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Everybody, I haven't been around much the last couple of years for most of you, so I guess I'll tell ya what's been going on in my life. Most of you know I'm working at Blockbuster. I've been there for a year now. A lot of you prolly don't know that I'll have an AAS in business management come December, and I hope to have a BS within a year or two after that. I'm not sure where I intend to go to school after this year. It may be far away, maybe not. A lot of things have happened to me recently, and I've decided that I have to leave Henderson. Hopefully, some of you will tell me what your plans are. I'd like to hear them.

Today in the news: the second most popular boys name of 2003, for newborn babies, is Aidan.

Agreed. Blogger's redesign sucks.

He who looks for a coincidence will always find it.

I agree completely.
This new layout is a pain in the ass. I think mouse-clicking is easily doubled.

nearly 2800 posts on here

Yep, that's for sure. Or at the very least pain darts.
Wa ha ha! She said, "number two is full of shit!"


Ah, Uncle Monty.
Ah, Star Llama.
Coke and fries....AH!!!


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