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Do the delicious sugar coated bundles of mishapen marshmallowy bird goodness known to the common man as peeps exist outside the holiday season?

Hmm, has anyone ever visited that place? someone sent me one of those and i have no friggin' idea who it was. So if anyone can shed some light on the subject post or call me or something! Well Gonna run. Later, Kiddos!

Hey, in case you do happen to see me this weekend could you bring a University forum, my antichrist superstar cd and my microphone?

Let me know if anything's in a state of going-on this weekend, I should be around the town
Drew, somebody actually joined that shit? That is fuckin crazy. I'm going to go shoot myself in the foot now.

I tried calling his sister said he was gone on spring break for a week.
He must have vanished completely.
I was just being random in honor of Barry, wherever the hell he is. Has anyone managed to contact him? I tried emailing him 3 or four weeks ago with no reply.
You have to dodge fireballs with Zoidberg riding sperm.

Someone joined the Superghettomonkey Yahoo group today. That's just crazy.

Nice to see everyone is still posting. I've been absent for a while, but now that I'm back in school, I'll use the blog again to waste my time. Sucks that the police got you and ben. Drew should find a way to hit them with the super-gun-of-gay-porn. That'd teach 'em.

Last night I was laying on a rooftop giving Sean Alexander sniper coverage with a blowgun while he pissed on some guy's door. I love college!

Woah, the guy who does the voice of Cotton and Kahn on "King of the Hill" is none other than Artie: Strongest man in the world.
Well I got to hear Ben talk because the police are good at hindering the lives of everyday citizens. As Ben was bringing me home the police pulled us over for speeding (52-53 in a 45 zone though we were just a few yards from a 55 zone) and showering sparks. When they pulled us over they made us get out of the car, and they searched it and patted me down. They questioned Ben about his stereo system and his voice and if we had been drinking or using drugs and about halloween masks in his back seat. They brought in another patrol car, I guess just to watch us in case we tried to do something. Then they let us go with "The speed limit is 45 not 52 or 53." Of course it took ten minutes for Ben's car to start during which time I came up with the jaunty little tune "The police fucked us over la la la la."

This is not the random song lyrics blogger.
I dance all fancy like at times I feel sorrow. Mother mary comes to me, whispreing words of wisdom, let it be.
You mean they wouldn't already be bleeding from seeing Gary Coleman dancing?
1) When they say "cracking down", they really mean "wasting a lot of other people's money and not really doing anything". 2) Powers is right. Unless you like gay porn, assume I like you. I've made the super-gun-o-gay-porn much more powerful. It's okay to click on the link on the main page, but don't click on the one under the dancing Gary Coleman: your eyes might bleed.
I think my drem about the pornography ban and subsequent war was a prophecy. They've started cracking down on child pornography through the governments new "Operation: Candyman" so better watch out Mr. Internet Pedophile. They are also cracking down on drugs more. Seems that they are going begin "cracking down" more and more and that is going to lead to civil war. Maybe the revolution I've been waiting for. I hope not. I don't feel like setting up any new temporary semi-socialist regimes right now.
I just visited Drew's website for the first time in awhile. Let me tell you, if you decide to visit it assume Drew likes you. I found where he keeps his secret weapon.
WOW lots have things have happend sinse i last posted been busy working on my web site. Ya'll are pretty fucked up. ya'll now that. If any one is not busy today (Thursday) give me a call and you can go to nashville with me, Andrew and maybe Reaves.(i.e. people that are already in Hendo) Well i am gonna run. Sleep is calling. Later Kiddoes

Or maybe "Bourbon Pickle Ex bourbon stick chocolate lemon milk" candy. Then I'll buy some clothing at "Violence Jack Off" and I'll remember that beer comes in the mouth and love comes in the eye so come on my house just don't be coming lemon. And we mustn't forget Macho Business Donkey Wrestler from the News Radio episode "Super Monkey Death Car"
Or perhaps an Eric Crapton CD. She don't rie, she don't rie...
Wow, I want to go to Japan just to get some bad Engrish. Oh, and canned coffee.
You mean games like "Zero Wing"?
It would be great if we could get some Japanese games with some bad english translations in them, like in

Why is it that japanese games that never even make it to english translations have english or prtial english names like Star Ocean or Romancing SaGa or Front Mission or Live A Live (actually, I'm not sure what the name Live A Live is supposed to mean, maybe Live A Life or something. Maybe that one is not even in English.) Not sure why these games never made it here anyway. Never played any of the Romancing SaGa games except those released in the U.S. (FF Legend series and SaGa Frontier series) but the others are good (I have englished patched ROMs, Live A Live and Front Mission most completely translated) and I think they would appeal to U.S. audiences. I want to merge Enix and Square and release every pre-playstation rpg either ever did on a series of playstation or ps2 disks. Not like FF Chronicle and Anthology. Nay, there is room for multiple snes games on a psx disk if you don't put fmv's on it. But first I need to own both companies, though for now I'd settle for being a story writer for games. nyone know how to get a job doing that? Also, if anyone knows where I can find an english translation patch for the SNES rom of Tactics Ogre I'd appreciate the information.

I don't know how she mistakes Ben and Joey but she didn't know the difference. But last night she recognized Ben as Ben.
I got invited to the omniblog, but when I signed in it didn't work. Oh well, another day, another blogger.
There's a difference?
Seriously, how can you not tell the difference?

I think my grandmother now knows the difference between Ben Peters and Joey Rhew.
damnit i hate msn it always has to fuck up doesnt it. Piece of shit messenger. Ok im better i vented my anger. so how was everyones weekend. Mine was slight chaos but everything is cool now i finally am able to think about what i really want to without anyone bothering me well i ll talk to all you sooner or later prolly later since the fucking messenger is stupid.
Hey, I know quite a few lesbians. That's all.
i agree powers they were some of the best iveseen in a while.
"From now on when someone gets wood they'll think of Trojans"---King of Troy (A.K.A. Ned Flanders) The simpsons and futurama were both great tonight, especially Futurama which was anti-religion/pro-God. Speaking of religion, I watched the St. Patrick "Biography" on A&E. All I knew about his mythos was that he drove the snakes out of Ireland, but apparently he performed a few miracles to kill druids.
Let me know if you guys slate anything for next Saturday, cause I should be around
man i just got done working out with the ripped fuel stuff i got and damn i never worked out that hard in my life. If i keep this up then ill be really musclular. Anywho so what is everyone up to this fine week of spring break. I say we get a party going. If anyone is interested in parying with me just give me a call or send me and email. Well i guess ill go back to working my ass off cause i need to be buff and stuff. see ya

There's a new episode of College University out now, episode 5.
No men checked me out in Canada. That country is awesome! I probably visited a dozen bars, some of them inside a casino!
That is brilliant! It could be a sitcom like a cross between "The Flying Nun" and "Bosom Buddies". I can see an atheist girl who lost her job and needing a place to stay so she becomes a Nun. The conflict in each episode would revolve around her identity as an atheist almost being found out and her attempts to keep it from being revealed. The themesong could be "Like a Rolling Stone".
An atheist nun. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. =P
That sounds a more than a little discriminatory.
audrey a lesbian would find you and force you to have savage love with her. That is the way it happens. If you want to be single then become a nun
Forgive my limited perspective, but I don't see how a move to lesbianism would help.

Let me repeat myself, Michael. Then I could be a happy single again (single I am, happy I am not) since I don't know any other lesbians. I wouldn't have a lover, dear. That's the entire point.
Hmmm...Daniel once or twice told me I should be gay. But I don't think that would work. First and foremost is the fact that men are unattractive. Second of course is that part of his reasoning was that I might have a broader appeal to men than women. I don't think so. Only one guy has ever "checked me out" while many have checked Daniel out.
say even lesbians have a troubled time think of it like this if you were a lesbian you would have to put up not only with your own period but your lovers too. that would suck a bit cock and there fore its a bad idead.

I'm back in my little funk of wondering if I can force myself to be a lesbian (since forcing myself to be nonsexual just isn't good enough for anyone to accept). Sometimes I think it would be better if I was only attracted to girls. Then I could be a happy single again (single I am, happy I am not) since I don't know any other lesbians.
Why are they so hell bent on creating sequels to everything? Their movies suck in the first place. Why would they want to create an even worse sequel?
Blue peeps? Weird. Disney must be destroyed now for creating a "Hunchback of Notre Dame 2"
Mmm. Peep-a-licious.
You know what, Powers, I found blue Peeps. o.O However, I've yet to find any white ones other than the bunnies. They're looking pathetically at me as if they were begging me not to bite their heads off, especially the one in the middle. It looks exceptionally sad. I think I'll eat that one first.
Drew, Miles, and I poured bleach and ammonia in a trash can at atkinson park. We then went to the bathroom, the paneling had been replaced. I want to blow up a trashcan, but I want a delay fuse on it becuase when it explodes a lot of attention will be directed toward it and we don't want to be among that attention. There are lots of delay fuses in the Anarchist cookbook but they often exaggerate the effectiveness of things.
What the hell did you do?
... That reminds me of the exploding toilet story from chemistry.
You know, chlorine gas turns the ground black when it seeps out of the bottom of a garbage can. It also can prompt an "Oh shit!" reaction followed by a dash to the car reaction when everything works according to plan and the amonia and bleach begin to hiss as the chlorine escapes.

Monkeys are funny. Hmm. Well I have never looked myself up on the 'net so that is waht i am going do now. I guess i either have Mono or I am just really bored. ;) Well Nighty-Night. Kiddos. I'll post at ya later.
Just urine? They should have thrown shit, too. Monkeys!
Same here
Speaking of obscenities and Brittney Spears check out this article

Could they have picked an uglier man for the main page? o.O Anyway, I hate squirrels. They piss me off.
Maybe you can just wear it on your head.
Been a while since I viewed the blog. I was surprised to Skippy and Jimmy posting.
Welcome to Blarg, guys. Also, I am megapsyched up, and will be for a while. If any of you shit on my mood, I will cut your throat and shit on your face. Let that be a warning. No shitting on my mood!
Audrey wants to get me a bra, and in my size too. There's no way in hell I'm going to allow that. She would certainly take a picture, and that is not cool. I don't want to look like one of those guys on Boobs for Men.
This is what happened.
I want a mummy! says:
have you ever looked yourself up on the internet?
Renegade Master says:
I want a mummy! says:
you know joey rhew?
Renegade Master says: Yes. I want a mummy! says: he told me to look myself up because i'd come up under the story i wrote about the mullets one year. however, i found myself in another place as well. it was quite interesting
Renegade Master says: oh.
Renegade Master says: I might just do that.
I want a mummy! says: would you like to know where i found my name
Renegade Master says: YEah where?
I want a mummy! says: blarg
Renegade Master says: lol!
Renegade Master says: Yep.
I want a mummy! says: tell me about it
Renegade Master says: Our blog post.
I want a mummy! says: i was a little shocked
Renegade Master says: but when...
Renegade Master says: I don't remember seeing any posts about you.
I want a mummy! says: actually, i believe it was you that made it
I want a mummy! says: hold on
Renegade Master says: You're shitting me!
Renegade Master says: I'm gonna go find it now too.
I want a mummy! says: okay
Renegade Master says: Ahead of time if it twas bad, then I'm sorry.
I want a mummy! says: no it wasn't. i was kind of flattered
Renegade Master says: huh?
Renegade Master says: What did I say?
I want a mummy! says: you said you thought i was attractive. at least i think it was you
Renegade Master says: Ok.
I want a mummy! says: i enjoyed it although i really didn't expect to find my name in something like that
Renegade Master says: Yeah, that's really weird, I had no Idea the internet was that easy to checka site... I should be more careful.
I want a mummy! says: i would have never looked, but i recognized adrian yancy's name as well and thought, wait a minute, this might actually be me
Renegade Master says: lol
Renegade Master says: That had to be me then.
Renegade Master says: I just remembered.
I want a mummy! says: well, thank you
Renegade Master says: For what?
I want a mummy! says: ooh, i found it
I want a mummy! says: for thinking so
Renegade Master says: When was it?
I want a mummy! says: i think november of 2001
I want a mummy! says: almost in the middle
Renegade Master says: ok
I want a mummy! says: i must admit, i felt like i was prying when i stumbled upon that
Renegade Master says: No.
Renegade Master says: It's cool if it were a problem we'd hide the post.
Renegade Master says: And you're welcome even though I still haven't found it yet.
I want a mummy! says: you did call yourself shallow after you said it, but that's okay
Renegade Master says: I need to find it!
I want a mummy! says: it's under the one that says 20011117
I want a mummy! says: find it?
Renegade Master says: Yes.
Renegade Master says: Just did.
I want a mummy! says: awesome
Renegade Master says: Yeah, I forget about these things after a while.
I want a mummy! says: well, like i said, thank you
Renegade Master says: You're very welcome, thanks for reassuring me that I'm not as shallow as I thought.
I want a mummy! says: ?
Renegade Master says: Nothing.
I want a mummy! says: and how did i do this?
I want a mummy! says: okay
Renegade Master says: Oh by telling me thank you.
Renegade Master says: It made it a compliment and not just some sexist remark made on sexuality.
I want a mummy! says: seriously, i meant it. it means something more when it comes from a person other than a stupid jock or something
I want a mummy! says: crap, my roommate's boyfriend has called three times in the past 5 minutes. i have to get off, but i'll talk to you later
Renegade Master says: later
Don't make your eyes into T's, Audrey. There will still be some folks here, and we'll come visit you. In other news there is a game in which the goal is to become a bck up dancer for Brittany Spears. A game such as this should cause a stream of obscenities to issue forth from even the most pious. I managed to find a lot of trash on the beach downtown that I found useful, including clothing and bottles. But I managed to resist the urge to take them. I wanted to take discarde mooring line for a huge boat, but it had about 8 links and was attached to some piece of metal. I can barely lift one link. Are there seals in the Ohio River? I'm pretty sure I saw one today.

Skippy is Scott. Everyone wants to leave, and I'll be left with no one. T_T
Wow, that is Kosher. I already decided to move to Lexington and I was talking to Jessica about it and she asked me to try to get Joey to come too.
Who the fuck is skippy?! Anyway brandon, we're moving to lexington. ;) I thought about moving to cali at first then miles said he was going to MS then I was like ok lets go there, but we can't fuck around, but after talking to a few friends in lexington I realized going there would be way more kosher. Plus it would cheer brandon up, given he'll work after we get there I'll be willing to front for the down payment on an apartment. I should have some 4000 saved up byy then, if not I'll crack open one of my CDs. Living there and working would be quite kosher if we can maintain it. That means brandon would have to find a job. Hopefully this gives you newfound hope brandon and it'll work out and maybe miles will come with us whether this works out or not. Living alone visiting out of state would be quite easy. After thinking I'm positive I'm moving to lexington, maybe joey rhew would be interested.....

Actually, that wouldn't work because we'd have to break into a house to get the animal. I'm talking about abducting it from its yard, dying it, and replacing it.
What do you mean by small pet? A gerbil or something? I don't think dying a gerbil's fur would be a good idea. We'd probably end up killing it.
There is bleach on my bangs. Yay.

Who was mentioned that knows about this?
That was a weird conversation but now I'm poised to find myself on the internet....
Lol Today someone informed me about how they had found out about how I had mentioned them on the blog. I was like OH Shit at first then I was like was it bad or good then I realized who the person was, then I was like It had to be something either sexist or embarrasing to me. We've changed.. a lot.... I just realized this blog is serving as a diary for us all, our bad times and good times and the fucked ones, and changes are very apparent....
Next time we are trying to decide what to do we need to go out and find a small pet and dye its fur.
Amen to that, amigo.
The cold embrace of tobacco envelops me and I realize why I can't smoke alone. The taste of tobacco smoke has one association for me: good times and closeness with friends.

hoy hoy. mortals! like i said she is moon child 'cause i say so. bottom line :P Well that Hendo ball gamw was a crock o' crap. Well i am gonna run. Later, Mortals!

Does that mean an offspring of the moon? I Would like to have been born of a planet or star or moon or maybe even an asteroid. Bt alas, I was born in the tumultous creation of the universe of random particles of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon, and some others. Wandered in space for who knows how long 'til I found the earth.
say cubans are good they can swim for a long time. They ae also good at starting international affairs with there children. I think its cause of all the cocaine. So audrey your a moon child. i guess thats a cpmpliment.
Hmm, I agree with Ol' Skippy. I could use a couple of those guys around the house. Audrey, You are MoonChild 'cause I say you are. Bottom Line! Well, I am off 4 now. Peace you ,peeps! Cya, Moon Child!
Cuban cigars? I thought you were talking about Cubans. Hell, I don't want no stupid cigar. Find out how much one of them little fellers costs. I'll pay ten buck.

I'll give you a fiver and a one if I see you, if you can't find one cheaper than that I'll take my cash back when next I see you rather than the cigar I hope you get.
Tough to say; I've seen a variety of prices, like from 3 to 20 bucks a stick
Cubans? How much do you figure they'll cost a piece?
Toronto, Ontario. I'll pick up some Cuban cigars for anyone who can pay in advance, since the next itenerary will allow my to be in town from Frinigh till about Mondawn.
Seriously, who is Nick Glass?
Moon child? Jimmy, please explain.
Hmm, Canada. Where the hell did going from Mexico to Canada come from? This is something you will hardly ever hear from me. That is weird! (even for Daniel) Well gotta go. NIght Kiddies!
omg Look at this.
Canada? How the hell do you go from Mexico to Canada like that? Oh well, pocky is a good thing. So are plush toys. Speaking of, what happened to the ones you supposedly found in Lexington? I wanted one. ;_;
Canada? You went from going to Mexico to going to Canada? Well, I wouldn't mind having Canada itself or perhaps the rights to every episode of Kids in the Hall.
Canada? Really? Tell me more.
Anybody need anything from Canada? My spring break plans did a full 180.
I asked first, a few days before I went off on a tangent about getting more piercings. And you are sheltered not to know who Nick is. I mean, he's Nick. How can you not know Nick? Isn't that right, Nick?
I thought I was the one who asked about Barry, and who is Nick Glass?
You have a site. Right Audrey? where is it? its a must see!!!
Damn it, I ask where the hell Barry is and no one pays any attention until I start talking about adding more holes. Although I agree, Daniel, that thing he calls a girlfriend probably is behind this. May I kill her?
Why is it when Barry vanishes, his friend that never gets online starts getting online all the time?
Lighting things on fire in the street is not a bad thing unless you get caught.
:P I am the greatest and ou know it Daniel! plus...I don;t lite things on fire in the street! :P Hmm. I hate it when you are flirting with a girl and you know she likes, you like her and then...she gets a boyfriend and makes sure she talks about him while u r around. I gotta go to roast beef hell now. CYA!
Criminey, lots of new people are popping up these days. I guess we traded a Barry for a Jimmy, Michelle, and Drew
Hmm, I agree with Daniel and Collin. I haven't seen Barry on in quite a while.I think he may have fallen of the planet. (ha) Sorry, Audrey I still can't remember who said that thing about the drunken navel piercing. Also, You have to ignore Nikki. She is a stupid hoe-bag. Well this is all for now. *cackle cackle cackle*
I'll bet his girlfriend is involved somehow.
Same here barry fell off the face of the earth, and it kinda scares me.
Has anyone seen Barry online or talked to him in awhile. I don't keep track of time very well but I know it has been at least two real world weeks since last I saw barry online, maybe even longer. Last time I remember talking to him was on his birthday which, judging by the blogger dating system, was a month and three days ago.

Show me that the subject in consideration has committed a wrong, so to speak, and I'll go to town.
Audrey? What the heck was that video? That was painful to watch!!!
By the way, this is Drew, not Bill S. Preston, esquire.
Blarg? Blarg!
How about me as a witness? She sent me some of the conversation, which I saved, and she said she saved it, too.
If I seriously need to go hurt somebody, I'm going to need some hard evidence first, like a conversation log. That's just my policy with these things.
I was right. I didn't want to know. But I think this beats your dancing Asian men. One day you're all going to pay for this trauma you cause me.
Yatta? I did it? Do I even want to know what this is going to be?

I think you should know, Daniel. She was talking to you about it, too, and you claimed you were going to kick his ass.
Yeah, no kidding. What's with the caps and tildes?
Never seen Asian Prince, eh? What's wrong Donna?
I must have forgot to send you guys that website when it had it's heyday here like a year ago. Oh well, try this if you haven't already.
Ben just showed me this. I'm afraid. Very very afraid.
It's confirmed. He's insane.

Someone said I got drunk and woke up the next day with my navel pierced. Jimmy doesn't remember who said it, although I have my suspicions. There was also a wreck today at the entrance to the Fine Arts Center and Nikki is spreading around that it was me.

Oh bother. I'm becoming Whinnie the Pooh. I need to exploit the BeeJesus to enslave the bees with religion, that way I can get them to give offerings of honey to their lord (me/BeeJesus). "Oh you can tell by the way I use my wings I'm a worker's drone, no time to sing." ---From the BeeJesus song Stayin' in a Hive.
I haven't seen it, but I hear it on the radio a lot, and yes, it sounds like "fuckin' the system" although I think it's supposed to be "buck in the system." By the way, apparently I was in a wreck today. And I also got drunk and woke up pierced. This is all news to me.
Maybe he means odd as in strange not odd as in weird. By the way, has anyone seen the commercial for McDonald's new thing where you can add any side you want with the two two guys sitting in the car? At the end it sounds like they are saying "Fuckin' the system" and I can't figure out anything else it would be.
I know! I feel so empty not being able to jesusify things anymore. =(
...If cowboys raping women is the oddest thing you've heard in a conversation mike, you haven't posted enough, I think I'll start compiling some of the oddest conversations I've ever had or seen on this blog or on messenger. I'll get it as a doc file and make it an event hope you all enjoy. :P I have two heads....and am pink, and have a ultros as a sidekick. That'd been a neat game... the misadventures of Ultros....

Whale holes? Anyway, I can't Jesusify pages anymore! I want to Jesusify. Oh well, I took the Lazy Test at The Spark and I am 86% lazy. 6% of people who took the test are lazier than I. "He's the laziest guy in the world." "He's the hungriest guy in the world." No, not used to describe me but they should be. Remember who Miles described with those phrases?
Just how big are those whale holes? Miles, would you like to take this one? =P

Speak English! x_X
ok i thought that ive had some wierd convos before but discussing western movies i will have to say that that is truly an oddity. But of course its not near as bad as whale holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
La vita bella, ay?
I haven't seen every episode of News Radio! Today I was watching an episode where Bill was trying to quit smoking. It was an older episode, I can tell because of Dave's Haircut and because Phil Hartman was still alive. I didn't think there was an episode I hadn't seen. Maybe there are episodes of the Golden Girls I haven't seen as well!
The western guys have power issues? Or it's because they mamas is hoes. Or maybe I'll just shut up about the subject before I go on a feminist rampage again.
I've been watching westerns all weekend (Clint Eastwood Marathon on TNT) and I've noticed that every one of them either had rape or an attempted rape. What is it with rape in westerns? I've written western short story and two screenplays and none of them have a single rape.
I left Audrey's house, took Ben home, stopped for gas at the pantry on the edge of town, took Donna home, and went home myself. The whole trip just happened to take right about an hour. She actually got home about 2:40ish, I believe.

How did you manage getting Donna home at 3 am when you dropped me off at barely 2? The only other person to drop off was Ben, and it couldn't have taken that long. o.O And no more nearly dying on my deck either. =P That would have been most unkosher to have gone outside only to find you had fallen off and broken something or died.
Just goes to show familiarity breeds contempt, or at least a mild boredom. You feel better hanging out with folks in Hendo while I would like to see UK folks again. For the first few months at UK I wanted to move back to Henderson so bad.
After I dropped some of you folks off a little while ago, I couldn't help but think about how much I enjoyed the night. Granted, it was all and all a pretty noneventful night, but it still made my weekend something great. I really need to see you guys more often. Collin and Miles, I owe you an outing.

well i have to admit that i have done alot of things these last two days wrong. I just want to tell everyone that im sorry for causing so much havoc on our lives. I wish i knew a way to make things up to all of you but im afarid that if i try ill end up messing things up even more. All i want is for all you guys to be happy and all i can say is that im sorry to you all. Dont let my mistakes cause everyone of you to lose your friendships. im sorry and thats all i can say and do can we please put it behind us.
what was supposed be a night of friends getting together ended up being a disaster, and i can't help but feel partially responsible. i can't help but think that if i hadn't suggested inviting a certain someone, that i wouldn't have been confronted with two messages from two people as soon as i signed on."ben, what have i done" and "help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!." i absolutely hate what's going on, because too many times i have seen close friends ripped apart by seemingly simply and petty conflicts that get blown up. not that i'm saying any of this is simple and petty, but why did it have to come to bashing and name calling, instead of simply asking why someone did something. what makes me feel even worse about this is a situation i recently went through, that as far as i know only one of you know about. i was lied to by someone i thought was extremely close to me. and because of this i feel even worse for suggesting inviting someone. its moments like these that i wish i could be like silent bob at the end of a movie. all i would have to do is spout out some words of wisdom and everything would be ok. but i can't this isn't a movie, its life, and life doesn't always have a happy ending. no one meant for this to happen, it was brought on by mistakes by a couple of people. in closing i would like to applogise for anything i did to bring this on, and i ask all of you to appologise as well. i dont care about you pride or wether or not you think you are at fault or not, just applogise, get it over with and humble yourself. i dont know if this will help at all, but at least i tried.
Fuck you too audrey. But anyway, thank you brandon for your words of total support, I still haven't found any gril scout cookies. Wish I could though. Hungry I am.. Being castrated isn't at the top of my list either, whereas as of today I'm done using this fucking blog, I give an opinion and get cussed out. We all have opnions, but not a single time did I call you bitch ot tell you to shut the fuck up. I would have at least listened to you, instead of telling you to shut the fuck up, and I never said mike was my fucking friend. I never was trying to defend him either, I was looking at it from my point of view but if that's fucking wrong here what's the goddamn purpose of a blog, so take your goddamn blog turn it sideways and stick up your sour fucking ass, I'm through with it, from now on find your own god damn ride! Good day.
I'd like to say something to ease tensions here but I don't know what to say. Let it suffice for me to say this: I wish I could understand where all of you are coming from so I could help but I don't because I'm not you, nor are you anyone else. I would like to help everyone with their emotional problems but I can't. I love you all and hope you find someday find peace.
Fuck you, Collin. You can have an opinion when you know the whole story, and you don't, so no fucking opinion from you, bitch. You pick me out for being pissed off at one of your friends, yet totally ignore Donna when she's sitting here male bashing all you mother fuckers. She heard the whole damn story, so she has a place to talk, whereas you don't know shit, so you need to shut your god damn mouth. And where the fuck do you get off saying he's trying to be my friend? From my perspective he doesn't seem to be trying worth SHIT! Breaking promises isn't what I consider being a very good friend. He promised he'd never bring her around me, and he knew I didn't want to be around her, and he brought her around anyway. He broke that promise because he "forgot" even though it was supposedly so fucking important to him. And then where the hell does Miles get off going off on Donna when she's just trying to tell him she's concerned about his fucking health? She's been crying for a while now, so thanks a lot. You guys don't know shit about what you're bitching about, so that's why we're acting like feminist little bitches, so FUCK OFF!
Now that I think of it, you're over reacting audrey. Big time. Pedophile or not, if it were me in this same situation, you wouldn't give a shit. It's the fact that it's mike, a guy you don't go out with, and should most likely just hate anyway has another woman. You're trying to avoid the truth, mike has a new woman and she ain't you. So stop being pissed that he's moved on and still is trying to have you as a friend, and move on and ignore this fact. Act out your rage all you want, but it's not kosher when you sulk and act totally pissed without giving any explanation and don't talk to anyone about this. In fact to watch you pissed pisses me off, and makes me laugh sometimes, such as the time you slammed my car door at the walmart... that door most likely wieghs more than you, you didn't hurt anything. Punch a wall or something. don't break cars, unless it's your own. In short, stop whining and stop avoiding the truth, mike may had lied, but you were asking him to keep his girlfriend from interacting with his friends, and that's not really fair. Oh well I'm sure I'll get cussed out next, but I'm just telling it how I see it. If I get kicked or slapped or whatever by audrey so be it, just know you have it comming back.
Holy shit... that was a long explative... I am truly inspired to make out with mile's girlfriends sister who is 16 now. Add me to that list of pedophiles who don't give a shit about stupid opinions simply cause a person rejected you in someway. Hope I didn't hurt anyone....
I can't sleep! I'm just sitting here listeing to my song (You's a HOE, by Ludacris) and trying to calm down. It's not really working too well!! I think that I'd feel better if I got drunk, but I'd still feel like shit tomorrow, so I just need to deal with it now. I really just want to kick someone's ass.... that might work...... but who?!? CHANGE SUBJECTS Is there something wrong with me? No one likes me.... everyone choses someone else over me. A recent example would be that I told Michael that I liked him a lot, but when I said that Audrey liked him too... he just automatically picked her.. IT HURTS DAMNIT!!!!! I still love you Audrey... it was just an example. Is there something physically wrong with me that makes me unattractive? And what's up with all of that bullshit-- "I'll call you" and never do. If I like you enough to give you my fucking number then I expect you to call me sometime. Don't lie and act like you care.... don't lead me on. I already hate Topher and Sean for that. Don't add on to my list.... if you don't plan on calling, then don't act like you will one of these days. I don't believe any of that bullshit!!!!!!! SAY WHAT YOU MEAN & MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, then no one will be lead on or hurt in that manner.
Damn fucking straight, Donna. Unfortunately the ones that our anger is directed to don't even read or post on the damn blog. Stupid fucks. Especially Michael, that stupid, dumb shit, god damn, mother fucking, cock sucking, ass licking, fudge packing, chauvanistic, pimp wannabe, shit faced, promise breaking, child molesting, castration needing, selfish, common sense lacking

Oh yeah.... I'm single again! Prove yourself not to think with your penis and maybe I'll consider.... depends on the mood I'm in. Right now... it doesn't matter what you say or do.... YOU ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If any of you guys want to defend your own kind (and penises), You know how to catch me.... if not, say goodbye to "Mr. Hap-penis"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I'm so damn frusterated with guys!!!!! I'm going to be a fucking nun... again.... ok maybe not, but I still hate guys. Many of the men I know need to be castrated, then maybe they'd think with the brains that God gave them instead of their fucking penises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking something like that. The dream melded into one I'm pretty sure was about repression of my humanity in my quest to become a new super being and my recent decision to give up.
Sexual frustration.
You asked our opinion, doesn't really matter what I think. And by the way, I'm usually good at interpreting my dreams but what do you think my mind is trying to tell itself when I have a dream from first person perspective (second one ever) in which I am an immortal woman eating poisonous snakes that snap and bite at my face and breast while I'm chewing them?
Do what you want... it's your life. With all due respect, I don't really care all that much. I have something much bigger on my mind, which I'll elaborate on a week from Sunday.


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