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I was unaware that blogs had genitals, I thought they reproduced asexually. Of course, I also didn't think they had high enough awareness to have schizophrenia, but I'm always learning something new. Can you believe even I bought into the anti-zombie biggotry that they all ate brains?
By saying it has schizophrenia, she means it has genital herpies.

What do you mean it has schizophrenia?

My blog has schizophrenia.

It is very odd what services people sell online. I came across a website today offering to cast spells for only $19.95. I wonder the legality of that. There's very little overhead, all you need is to maintain the website and send letters saying you've performed the spell. Maybe gussy them up with official mumbo jumbo to make it seem legitimate. Of course I'd have to pose as a female since they are more likely to be believed as "witches." Of course I am only kidding about this business venture, but I have seriously thought about someday starting a "cult." An offshoot of the ULC, maybe.

At least you don't chew on Cat-5 cable. Mousie!

Like souls? Fridge!


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