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I guess I can say this blog is unofficially dead. It was fairly good while it lasted ladies and gentlemen, and despite the lack communication on here, I'd like it to be noted we all left wherever it was we were on good terms, and in termination we left in good spirits. If any of you happen to log back on here someday seeing this pay your respects with a final post and leave it at that. It's been long and filledwith lots of pointless nonsense. Thanks audrey for once again giving us all some stupid ass reason to gather in your honor. -Collin Duate Floyd December eleventh of the year Two thousand and Five Nine Fourty Seven in the P.M.

I'm going to archive this god-forsaken website in case I ever forget the old days.

I don't know if anyone ever checks this anymore, but Merry Christmas folks. Stay inside, stay warm and don't do anything stupid like going to mall to get last minutes gifts. It's not worth getting out in that shizznit.

Unless someone has an archive on their computer, there's no way to tell. However, I suspect the posts were reasonably recent.

What posts got deleted?

Hm. Someone came along on September 11 and deleted some old posts.

I've always thought (and liked) that the Drew Carey show has the feel of some people jack-assing around on camera, but I haven't watched it in a few months, so I've never seen any of these new features.
In other news, a random guy was smoking a blunt in the laundry room today.


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