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war, can you believe it. if the draft is re-enforced, i may just have to kick some abba zabba ass.
Wow? Trigun is going to be on the Cartoon Network.

That's good. I think I'll be an offshoot sect of the cult that worships the hebrew speaking carp in New York.
Cult? What's that? Never heard of one. Oh well, sounds like something I'd want to join. Why not; Powers I'm joining your cult.

I just saw protesting kids being interviewed on cnn. It was very disheartening. They were protesting the inevitable war, but had no idea why they were protesting or why there is a war. Sickening. They couldn't even name the leader of Iraq. But, sadly, it is the way of the world. Folks believe things, but don't know why. That's why I'm going to be a cult leader!!!

mmm silo, sounds fun, i really wish i could be there. i want to. but i cant. sorry

hey guys there will be a silo night next week during our spring break from the hill. talk to clint or mike if interested. also i should know something about what night it will be by next week probably. try to let clint know if you can bring food or drinks and let him know what you intend to bring. thanks and hope to see you all there.

well, i guess i am going to go see marcel marceau tonight. i think i can bare through it though. :) at the tennessee theatre. my birthday present from my sweetie. i am happy

here is a deep thought taken from my journal.

Itís getting late, and I really have to pee. Why is it that when you urinate, nothing else in the world matters? Itís as if the world disappears, and thereís only a stream of urine coming out of your body, and it makes you feel good.

The biggest supporters of preemptive war on Iraq are Christians. Funny.
what's wrong with this commercial, why's that goldfish purple?


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