired and my eyes won't shut and I keep staring at things and my movement is choppy. What does Nyao mean? Blorg. Arrr...Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm still here. No I'm not.

Hmm... Yeah... Just hmm... I don't feel like thinking to write anything else. I'm in one of those moods where I just want to sit here... And... Well, just sit here pretty much. Blarg. Nyao. Yawn.
Blarg people. Oh I wasn't counting miles vote out. I need something to be done. and daniel I needed you cause you knew where he lived. But I guess I could look it up myself. Yeah, that' works and it's kosher, Three out of two collins agree.

Happy Halloween. We scared a guy from Jarrod's car and he backed up and wouldn't move. We also had movie night and watched "Requiem for a Dream" and "American Psycho"


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