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Zombies eat brains because of the high electrical activity in them. They get a buzz from the electrical currents and it even helps them restore some of their human traits due to the patterns of the current through different parts of the brain, providing that there is enough of the zombie brain and human brain for the transfer, but that doesn't last long and is not really perceptible unless one is really looking hard for the signs. Zombies don't really need to drink. They really don't have that much bodily fluid to replenish and that they do have can be replenished by the fluid of the brain. The staggering is a result of the decay but sometimes when they find themselves in the proper position they can use this to their advantage and accelerate their pace, but only momentarily. Of course some of this may be mistaken, I haven't sorceled in ages. I was a necromancer thousands of years ago when I still wandering around Egypt. Of then I looked into other forms of sorcery and became disinterested in necromancy save for the instances when I needed to build a quick army to guard a fortress or sack a town. It's easier to animate hundreds of corpses than to charm a few wild beasts or create genetic monsters.
No, no, Collin, dear. I was simply stating that Miles can't vote on the blog since he's not able to post to it. Work with me. And there was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot before I got to the computer lab. Damn me.

Okay, then why do they only eat brains? Do they drink anything? I guess not since you never see a zombie peeing either. Umm... Shit. I forgot again. Oh yeah. Explain the staggering and then the sudden blessing of speed.

Speaking of Becky, she has me blocked on MSN, doesn't she? Because I've never seen her online since you made her add me and dragged me into a chat with her, where you conveniently changed your name to mine and made her think you were me and she thought I was you because I changed my name to yours to get back at you, which she then probably decided I was an annoying weirdo and promptly blocked my ass.
I could take charge here and lead yet another expedition to Nashville, butI won't be availible till probably the last half of Dec-ember.
What the hell is going on here?!!!! What???? Could you even go audrey? I really don't sse your parents allowing you to go to tennesee with two guys over the weekend but that's just me. Anyway keep in touch.
Zombies don't poop because there is no waste material in the brain. The physical material of the brain is broken down into energy and whatever is left is used to create new flesh for them as their's decays at such a rapid pace. I also must have missed something because I do not know what barry is talking about my knee, either.
I said critters. And that boob comment had better not have been about me!

Well, Miles isn't getting much of a vote on the blog, since he's not here or anything. But anyway, Barry, you will never see nude pictures of me, okay? Get over it. I'll also curse as much as I damn well please, thank you. And Amanda left before you posted that, but when I talk to her next I'll tell her what you said... Assuming I remember what you said... Which I have yet to do. We need to find more for you two to say about each other when you're brought up in conversations other than "the cute" person. And what happened to Brandon's knee? I've apparently missed something again. Now for my insight. Zombies are funny critters. They stagger and wander around all slow and shit and you only have to walk at a normal pace to be ten feet ahead of them, but when they're next to you and they grab you and you get away, it's like "It's a miracle! I can move freely! Now I'm gonna eat you!" and they run and grab you again. And why is it that they're so damn hellbent on eating brains anyway? What's so great about brains? And if they eat brains, why don't they poop?
Help me put here people, I wanna see barry. But I don't know how to go about doing it. Should I take miles and stay down there or should I get him, but no one is here besides audrey who'd really value that, and putting him somewhere... Going down there and staying a weekend is seeming more logical.
Ok, you don't curse? That's fine, but don't tell others not to curse, because there's nothing wrong with it. But anyway, on to me and the qur'an and the street preacher. Today I was walking with the Qur'an in my hand and a street preacher told me he could tell by looking at me that I need god in my life. I thought it was because of the book I was holding but it turns out it was because of the clothes I was wearing. He then asked me if I smoked marijuana and he was surprised by my answer of no. He then, trying to keep from losing face from the assumption he made, said "Well you see, that's what happens when we judge people. You might not screw all the girls around here either for all I know. You need to make better impressions on people so they won't judge you so harshly." I'm thinking that I can really destroy this guy but I don't because there is some grain of compassion in me. I could screw this guy up worse than when Drew got a preacher to say God was not all-powerful, but I didn't, because as much as I dislike religion, the fault here was in the thinking of a man and not his religion and it is my duty to protect humans, which is why I dislike religion so much.

stop cursing, it really sounds bad, i know you people have seen a change in me, i am still barry, i just dont curse, or look at porn. unless audrey, i mean, anyways, umm, yeah, i need to visit you all, and bring my friend becky, she is cool, you will like her. and, umm, techno, thats pretty cool, punk is best, and uhh, hmmm, i wrote a song to liz, yeah, and, umm, powers, hows the knee? collin, there aint no niggas up in hea, post all you! i do it like once a week, and there are hardly any, and uhhh, i miss you all soo much, i want to be with you all, umm, i have been 18 for like eight or none months, and i still havnt registered at the post office thing for that army thing, am i supposed to? and...uh, you have nice boobs, you know who you are, and if amanda is here again, tell her that barry is dang fine, and too sexy for his cloths, ok, talk to you all later
Edit it and add target="_top" in the a href tag. Wait... Why am I telling you that when I can edit your post and do it myself?

Anyway, shut up, I'm posting right now. I just haven't been able to get online, so bleh to you. =) Blame it on my brother and his lack of a life.
Amanda's here! She says hiiiii! And yo motha fucka weeeeee!

You're correct, Powers, I don't get it. Ok, I'm going now. Food. Blarg. And all that shit.

No one uses blogger now. A passing fad, just like love I suppose.

Windriding! The sport of kings, and of course, flying squirrels. Collin's ladyfriend thought we were "hi" (high). Most of you probably don't get that. Anyway, windriding = cool and I may not have to go to HCC next semester. Anyway, bye. Or hello. Or just "hi".


Damnit! the link works, but the website just pops up down here and not the full screen. Aragha!
know whats else is old, me, i am old and tired, i need you guys, i am getting a car soon, i hope i can visit, my dad is going there today to visit my grandma, he'll be there til tomarrow, ok, see yous guys later
I think that's getting a bit old, Barry...

Hey folks, posting to blarg again finally. That's great to hear. Or see rather. I'm going to take this space to advertise my website Powers' Temple and Retreat for the Mind because nobody's been there in a while. I hope I remembered html enough to make this link work. Also, I think I'm going to make a flash movie if I ever get flash, a short one involving Powersatan.
and for the hoes, make me a sand wich and all the guys can suck it
shup up NIGGER
I just can't get in to this whole blogger thing... the topics are always real downers. Some of you are probably going to give me some flak over saying that, but really... I've been tempted to throw in some comedic anecdotes or lovesick ramblings here and there, but then somebody will probably get pissed at me for not directly acknowledging whatever's up with them. And no, I am not referring to any specfic somebody.
!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one has posted in this long! Oh my god, what the hell happened. Every time I don't post, no one posts.

Hello folks. I am sorry to hear about your problems and I would like to help. Please, if there is anything I can do, let me know. Ok?
Bumpy, hell you should see where I am. Bumpy was a month ago. I;m somewhere between I don't give a damn and fuck this. I'm already searching for another college. I'll keep you all updated
I HATE MATH! Just thought I'd get ya'lls attention. Sorry I haven't been on lately... but I've been having some major problems. Oh yeah, I don't hate math... just the frickin teacher! Sorry to hear about the almost stress thing Powers, I'll pray for ya. As for Audrey... HELP ME... I'm an idiot! I'd like to take this time to say that I love all of ya'll! I will eventually get through this tough time, but I know it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Hugs and Kisses to all!!
Arg! I can't take it. I'm glad I don't care about my education or I'd be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I couldn't find any sources for a paper due today after five visits to the library, well, actually I found the sources on the library's locator, I just can't find them physically. It's all too confusing. But that's ok, I don't remember what the paper was about anyway. I...I don't know what I feel. It's something like stress but not quite. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Hey, if need be, you could always use my charge card. You could pay me back whenever if it's only 9.95 a month. It's not like and I don't have the credit, and you're a friend too, so it's kosher. Just know the doors open, as for any of you. If you have the cash to back it up I got the card, and domain names aren't really a problem. So give me a call if you need it. My number is 826... Lol, that was for audrey. Anyway talk to you all later.
its a mother thing
Ah. Sounds like something my mother would do.

I'm not talking about the credit card companies. She doesn't trust the web hosting company because there was an error in the billing that was partially our fault because we filled out the form wrong and partially computer error because the computer submitted the form anyway even though we got an error page, so she's blaming the company because the concept that a person is not processing all those forms 24/7 doesn't register in her head.
i feel like crap
I don't trust any credit card companies. They're all part of the perpetual cycle to keep the average citizen in debt until they die.
Did no one listen to me when I said DON'T POST YOUR PHONE NUMBERS and POST & PUBLISH?

Anyway, I might be losing this domain because my mom's being stupid and cancelled the credit card the billing was on because she doesn't trust the comapany. Sure, I could find hosting somewhere else, but why would I want to? With this company I only pay $9.95 a month for 500 megs, whereas if I were to go with Speedhost I'd be paying $20 a month for only 200 megs.
Me and Powers' phone number is CBC-DEEH

i am here see me, i am i am, love me, hold me, feel my breath on your back, i am here for you, oh wont you hold me?
I still have them somewhere, but the link to my pictures is down.
I am here Collin. Next time I see you online I'll appear online and you can talk to me, ok? Or if you want, you can call here, though I prefer not to leave the # on such a public forum.
I'm talking about and endless hatred, mixed with a little love, and god does it hurt. I can't get over it either. I need help and there's no one to do it. I'm seriously thinking of calling barry. Damn you all where are you when I need someone to talk to?
Wait, what are you talking about, Collin? And Audrey... do you still have those old New Year's photos on your website?
Oh yeah, if I were in litchfield right now with a shotgun I'd kill jenn, just so she wasn't alive to worry about stupid bitch. I take back every nice thing I ever said about her. Now I need to find a new object of my affection. The last one's tainted.
Poor you. A great adventure, miles seemed to have one too it seems this was the weekend for it.

How come nobody posted when I was out of town? _ Oh well, less to catch up on now that I'm back.
I'm rather upset right now. On the way down to the lake, Amanda informed me that a friend of mine had been put in jail, and he didn't even do anything wrong. Damn the system. It also rained on us most of the time we were there, and I still can't put my contacts back in because of that damn pool water.
I could write about n pages about the single greatest adventure I've ever undertaken, this past weekend, but I need a bit to catch up on sleep.
Hello all been a while eh? Why hasn't anyone posted worth anything in my absence? God, this is blarg! It needs to be more alive, so post, and post often. I'll have to tell you about my weekend at some point.

Ah, 'tis the 14th. A wonderful day for something I suppose.
Good morning children. I know not what day it is, only thatr it is one of those in which Daniel is not here. The clock reads 9:42 p.m. but I suspect that it could be off. This room is my haven. I have left it not once today. It is safe. I love this room. I have videogames and movies here. Speaking of movies, here is a list of three you should see: Magnolia, Requiem for a Dream, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I liked them, I don't know if you do or would. I am just writing nonsense because it seems no one has written anything since the last time I looked at this which was I don't know how long ago. The tenth it says but I don't know today's date so I can't be sure of the timeframe I'm looking at here.

audrey, by now you are discovering that the only guys you can trust to be and stay there for you are the ones right here, your friends, daniel, brandon, miles, collin, me, ect.... boyfriends will come and go, but we will always be here for you, remember that, and talk to us about anything.
I can't give anyone a good solid estimate that I'll have time off until christmas break.
I'll explain it when I have a lot more time and can do it to more than one person.....You get it.
I'm going out of town with Amanda until late Saturday. Bye.

And yes, Barry, there is reason to suspect he did. Good luck finding him to kill him. Then again, I could just leave you at his house and you could kill him there. Assuming he hasn't moved or anything.

And Collin, I fail to remember you doing anything that night to make me feel better. But go right ahead and openly bash the bastard. I'll probably join in.

i wanna go!, but i need to know when to schedule off work dont wanna get fired, i get $$$, but seeing you guys may be worth it, i'd like it if i saw all of you, and kept my job, that'll be good and audrey, he cheated on you? i'll kill him
When and Where are you playing capture the flag for cash? And when are you going to see Barry?
Blarg. I was mad at the moment and needed something to quench it. Lashing out on here works quite often. Sorry Audrey. Thanks brandon you said what I meant. I appriciate that. I'd hug you but you're not here. Now for the next matter of business, now that that bitch is out of my life momentarily, I'll be plannig a serries of events to amuse myself, the first of course has already been planned, The capture the flag tournament. The second of which will be seeing barry again. I realised how much I owe him for some advice he gave the the last time I saw him before he moved away. Remember that night barry, the night we went to andy yates, and I hit you with the taser/ lighter/ stun gun. Anyway, I feel like going down there just to go on a trip so I will be, this will of course mean I'll need daniel naas. So daniel the next time you're comming in tell me and keep like three days open, and whoever else feels like going with me. I need to go on a road trip bad and I need to start spending some time with these people I consider my friends having a GF kind of closed my eyes to how valuable you all are to me. Even the ones that are girls and friends I want to spend time with them too. So anyone intersted in playing capture the flag for a cash prize contact me, and I'll put you on my team. Right now it's just me and miles. It'll grow however being that I haven't really started yet. Well. I guess this is later. Gotta go. Collin.

Collin, don't worry so much about the opinions of others. I used to not like jenn either, ere I became whatever the hell I am now, unable to dislike. If you love her that's all that matters, now isn't it? Folks, stop trying to make collin feel better about not being with Jenn with your open disapproval of Jenn. Collin doesn't need to be told things like that, no one does. Support him, but do not attack him indirectly. Thank you for listening.
How many people would have filled out that servey if I didn't I wonder....
Here's something for a person that hates Jenn. One time we all went bowling and I went to hold jenns hand. Well apparently jenn thought that holding hands could wait and that I had a friend that needed my attention more than her. I told jenn to like try it herself cause I had no idea how she was feeling and what to do and I figured girls knew each other to a certain degree. But still jenn was like "She's your friend and she needs someone, and I can't do anything but ask you to do that for me." So I tried helping this girl who just got dumped by her asshole boyfriend. I did'nt help much, but she asked me because she liked my friends cause she liked me. Why else would she hang with people that were so unlike her. It's not like I'm in love with all of your choices in men and women out there, but I don't bash the person the first time I get a chance to, do me a favor and if you don't like a person I'm going out with come out front and say it so I spare her the time of being nice to you.
Hmm... I'm going to back Audrey up there.

I don't like her very much either.
some one talk to me, i am feeling lonely, it sucks i barely get to see liz, she is always at school, and we both work. she is getting her own place soon, so that is good, everyone says i should move in with her, but we both think that would be a bad idea. ....anyways, collin, many guys with very limited accounts of girlfriends, always feel that they are just looking for the right one, that they dont want to waste time on someone that they might not want to spend the rest of thier life with. look beyond that, to what you want now. a girl to have fun with, enjoy life, i am not talking about sex. infact, i am opposed to pre- marital relations. i know, it sux, and its hard, but i dont do it. you should look for somone who you can just go out to eat with, and make out with, but also give you the room you need to still not feel burdoned down. keep in mind, a soul in search for perfection, is lost in the laberinth of life. a soul in search of freedom is a soul that lives for others, wanting for all but themselves. a soul that doesnt want, and takes life as it is at any given moment, is a soul that will live on forever i just wrote that my self
I don't know how any two people who have feelings for each other ever get together. Then again I've only had feelings enough to ask one girl out anyway. Oh well. I've given it up. I think I'm going to go live in the desert if I get kicked out of UK for the $2600 debt I found out I have. Apparently financial aid didn't work out. Oh well, not that I'm really happy at Uk, but at least there are some interesting diversions there, vandalism, theft, many attractive females. Not going to be happy in Hendo either. In the desert I can find tranquility, peace, death. And as for a blunt object, I would now suggest a warhammer, I was looking through a museum replicas catalogue. War hammers can crush and pierce armor. I think I'd like to have a warhammer as a primary weapon rather than any of my former ideal primary weapons which were katana, broadsword, naginata, hand axe. Most often a warhammer is a secondary weapon, though, so I can still use a katana and take out redneck sodomists like Bruce Willis did in Pulp Fiction. Speaking of Bruce Willis, there is a "making of" thing for that new movie "Bandits" on right now. It looks like a pretty cool movie. The last really good movie I watched was Monty Python and the Holy Grail last year. They quite effectively employed broadswords. I wish I had a rabbit so viscious it could kill highly trained Knights with ease.

Whadaya mean blunt objects aren't fair? Have you looked at me lately? I'm a scrawny bitch and she's a big ass cow. I NEED a weapon! For crying out loud, I barely weigh 110 pounds! She could sit on me and I'd be gone!

Anyway, I was thinking along the lines of a plunger. A bowling pin is too short. I'd actually have to be close to her to use it and she could grab me and throw me somewhere or something.

Burger King sucks. It's always sucked. Why can't you go back?
I don't like burger king, they ran out of cheese one night, boy did they regret that. I did however fall in love with her. Love sucks. I wish it weren't needed. But it feels like a place in my life is void without someone to talk to every other night, someone to spend time with and do things for. I can only be barely sweet to the girls I know, and even if I did like the, I'd have trouble telling them. I guess that's why I have so many girls that ar just merely friends, I never attemepted to ask them out. That was my fault, and I wish i could make it right, yet I have no idea how or where to start even if I should. I dont just want to give my heart and time to someone who doesn't care that I care for them, that'd be a waste, and would hurt me in the end. And your signs barry, I've never gotten a single one except from jenn. I wish dating were easier, and I wish I could tell that a girl definately was interested, but that's too difficult to do.
I want a love that's returned to me

I want a love that makes me happy again
I want to be held in someones arms and feel happy again, that someone does love me, but no love for me. Maybe never again.
but i like burger king
Don't go to Burger King anymore, me and some folks kinda got asked to never come back there today.

man, love sucks when it happens to you, it screws everything up. especially the person that falls in love. they are always the one who is hurt i say, next time, hide your emotions untill posotive the other feels the same way. other than that, dont let your feelings et the best of you, i fell in love with audrey in hight school, it took me a while to get over her but i did, then ashley, my ex, fell in love with me, and she was screwed over i that one, i say, supress your feelings, and replace them with freindship untill further needed, i dont make sense, i just got off work
So damn what, they can have it, if they really want to call me, feel free. It'll be long distance most likely and if they feel the need to spend money on trying to contact me, well so be it. No ass kicking yet though. Blunt objects aren't fair, use your fists lady.
A blunt object? Might I suggest a bowling pin. They have a good heft and a natural smooth flowing shape, including a "handle" to grip. But I don't in any way support violence against anyone unless you plan on killing them, even then, the offense must be most grievous or they are in a great amount of pain.
I still say "kick her ass." Give me a blunt object and I can do some damage. And stop writing your phone numbers on this thing. We're not the only ones that have access to reading these posts.
I'm not going to chicago. For reasons even I don't know. I cry now, and all last night, and nothing brings me peace. I wanted to be with my angel again, and I have been forsaken by her, not able to even see her much less spend a weekend with her. To say I'm feeling pain right now would be an understatement, to say I feel hate for her would come close to the truth, to say I feel like dying at this moment would be truer. Indefinately postponed. This is my life. Postponed till a later date, always. nothing goes right, Nothing brings me peace. Why did I fall in love with a person that understands me? Why am I letting myself be a tool for her? Why can't I stop myself? Why don't I stop crying? Anticipation got me this time, so did jenn, how do I save a weekend that has gone down in smoke? A better question; How do I save what sanity is left to me? God help me, stop me from being her tool, let her understand how much it hurts to love her, let her know how much I feel abandoned without her. I'm pathetic. The fall festival is this weekend. We're going. Whoever is in town saturday give me a call at my grandmas. Earls plumbing across the street cut my power line to my house no phone no utilities. God I hate refrigerators. (270) 826-6392
twinkle twinkle little cow, whos butt smell scorches thy sway-full bough, up in medows you seek your green, alust the while i am in my own mien. twinkle twinkle little cow, whos butt scorches thy sway-full bough.

"Truth! Truth! 'Tis our duty to destroy truth. Life! Life! 'Tis our duty to improve life! Death! Death! 'Tis our duty to defy death! Strife! Strife! 'Tis our duty to end strife!" ----from Twilight Symphony by Brandon Seth Powers
Why? Why has you's forsaken me barry? I've got a lot to lose cause I'm betting high, so I'm beggin you, to beg me, and I want you to want me, and I need you to need me, I'll put on my brown... eyed girl oh oh oh brown eyed girl, do you remember how we used sing sha la la la la la la la la la da da tee da, I'm blue la da dee laa de da daba dee da ba di!

This says post to Blarg. How long has it been that way? Blarg the Blog, that is. Didn't it used to be Star Kitty? Oh well.
you can call me, (615) 366-1644, call, especially if somthing happens, that goes for all of you
I don't know what I'm talking about.
... Is it my fault you are never on MSN when I am?

AUDREY, what the heck? who the heck damien, and what are you hiding? and why havnt you told me any of this? i feel so un apart of your lives, i might as ewll be in another state
I'm afraid not
Does anyone know what he's talking about?
And then the stars collide... It looks like act three has begun and no one told me. I need to put on a new outfit, can't let you catch me with my knickers down :-)


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