Don't speak. I know just what you said, so please stop explaining. Don't tell me cause it hurts. Don't speak. I know what you're thinking. I don't need your reasons. Don't tell me cause it hurts...


}-{ello my future girlfriend
I don't know what's better: the retardedness of it all, or the fact that the kid has a mullet.

No luck Mikey!
11:20:37 AM


My car decided to throw me in a field about half an hour ago. I don't like ice. Oddly enough, I was listening to "You Spin Me Round" and as I was spinning around in my car thinking "oh fuck" I kept singing along like nothing was even happening, which is very strange for me considering I scream at everything.
10:39:42 AM


Tonight's events shall not be mentioned.

Hermione needs to learn the concept of using a hair brush.

I bought my leotard among other neccessities. Jazz shoes I wanted were out of stock. Will check back later. Why do all the preps have to work down town?

Some girl called my cell and asked for Thomas. I answered expecting it to be Michael or Donna, but nuuuuu. Do I sound like a Thomas to you, lady? Oy.
12:58:13 AM


Almost forgot to mention that the group went out last night. And, we had a spur of the moment idea on the way to Brandon's house to freak him out. Miles put my bra on his head in the car (the one time I don't have a camera on hand, why did it have to be last night?). Then we pulled into Brandon's driveway and Miles went to his window. Scott and Drew happened to be with Brandon, too. Fun. Until I got my bra back. Damn thing got cold. Damn you, Old Man Winter! Damn you!
Some guy at Denny's kept staring at me, too. Even when I'd catch him staring and look him straight in the eye, he wouldn't look away! I don't like people.

I can almost do the splits again! Yay!
Let's see...
Pink tights... Check.
Pink ballet slippers... Check.
Black pants... Check.
Black leotard and jazz shoes... No check.
Blue plaid skirt from Hot Topic that I'll probably never find anything with which to wear... Check!
7:54:42 PM


Preachers annoy me. Uck. I was sitting up at my dad's office yesterday, and his receptionist was having a chat with a Baptist preacher that had come in. I'm not sure what they were talking about at first, but she mentioned something about a female preacher performing a ceremony, and the preacher then said "Did you say female? No, she wasn't a preacher. Females can't be preachers."
... And why not? I'm sure there are plenty of women who can speak the word of God just as well, if not better, than he can!
Then he started bragging about saving all these souls. What kind of preacher BRAGS? He even went on to tell stories about how he broke up a homosexual couple and saved their souls. Ok, first of all, that's just plain rude to break a couple up (I'd be ashamed of myself, but he was proud of it!). Second, that sort of thing is supposed to be confidential between those people and the preacher! What's he doing talking about them?
I think someone needs to rethink his career choice.

In other news, Patrick is mine. He was sold and then returned, and now he is mine. What kind of cruel person would return such a loveably stupid starfish? Eh, who cares? He's mine! And that's all that matters. MINE! Gary, however, isn't. But, I don't care. I didn't want him that much. I figured since he was there that I'd grab him, too, but I really just wanted Patrick. And I got what I wanted. Oh yes. I did. And now I will laugh maniacally...
No, I won't.


7:40:48 PM


My cousin is 16 today. It doesn't seem like he should be that old.

In other news, I don't like going braless.
12:17:32 AM


I can wear my contacts again! YAY!

I got two pairs of glittery jeans and cash for Christmas. Woo. Patrick Star plushy pillow, you will be mine! And Gary, too! And now I can finally start dance.
9:58:03 PM


"I have the best penis in the world!" -Damien Burtinelli
"How come we can't feel our boogers?" -Miles Downs
Ah, the things people say in my dreams.

My mood ring is a freaky green color right now.
1:27:10 PM


Legolas is hot, but the guy that plays him isn't. He would be if he kept the long blonde hair. And tonight I came to the realization that Elijah Wood looks a lot like my ex-boyfriend. I didn't like that at all.

Holy schpazoi! My mood ring! It's actually a happy color! That never happens!.

I got a free Crest SpinBrush. Yay.
10:25:26 PM


I've been fiddling around with my brother's guitar recently, and I can sort of play Iron Man, but not really. I know where the notes are, but I don't think I'm doing it right. Oh well. I'll figure it out eventually.
1:17:23 PM


He found my cuts and made me promise not to do it again. He made me promise before, but that didn't work, so why should it work this time? Last night he really pissed me off, and I was feeling the need to cut myself again. He actually had the nerve to ask me how my love life was when he knows damn well how it is because he's the reason it is this way! Boys suck.
12:56:17 PM


You took advantage of me.
You used me.
So why do I still care about you so damn much?
Why am I the one sitting here bleeding?
I don't deserve the pain you've given.
I did everything for you.
Even when I wanted to say "no" I didn't because you wanted it.
I wanted to please you.
I wanted to make you happy.
I did everything because I cared for you.
Because I wanted you to care for me the same way.
And you tricked me into thinking you did.
How could you?
You always said you would never hurt me.
You lied.
You told me you didn't want to lead me on.
But you did anyway.
And once you got what you wanted, you dropped me.
Sure, you still call everyday, but more often than not, each conversation ends with me hurting.
I cry, and you act like you don't know what you said.
And then you make it worse.
And then I'm left here alone.
Cutting myself.
All because of you.
3:18:52 AM



Error Proof Test my ass. 99% accurate. Bullshit! "If no line appears in the square window, your test is invalid." Well, thank you so much for wasting our money. _
10:27:34 PM


Yesterday I was dirty,
Wanted to be pretty,
I know now that I'm forever dirt.
Yesterday I was dirty,
Wanted to be pretty,
I know now that I'm forever dirt.

Yeah, that pretty much covers how I feel about myself right now.
2:48:30 AM