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I believe, though I'm, uncertain since I've never done any actual research, That for mer-people, any activity done using the lower body is done as fish do, but that brings many problems to light, such as the differences between the digestive tract of a fish and human.
I never did understand how mer-people could have sex. Or use the bathroom. Does it work like fish and the female just drops some eggs somewhere?

Before or after Ursula's spell?

Manitees are ugly. But Ariel is hot. I'd shag her for sure.
When Europeans began exploring African they thought they had found the legendary unicorn. They, of course, were rhinos, perhaps what was originally the unicorn of lore, transformed into something a little more pleasing to the eyes over the centuries, much like the manitee\mermaid.
Wow, I never thought of the horse/rhino correlation....unicorns...holy shitite oh well goodnight everybody.
Unicorns are abominations?
Crackers? That some sort of racist thing? Sure, unicorns are white, but do you have to call them that?

The horse and rhino are close relatives, maybe the offspring won't be an abomination...who am I kidding, you're going to have unicorn crackers on your hands.
The horse animal cracker and the rhino animal cracker are having sex.
Collin's response to girl depending on a) How attractive she is to me, b) how likely it is I'll get away with it, and c) likely hood of being recorded.: Well, how good are you at giving head?
Somewhat similar to Miles' story, I had a girl ask if there was "anything" she could do to raise her grade...I told her to get the answers right.
Yeah...Or rather the fatty that had a rather large hole that clint couldn't fill....:)

There's a joke in there somewhere, I think it has to do with Clint's part of the story being large.
Yeah, and clint's half of the story would fill a rather large hole in the story.
Probably, but no one can get Clint to tell his half of the story.
So this story is more than just Miles turning down sex with a fatty?
He already has heard it jimmy.

Sorry about not posting in a while i have had...other priorities. ;) That is a good story Daniel. You have to hear to sometime. It is gonna be a classic story. i gotta go Later all
And so I come to realize life isn't all it's cracked up to be here. I want to leave here and make a life I'll enjoy greatly. I bought a lottery ticket on a whim last night...maybe something good will come of it. I'll give each of you 25.000 dollars if I do happen to win it, well let me change that, every one who posts at least once a week on this blog. Anyway, I just got back from going on a walk, I got rather hot.I think I want to go to sleep now. But I won't, I'll stay on and play on this computer or talk to someone on msn for a bit.

How about that. I glanced at her cause I thought she was snickering at me.
You made my sister uncofortable earlier by glancing at her, Daniel.

I must hear this story from you, Miles, I have heard it is incredible!

That's not dairy creamer, seriously. Bad News Bears. Guys, I turned down sex with a fatty. Can I get some congratulations here?

spidey, wearin the nike shoes i can see his bvd's
What the hell was I talking about?
The best kind of shows are ridiculous, especially when you're sleep deprived, like whateer the hell I'm watching with talking construction equipment with emotional problems and a bird that says "do do do do do" and sits on top of it. What makes it even more ridiculous is that it's done in claymation, and nothing's more ridiculous than claymation. Remember gumby, or will vinton's claymation christmas special. It had california raisins and singing camel's and skating walruses and...I wish I could be drunk and watch the claymation christmas right now. Or I could be drunk and watch that Chris Elliot show "get a life". that was messed up. Hmmm...I think I'm starting the night wake day sleep part of my sleep cycle, or else I'm just insomnia, if there were a verb form of insomnia that would make more sense.

That movie was kewl though. But a spider that makes it's prey stronger, Intrestting idea. I'll have the lab work on that.
You're right, Spiderman didn't look right. He looked like cheap-ass.

mmm...radiation, too bad it wasn't radioactive in the movie. That makes the whole song wrong because "he's got radioactive blood."
Uh... radiation! Yeah, that's it, though the magic of radiation, wonderous things are possible. Like cancer.
I was just thinking about how the spider that bit Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movie is supposed to be a "super spider". I don't think it is ery effective when your venom makes your prey stronger. That is an inferior spider.

I've discovered a website that is basically a museum of stupid (yet great) stuff from the eighties while looking for super mario brothers super show and Captain N the Game Master. It even has soggies! Remember the soggies, Cap'n Crunch's nemeses? I do. I used to have glow-in-the-dark soggies, and even a rubber noid (Dominoes pizza vilain). That sentence looks rather odd. Damn, I wish I still knew where my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures are, especially the mutant alligator "Leatherhead" which supposedly fetches a high price on the collectibles market.

I'm still alive.
Actually, I just remembered how folks were handling the potato gun last friday. You're right Collin, bad idea.
Hey Drew, get a load of this. I got a copy of this 3D real-time tactical RPG called Freedom Force where you control a gang of superheroes, and it looks like it was all written in Python.
If you're careless enough to get that stuff on your skin then I don't think you should be operating a potato gun.
That stuff has a really bad reaction to skin, and to your mouth, I suggest you not do something like that.

Next time we use the potato gun at night we should put some of the stuff from inside glowsticks on the potato.
I saw that commercial again where that guy says he wasn't the only soldier in Vietnam. He says there was another soldier, some singer I'd never heard of named Christy Lane. I'd say we did pretty good in that conflict for only having two soldiers.
Yeah Powers, I went and showed her and Collin the accursed pit.
Walkerses too it seems, you should see Ms. audreys shoe.
Oh vile carnivorous mud. Fortunately it's taste run more along the lines of Naases and Duncans than Powerses.

No, the Ohio River is the devil with its tricky mud that leads you to believe it's not really mud so it can eat you.

my website now has a guestbook on it go sign
MSN is the devil. speaking of Jedi Outcast, Daniel. Jordan needs to get me a copy o' that and Roxio. bug him about it for me. Well I gotta go to work now. Later guys!
Figures, they couldn't do the maintainance before I beat Jedi Outcast.
MSN is fucking retarded.

The momentum of the earth's rotation and revolution would probably be enough to set a frictionless surface flying. That's a problem with trying to defy physical laws, you can't defy them all at once.
Arrrrrrgggg! damnit.....
Jump off upon arrival and have another one waiting at Holiday World to ride back on.
Come on Daniel, build a frictionless surface and ride it to Holiday world, though I wonder how you'd stop it.
Well, grr.
The deal is that I'm the only one that wouldn't mind driving, and I'm having a hell of a time getting that to work here.
Yes, to this I'd like an answer too.
Speaking of Holiday World, what's the deal, Naas?
that movie is weird. last night was quite fun. we should do that again. :) well, I am really tired and wore out. Damn Holiday World! Well i am gonna go watch a movie or something. maybe The Matrix or The Mummy Returns. Later all.
It's easy. You just find a midget's door and crawl into it. Not hard at all. I like being john malkovich.

I need to find a portal into John Malkovich's head.

I'm going to harvest the carrots that grow close to the sun, you know, the ones space bunnies eat. It's a farm owned by the crazy fox that lives near Jupiter.
Babies giving birth to potato skins? What are you fucking crazy or something? Blarg. I'll miss you, Powers.
A baby gies birth to a potato skin? What in the hell?
Actually, Jim only killed future Drew after he dropped me off at the hospital.
In this dream, it is impossible for Powers to exist. Jim must have killed Drew to prevent the birth of Powers. Now Powers is just a figmant with figmants. Wow. A paradox with paradox. A baby gives birth to a potato skin.

"..jelly bean. BOOM!" -REM

I had a dream a few days ago, a dream that was a sequel to the dream in which Drew's my father and I'm from the future. In this dream Jim Britt comes through a time gate and kills Drew back in 1982. Then he gets a job teaching and as it turns out, Jim evolves into Mr. Haile.
I saw Mr Haile a few months ago at Subway. He was in a brand new trans am. He got in and said, 'This isn't my car. It's a rental. Mine's in the shop and I resent driving this piece of shit.' Then he drove away.

I think we were serious jimmy, mr haile as a director, we don't have that kind of money.
righto! Hmm, Maybe we could get Mel Brooks to make a cameo? Mel Brooks is a god. We could get Mr. Haile to direct. HEHE. Hmm, I'll see if I can get a camera and we can start filming this weekend. well i'll cya people laterz.
Bam, bam, bam bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. I want to be sedated!

I wanna be ving rhames!
Don't look at me; I only know one person who could capture the true essence of my character. Plus, I'll work for cheaper.
Wait, on second thought, Alan Rickman would make a better Powers. But some one needs to be played by Bruce Campbell or Christopher Walken.

I don't suppose I get a part, do I? If so, I must be played by none other than Mr. T.
I think Gary Coleman would be more fitting for you, Jimmy dear. :P On second thought, forget Gary Coleman. He'd cost too much, and he's a little prick.
And the part of Brandon Powers will be played by Brad Pitt.


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