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But it's so tasty

Stop chewing on your phone line.

Internet working on my computer. It wasn't the modem, it was the damned phone line!

Q makes much sense as an omnipotent. it is a circle, an everlasting line that represents eternal nature. and the line can symbolize the cain in which it hold over the heads of us meek little corporeal beings to ensure disapline and control. or, it can be like a pigs butt, and show us that its swine
abba zabba is a candy bar, and meant to say abba zabba

In order for meek little corporeal beings like us to communicate with the great omnipotent Q, he must take a form we can comprehend.

If Q is omnipotent, why does he look like that?
If he was slurring, Barry meant to say 'Abba Dabba.' It was, and I quote the Slur Database, used in the movie Betrayed by a rural American hate group.

is abba zabba a racial slur or something?
that wasnt meant to sound racist


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