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Heeeeey... I just thought of something. Is your hair white yet, Powers?

And I just thought of another something. Amanda said Eric got his lip pierced, but when I saw him, he didn't have a piercing. Where'd

I'm thinking of bleaching my hair white or really light blonde and trying that Manic Panic Wildfire blacklight glow stuff again. I want a belly button piercing, too. I dunno why. I just do. Even though I don't like my stomach, I still want the piercing. Hopefully, if it happens, it won't turn out like my ears. They don't like 14k gold or sterling silver. They always turn red around the holes. Stupid ears...
You know, I've been hearing the word "kosher" a lot lately on TV. I think Collin has connections he's not telling us about.

Damn it, I'm bored. Get out of class and get online. And Miles, get your ass out of bed and blog already. You've only made one post! And Clint's at work and hasn't posted at all yet. And Cody's at work, too, and she didn't even answer the invite, but I'm still trying to talk her into joining us. I'm still bored.

When do you plan to do this ice skating thing, Daniel?
You decorate cars for funerals, Powers? I'm seeing black streamers and "Just Died" on the back window. Or for the mall, clothing and jewelry and shopping bags hanging from the car and the window says "Forever In Debt."

How the heck are we supposed to decorate your car? I don't even know what it looks like, and you don't drive it anyway, so no one would get to see.

Daniel... Why would I want chicks to dig anything of mine? Have you also forgotten that I'm a girl?

A decorated car for a birthday? Isn't that usually for weddings and funerals and driving from the mall? I hope no one does that to my car on my birthday September 22 (just saying that so you know when not to put the stuff on my car, it's not like I want a birthday present or anything).
She should duct tape toilet paper to your car, cause historically chicks really dig that. This Marcus guy sounds like a punk, I think I'm going to kick his ass next time I'm in Indonesia. I'll use my frictionless shoes or magnet gloves or something...
Well, at least I'm a celebrity somewhere. But he mentioned something about it was nice to know me... But... How does he know me?

You guys won't believe what Cody did today. I went to class as usual (made a 73 on the exam, screwed up on exponents and factoring cubes), but when I walked out with Donna, she said, "Who's car is all decorated?" I looked up, and IT WAS MINE! Cody put streamers and wrote "Happy Birthday" with that car window paint stuff and stuck a balloon on my mirror and left me little note taped to my window.
Hmmm...perhaps you are a celebrity in Indonesia, Audrey. It could be like the Truman Show or something. Paranoid? *Paranoid by Black Sabbath plays* They are always watching you. Nah, probably not. I don't know how someone in Indonesia would know, though.
......Who the hell is Marcus? Some random dude from Indonesia on ICQ just popped up and wished me a happy birthday. I don't know anyone in Indonesia! He's not even on my contact list.
Woo hoo! Get drunk! Have sex!

Ahem... Good to know you hate math as well as I do, Powers. At an estimated aproximation of 2:15 PM, I will be taking my first college algebra exam, but I no longer think I'm going to die. GASUPUH! Audrey not die during a math exam?! I studied with Donna last night, and she made chocolate chip cookie dough while I actually began to understand the shit known as algebra. Cookie! Cookie! Cookie! Cookie! Katie was supposed to be there, too, but she didn't call or show up, so I hope she fails. Then I'm going to laugh. Loudly. Very loudly. With Cody and Donna. Mwahahahaha!!!

Good evening esteemed peers, I have decided to learn good verbal rhetoric skills so that I may provide an adversary to the local street preachers which spout their messages about serving as a slave to God and getting drunk and having sex.
I wonder if Cody remembers that she's supposed to come over tomorrow..? Can one of you guys remind her if you see her on MSN tonight?
Hmm...I've been wondering about this for a while now. Vinegar, Soy Sauce, and Mayonaise...become Ozzie, Slash, and Flea...why? people...not seeing a connection here. Someone explain. I get why they're named after food, but how'd they end up being named after music people when the game was translated?
Was Lavos an option? That's sad that I have to ask that when I'm the one that made the damn thing up...
Hehe, I wanted to be Schala, but I got to be Magus instead Nyah! and then I got to be Marle. Brother, then descendant, close enough for me.

Stalking the Riiiight...
I'm going to have to spend more time downtown and less time just walking around on campus. Downtown lexington is beautiful.
Oh, and the way to get over shyness is to stalk the popular and do what they do says "Shy Guy", a documentary from the 1950's. Drew is really using up a lot of space on me hard drive.
You could always lie to the test.
Good evening all, I am here once again to speak on behalf of my brain through my fingers and then through the electronic medium. I am a little disorganized in speech patterns but there are many good reasaons for that such as the time of night, the fact I'm feeling slightly ill, and the fact that I HATE CALCULUS so much that I want to destroy the progress of modern society by completely eliminating mathematics. And I am always chrono's cat. Why can't I be Magus or perhaps Lavos or even Frog?

And you're the master of war, Mr. Spekkio.
Powers is Crono's cat.
Feh, Magus used to rank as first.
# 1 Marle
# 2 Fiona
# 3 Janus/Magus/Prophet
# 4 Spekkio
# 5 Kino
# 6 Crono's Mom
# 7 Princess Schala
# 8 Ayla
# 9 Crono
# 10 Frog/Glenn
# 11 Lara
# 12 Lucca
# 13 Robo
# 14 Queen Zeal
# 15 Lavos
# 16 Ozzie
# 17 Tata
# 18 Dalton
# 19 Azala
# 20 Crono's Cat
# 21 Flea
# 22 Toma
# 23 Slash
Damn it, why won't my eye stop twitching?!
Help me, Brandon! I'm burnin!
Wait, I meant to do this. Start the show!
Hey gang, watch this comedic tidbit...
Yay, stuff I took from Alxnet.
YAY! Return of people! Return of people! I don't have to drive and take wrong turns and get stared at by old geezers in Evansville anymore! Squee!

And on another note, I'm doomed. My math teacher has it out for me, Donna, and Katie. She hates us. I know she hates us. And my first exam is Thursday. I am undoubtedly doomed. Dead, dead, dead. Yup, that's me, all right
My idea was to see if this thing supported HTML...
I tested the theory with the underline code applied to the word idea.
On a side note, I think Powers and I are going to be in town for the coming Labor Day weekend.
Hey, Powers, Miles, could you guys edit your profiles and fill out the nickname blank so we can see which one of you is posting when the page publishes? ^_^

...What idea are you having, Naas?
I don't believe it knows anything being that it is just a collection of data and cannot think (hopefully). I magine a world in which everything is done by machine's that think and they just start to realize we're an inferior species. Sounds like an original movie idea, I'll call it, the Terminating Robots or the Terminator some such thing.

Dude! This thing knows HTML!
Hey, I just had an idea...
Sorry bout the confusion, sweetheart... I typed Powers because I was demonstrating the thing to the actual Powers, who was standing right behind me.
Good evening my children, it's Powers. Hello. How are you?
Daniel, why'd you call Miles Powers?
But, very few of the links are working...
Good Lord, I just generated a web page!
This is cool and all, Audrey, but is there much more to it than the whole posting scheme?
See, Powers, this is pretty much all it is.
So, this is just some fruity message board?

What exactly is a blog?

test post ^_^


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