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hey, i have a proposition for anyone willing to hear me out. seriously, e-mail me because its kinda long winded.

Once apon a time, I took an airplane.
I went to San Diego, California.
That was a three hour trip.
I have enjoyed myself, flying in the air.
Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines!
While I was in the air, I had fun.
The airplane was at an altitude of 35,000 feet.
It was a long trip. It was a fun flight.
Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines!
The people on the airplane were nice
I chatted with them a lot.
I was having a fun time.
It was a good flight.
Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines! Northwest Airlines!
Rock over London, rock on Chicago.
American Airlines; we mean business in Chicago.

i do to, i just seem to miix sense and random together. its not my fault that randomness is more dominant. i love you, i swear.

does barry ever make that much sense?
i am sorry collin, i am going through a time, my self, where racial and slander doesnt go hand in hand. i go to a black school where i my self am called that particular word, and i in turn have the OPTION of returning the gesture in a homie type way. i really do not intend to offend you, infact, i know you beat guys up for less than that. take it to heart when i say i love you. and take it to mind when i say sticks and stones will break your bones, but words can only start wars. i trust you already know you have a pretty tongue, so i wont say it again.

ok... that's not all that sane....

since michel doesnt know me, i should say, yes, i called him a nigger. and yes, i love that big mushy man, he has a purty tongue. mmmmm
well, now i have read everything.........Thanks! ok, who is mike?, is that the dude audrey went out with? eh, whatever, i dont know him, but i know all of you, and it seems to me that heno isnt a fun anymore. no one goes out? no group? i dont know, when i was there, there were small problems, but everyone always seemed to know that it wasnt worth ruining such long running relationships. i dont know. i personnaly know that NONE of you are ass holes, (well, i dont know who mike is, so i am ezcluding him from that statement for the time being), even you mile, in fact, miles, you always seem to be more passive and dont let other people get to you too much. i have NO problem with you, (except your going to hell) nor any of you. i miss you all very much, daniel, we were out and about at least twice a week at least, i only got to know miles towerds the end of my hendo time. everyone here on blogger i can share great stories about, (well almost everyone) dont push it down the toilet due to what you read on blogger, even if you are black.
Metaphorical metaphysical mixer making mutated men mothered by the maelstrom
Sweet Zombie J****

Oh, and jimmy, I can call anyone an asshole if I feel like it, that doesn't mean it's true now does it? Not all hendersonians are assholes, not that it matters who is and who isn't, I still love you all, you're just not perfect like me. =P
I know this. I never said I didn't leave the disease in fact I admit to being an ugly asshole, but I also know that very little offends me, and taking what I say on here seriously only makes you an idiot. By the way mike, this isn't a half ass opinion, YOU shouldn't talk to anyone about taking responsibility for their own actions. Many a time I've seen you do it, and you can be pissed all you want behind that one. I take responsibility for that statement. Anyway, the original burn in hell post Imade was only a joke I hate seing that everyone had to get so anal over it, so chill the fuck off before I really do get pissed and we all get pissed. By the way I'm deleteing the other blog.

Whoa, I've had about enough of this......Time to boil this down. I'd like to know WHY! I know we haven't always been on the best terms Collin, That was pretty plain to see.But You were still my friend and we had some good times together. Then all of sudden....BOOM! You go off calling people assholes and not telling anyone why. I don't think that I or any of the other Henderson people deserve to get verbally abused by you for NO APPERANT REASON! So If you want to grow up and act like an adult and at least give us a reason why we are asshole, that would be appricated. Thank you.
If we're assholes then it must be contagious, bro.
Mike, you're an asshole just like the rest of the hendersonians left in henderson. But I guess you all just don't see that, but then again it's not my problem. you can give me all the shit you want for that one. As always, burn in hell.

One fucking ball? What the fuck is going down? David Dark's got a tranquilizer gun.
It seems like a time for everyone to air their grievances so I wait a minute. I can't do that. I do have a problem with each and every one of you, but that should go without saying, since no one is perfect. But there at one time was something that united everyone despite their flaws, wasn't there? Mending broken relationships is not my purpose here, but I do ask that you all act with more civility and maturity toward one another, fellow humans. But I suppose that is more than can be asked from such lowly creatures as we. It seems I have taken the role of frightened child divided against itself from parental fighting, not understanding the petty squabbling of the "adults" since I am divided from the rest of the group that is having the conflict, or breakdown. It's hard not to give in to weakness completely, I know, in fact I am giving in to my ego in writing this piece. And it's not really wise to deny weaknesses entirely, but I digress and am preaching. Forgive me for my transgression. I feel the pain of trying to hold my own words. Well what'd ya know, looks like i did some grievance airing myself.

Alright. Might as well come clean with it. Everyone bash me. I'll give you all one free post to say whatever the hell you want about me. I won't even respond to it. Take a free shot, guys and gals. Not hardly fair for mike to take all the heat over a mistake that was equally his as it was someone else's, so take a few stabs at me.

We hardly even resemble a group anymore. It seems to me that either you don't live here(which is understandable) or you are just one of those asses or bitches that mike mentioned. I've always loved our little crew, but for the past year or so there's been a lot of negativity. Honestly, I wouldn't even enjoy hanging out with all of us together because I know some stupid shit would break out and fuck up mine and everybody else's mood.

I hate to say it, but fuck the group. Our best days are behind us. The group is dead, and to clear it up, it is not mike's fault. It's not my fault. Shit happens. Happy lives, everyone. I'll see you around, but I'm sure it won't be together like it used to be.

LOL thats great daniel but whats blocking your observations is the infatuation of someone in the group ...
Say what you will, but reckless judgement isn't in the repertoire tonight. I base my comments based not on what I hear from people, but rather on things I have observed firsthand since November of 2001. But I digress; I have nothing to lose or gain from a weblog quarrel, so now I'm just going to go devote my time and text to something more productive.
Oh fuck you to ..... all you ever do is act like you know everything when you dont know but one side of every fucking story. YOU think you know me but all you know is the fake exagerations that you have been told.
Boy, I do love the sheer irony of that last remark.

Yes jimmy i do .... of course others might dissagree with me but the main reason the "group" doesnt do anything anymore is all because people are asses or bitches and people hate being around negative damn energy. Of course most of the time they want to blame everyone but themselves when things go wrong.
Mike does make a great point........I must agree with him once again
okay what the fuck i just try to make a effort to be friendly and someone has to be a ass no wonder i quit hanging out with the group as much.
What the hell is up with that post, collin?

Such a lovely attitude. =P
I think you're both ugly, including mike there, along with that, I hope you all burn in hell. How's that for a post?

yo ho ho how is everyone doing ..... helll i dont know who all actually still is on this thing oh well ill talk to you all later.


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