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i meant tomarrow, as of today

so, i'll see you tomarow morn? you and who?

Yep.... well I'm so bored and I don't know what to say... I think my blog has finally died....
....actually it's a game.

your right, thier people

Black and White aren't colors.

i actually believe i have best, and worste of both worlds. i may not be black by color, but is that to say the only other color that white is black? i said nothing about black, only not white. but since you mention it, i do have the comforts that most white people dont. i am called nigger more than you probably, and i like it, not because i think its funny, because of the obviouse, but because have many friends who are black that trat me as though i am p[art of thier group. i never thought black people were narrow minded, but i never thought of black as an open social standard too. (hee hee, i said nigger) i say that with no meaning to disrupt, or even anger, only to express that is one of the comferts i have obtained, the comfort of speech, to sy whats up my nigger, and not get beat up. well, that said. i'm not black. i never will be, i dont want to be. i like being blended, its who i am. i would just as soon call some random mexican "chico" and tell him to hang loose. i have a belly button
I'll be out visiting family that weekend, I'll just have to catch the next tour.

Wait... those were even odd for you barry... what's the dealio? not white, god, I've seen white people and know quite a few and I've seen some of the blackest acing negros on the face of the earth.... I'm telling you barry you're white and have always been no matter what you think. But it's not exactly a bad thing to be white, god knows white people do have quite a few more comforts and advantages black people don't... whereas I have a few that only black people can have it's odd we still segregate ourselves even though we know the idea is wrong. We do it and accept it on our own terms now, no matter how much I might seem it at times, I'm not white and I know I'm black, I've lived that part of my life and live it still when everyone isn't around I still have family and friends of that ethnicity... life is funny like that. Who wants cheese whiz?
the last one is my life story on how i grew up a poor, everything but white, child, and lived to tell about it.
Arby's, hmm, now thats a concept, you know, you can write a book about that. also, i want to get published.. "marrage proposals," "nobody likes the same candy," "is that your......purple?" and of course, my latest work in progress, "opressed?, sit down and shut up, your not white, you dont know what opression means, stupid, boy i said dont say another word, and no, you dont get the table scraps either!"
I'd go but those Commie bastards at Arby's are making me work and If I call in one more time on a weekend I'd have to find a new job which would suck. Maybe some other time, yo. Laterz
All things going well I'll leave friday around noon get to henderson around 3 spend the day resting up for saturday the 30th, at which point somewhere around 8 I'll leave for nashville whoever wants to come is welcome to. I have room for 3 maybe for if you squeeze,but no more, if someone else wanted to go you might need to find another driver who's willing to go also.

true, true, the 28th, :) you might be in nashville? if you are, awsome, if you need to stay, i'll ty to work somthing out, sisters are home. let me know in advance to know what to expect. talk to you later.
Yeah... the fourth thursday of each november is thanksgiving...and god I feel sick... I think I might go home...ugh.
Umm next weekend if memory serves me correct is thanksgiving weekend...

next weekend is like the only one i wont be, i'll try, but i have no money and i am going home thanksgiving weekend. i will try, its worth it just to see you, so, i dont know. gimmie a few days to get my paycheck, and figure how much money i have. i'll be here, and i'll write back soon
ooops... I just posted my message on the wrong board barry try to get home next weekend and I'l try to come see you.

what is this? i have been here at least once a week, i know the story line, i have played it enought, i am just having fun going around getting all the cool stuff, its my first final fantasy, let me enjoy it. i wish to play more. i hear nine wasnt that great, 7 it awsome, i wanna play, i WILL play. ffX2 is comming out in japan soon, that looks cool, yuna is a hottie, and i thaught rikku was a fox, so hey, i have no address no phone number, i use the ut womens dormitory lobby computer when i can, so, i think talking to you ghuys this much is good. i am happy to hear from you guys, even if its like this. i dont want to lose touch. we gotta talk more often, ok? ok. ok.oh, and dont call a female fat to thier face, did you know they dont like that?

Barry is alive?
Tidus is a dream, Yuna is doomed to die, and seymour isn't a good guy. Now that I've hopefully ruined the game for you, let's get on to something important, I'm bored.

mmm, jimmy, chicken?, no, JIMMY, chokaboe? no, JIMMMMY, mmmm, jimmy..... on that note, final fantasy X, ahhh, (drule) this is the first final fantasy i have ever played. man o man, i have already put in twenty hours, and i am still in the begining. this game rocks. i am soo addicted. well, am gonna go back to my friends ps2 where my life is put back into cany and aeons.

If any one needs me tonite, i think i am going to Louisville. Spur of the moment trips are great. hehe


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