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What are you guys talking about? Daniel, We gotta get together and write the pilot. I think Gary Coleman should play Audrey, j/k Audrey dear. Well, I'll see you punks later. I an gonna go hide 'cause when Audrey reads this I am in a world of hurt. :)
I know I'm out of the circle, but what the hell are you guys talking about?
Maybe you could shine a bit of light on something for me daniel. Are we still going tomorrow or not?

We should write an episode and film it. Seriously, I'm going to brainstorm a bit now.
God damnit jimmy why did you have to open your stupid mouth!? *Ooops I said that out loud.* Anyway, yeah we'd make a good picture on the ol tele, only I think it should be on cable or something, more freedom, that way we can use words like god damn, and fuck, and have sex and talk about sex, and blow shit up and have our weird adventures for the whole world to see.
Ya know, i thought some of the stuff TV is weird but this kicks the shit outta TV. Maybe we could get a public access show? that would kick ass! We could make Dharma and Greg our little personal whores. HEHEHEHEHE! later all!

Oh, the Super Gun o' Gay Porn. I think I posted something a few months ago about when I accidentally hit myself with it and gave advice not to click on the link.
I had a feeling the gay porn generator url was what you were referring to.
Haha, I always forget about saftco!
No, I went to that website of his and I chose that I was one of the hated and boy... I didn't know that much gay porn existed....
Why are you glad Drew doesn't hate you? Did you give him reason to or something?

Wow, I'm glad drew doesn't hate me.....
Well, I've had a rather fulfilling day today. My sister and I made a shrapnel bomb from a glass bottle and firework, I voted for a random candidate in the only election I was allowed to vote in because democracy is even worse than I thought, I also made an aluminium foil sculpture of Invader Zim's faithful sidekick Gir. Fun.

I've looked at some of Jhonen Vasqez's work before Invader Zim. How the hell did he get a deal to make a cartoon for Nickelodeon? His work is very dark comedy, as you can tell by the name of his most popular comic book: "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac"
Two hard hacks with my katana "Leviathan" and it split open and red fluid began pouring from the wound. I used a smaller knife to dismember it further, pulling it apart to reveal the crimson innards. I then began the process of seperating the meat from the outer protective flesh and scooping the red meat into a bucket. For some reason, cutting a watermellon reminds me of when my uncles made me and Kanesta (my younger half sister) carry buckets of deer meat from the pole barn where they hung them and skinned them too the large freezer. It also reminds me of iron chefs working with tuna and salmon.

Maybe that's where the paintballs went.

Maybe you have a magic portal in that space and it leads to your closet.

Ok, somehow after the yearbook dropped it got into the closet. If a book can do that then maybe Lee Harvey Oswald was the only one that shot at Kennedy.
Or perhaps I'm still in the dream, as evidenced by something I just witnessed: my blue yearbook (2001) scurried into the space between the wall and my bed. When I lifted my bed to retrieve it, it wasn't there. I guess it's in another dimension with my orange yearbook (2000) now. Of course that does explain a lot since things have been just disappearing since I was a little kid, like a book on video games that disappeared without a trace or a wallet I had when I was a kid, it had nineteen dollars in it and just disappeared. books, electronic equipment, eyeglasses, paintballs.
No brandon you weren't dreaming.

hmm...guess not
Am I dreaming?
Do all homeless people look the same? I was walking down green street when a homeless guy stopped me and asked me where a coffee shop was and if he could have some change. He looked just like several homeless guys I know of in Lexington. He said he had hitch hiked so he might have been from lex, but I'd never seen him before.

Ignorance never fails to annoy me, and no I wasn't talking about you jimmy....

Wow, lot of stuff has happened since i last posted. been usy with school and work, ya know? Tomorrow will be a great day! Goldfinger "Open Your Eyes" hits stores! I command you all to go buy it!!!!!!! Well, Kiddoes. I am out. much love to you all!

I have found a definition for the word Blarg
Oh yeah.....I'm pissed. I posted on this page so everyone would know that.
He's Bail Organa, and he's that damn good.
And there has been speculation on titles for episode 3 already. The one I think would be the best would be Lost Hope or Faded Hope, because of the title of episode 4. Also, liam niesan may or may not be reprising his role as Qui Gon Gin in the next movie (probably like obi wan in empire and jedi and yoda and anakin at the end). I just thought of something, I wonder if Wedge or Lando or Han or Grand Moff Tarkin will feature in the next movie.
Jimmy Smits was Bail Organa!

Yes, yes, it is.
MSN is being retarded again.
The silence is deadly....
You know, I have to say that there exists no sitcom greater than "Cheers". It ran 11 seasons and was consistently funny with characters going through emotional experiences. The series finale was the best I've ever seen, no one died, the main characters didn't part company, they just had a cigar night where everyone discussed the meaning of life. And Norm said that the meaning of life was love, total and complete love be it for a person or a thing. What he loved was his stool. If heaven doesn't hae a stool there waiting for him, he didn't want to go. (kind of like Miles' obsession with having to have that one particular seat at lunch, I'll call it NPS: Norm Peterson Syndrome). The Simpsons is funny, but not as emotionally gripping as Cheers. When it finally goes (gasp), it will probably have a very funny and good finale, but it will never beat Cheers.

Anyone know a dehydrating agent other than just plain heat that would be safe to use to get rid of some of the water in ginger ale? I'm afraid the heat may carmelize the sugar in it and ruin the flavor I'm trying to recreate. I found a recipe for ginger ale concentrate, but it calls for an ingredient I've never heard of--stevia powder.
My chair ate its cushion and now its more comfortable.

well, I don't know about european or american release of ff xi but in japan the release date is, well, today.
How soon?
Hey Collin, there's a Final Fantasy Tactics remake coming to gameboy advance and square has hinted that they are thinking about releasing a Final Fantasy Tactics sequel in the future. And Daniel, you were talking the other night about a quote from Kefka that I had forgotten "wait. what do I look like, a waiter?" and I just saw that quote on a final fantasy website. It was like your quote of the moment, it varies. You know, Squaresoft should release their own game system. I can't believe that so soon after the release of ffx ffxi will be released.

Take care man and see you later.
Well, guys. Today's the day. I got a little more packing to do. Thought I'd say goodbye. See you again in a few days. Later.
SO is considering KISS the same thing as good hard rock.
I hope she doesn't consider modern rap and the Sugarhill Gang similar, that's blasphemy

My grandmother hates all hard rock because she saw KISS on tv once. But I'm assuming she hasn't seen any rap videos because she likes "Rapper's Delight"

Does anyone else find it funny that the popcicle post falls after the detachable penis ones? Or is that just me and my sick mind. Poor audrey has no popcicle...heh.
But do I get a popcicle? No. Someone else beat me to the last one. . Arr.

I think I'm getting sick. Blah. I need a popcicle.

"I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis was missing again" I'm fairly sure I told you about that song. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I didn't know Lexmark had drivers on their site. Now I can print.
Powers, perhaps you should try looking for the driver on lexmark's website. And, I don't remember you mentioning that song, but damn you should have told me to get it.
I've got "Detachable Penis" I think I mentioned the song to you once. It was part of a conversation about dtachable penises. Anyway does anyone have a disk with the neccessary software for a lexmark z12 printer?
This sounds a bit funny, but didn't I have a conversation with someone about detatchable penises?
Anyway, I heard a song on internet radio called "Detatchable Penis" by "King Missile". I reccomend you download it. That's all.
yeah, I'd like to borrow that,, though I'm opting for the second option, why? because there won't be anyone around in 2013 because 2012 is when time stops. By the way, just to specify, that was a joke. Also, pretzel:bread::"Dogs Playing Poker":art
I have a whole book on them brother, editors, publishers, takers of freelance writing, it's called the writers handbook and I'll gladly let you borrow it, for say 2% on your final earnings at age 31? Sound good? Oh well, if not you can borrow it for free.
Where there is will there is a way. And pretzels are bread....
Ok, sorry I know this is kind of a journal but I just deleted a post I made about half an hour ago about how I was inspired by this information to make a transition between two books in the series I have planned but I'm not exactly completely awake since I took some pm sinus medicine to try to get to sleep at a reasonable time and I just started ranting about the story of these two final books but a few minutes a go I realized what I had done. I don't want any damned plagiarism from anyone reading this blog. Not that I don't trust you but I don't know who will read this blog since it is kind of publicly available . Oh I wish I had the will to write that I had in the old days (circa 1996\1997) when I could write sixty pages in a couple of weeks, give up, and write another sixty pages. I just want more dedication than I had then. Speaking of writing and publishing does anyone know a magazine or anything I can submit scifi and fantasy and horror short stories to that would probably publish them and pay me for them?
Woah, there's a guy that claims to have actually travelled back in time and is selling machines to do it. And he is haing trouble with Men in Black who can travel through time and are trying to stop him. I'm glad the internet is accessible even to the insane. His friend went to the year 1969 and the MIB's placed a sleeper implant in him to control his mind. Also, he recommends travel to the fifth dimension because those who dwell there don't like three dimensional beings setting foot in their realm. Also, this guy apparently found out that the folks that couldn't get past the 2012 barrier went round it and found only nothingness behind it.
I was wrong about the end of time by 9 days, Daniel. It's 12\21\2012 not 12\12\2012. By the way, do you happen to know any websites mentioning those weird time travelling theories? I love reading about unrealistic things like that and the occult. I wonder if when december 21 2012 comes the people that so adamantly believe in the shifting of some great timeline on that day will react the way the pre-seventh day adventists did when the apocalypse didn't come and form their own church from another Great Disappointment.
it is a little different than bread, bread is usually baked while pretzels are fried.

But a pretzel is bread.
Yes, it was supposed to be a pretzel
So you've made bread on accident before?
I don't care if I can't immediately kill them. I find a way.
...ok, no bread I've ever made has required barbeque sauce, but to each his own. Spiders are not cool, for the most part they scare me and I tend to avoid them if I can't immediately kill them. So I guess we're all cool... ummm daniel I hate to mention this but how's next weekend looking?
I have to say my first attempt at making bread on purpose was a great success. I made it without even a recipe. Could'e used a bit more barbecue sauce, though.

I saw a spider crawling on my desk the other day. I happened to be holding my lighter so I tried to burn it. The flame touched him and he jumped off my desk. Fifteen minutes later, I saw him crawling on my wall. I let him live.

I also saw a spider on the silo at clint's. I burned it to death with my cigar. I just got a thing about burning spiders I guess.

Bleh, if the damn things want to build a web, they can do it where it doesn't get in my way. Otherwise, they're losing it.
Yeah, just a spider bite, no big deal, wasn't a very poisonous one, the bite just itches.
Dude, you doing alright?
Spiders are admirable creatures. After tearing down a spider's web and it rebuilding it 3 times I refused to allow it to come to harm for its diligence. they are truly creatures to be looked up to in some regards. Of course if I had nothing to do but eat and build webs I'm sure I'd keep rebuilding it too just so I could eat.
Spiders suck. They like to build their damn webs right above my kitchen door, and the moment I kill one another one shows up.
I'm not really afraid of much of anything (unless I'm in a paranoid state then I'm afraid of almost everything) but nothing can induce me into one of those states faster than the thought of a spider. I suppose it's due to the idea of the pile of rotted flesh attached to my grandfather's lower stomach region caused by a brown recluse spider that bit him 13 times on my mother's 19th birthday back in 1980. They almost had to amputate his leg. Whenever I feel something on my skin I always become paranoid that it's a spider, though it never is, although I have to clean the area immediately just to make sure, it's a compulsion like my compulsion to run water over my hands as often as possible and to always save my game at least twice when playing a video game. But I digress, and not for the first time in this short piece. Anyway. I can't sleep and so I decided to sit down at my computer and I felt something on my chest and in order to try to condition myself not to be so paranoid I decided not to look down, so I didn't. But the irritation grew to an itch and so I moved to scratch and guess what happened next, a damned spider bit me. It's kind of like the boy who cried wolf. I haven't been able to cling to walls or react faster than normal to stimuli or shoot webs from my wrists, but that's not the point. The moral of the story is that paranoia is not neccessarily a bad thing. That's just what they want you to think *twilight zone theme playing*

Eh, a little bit of both
what do you need an airtight compartment for? my first thoughts are airlock and submarine.

Trying to design a practical airtight compartment
So what all is everyone doing now that school is over?
Computers and their whorish ways, interfacing with anything willing to spare a few bytes.
My computer is being a whore again. Every time I start it up the damn thing just freezes, so I'm stuck on the mac again. -.-


Wow....this is really odd. I don't care that you trimmed your pubes that much miles, we all talked about that the other night, actually we talked about taking them off completely, but someone must have not had the guts to do so.

how much would you charge, miles? If it's eleven million dollars I don't think you'd get much demand for your services.
Oh yah, and I am now unemployed. Sucks knowing that soon I will recieve my last paycheck soon. Perhaps I could become a male prostitute. ATTENTION ALL FEMALES: My services are available to you, regardless of how ugly you think you are. And I am cheap too. Plus, I can do anal. Call me if interested.
No one seemed to pay much attention when I said that trimmed my pubes. That's odd.
Unfortunate to hear about some guys dying. I bet it hurt pretty bad. I'd hate to fall and die.
And here's a shocker, Turds float in my mind that is just a small fish bowl.
Oh yeah, we knew about it soon after it happened. 2 guys fell through a 3rd floor window down at Kirwan Tower.
I just heard on the news that two guys crashed through a dorm window and died at UK. Have you heard anything about that, Daniel?
If I'm lucky, but there might be something that keeps me here Saturday night. We'll wait and see.
I think he told me he might be coming in this weekend.

No idea, powers. And yes, pubes is another word for pubic hair.
I trimmed mine. It is very nice feeling. I recommend it to you all.
Oh yah, Daniel when do you guys get to come back home?


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