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©Audition Clips©

I decided to record a few clips of different characters. I know Kaolinite isn't in SM:O, but she's the only evil character I had lines for, so I thought I'd use that as an audition for one of the evil characters in SM:O in case any of them sound similar to that. I'm auditioning for either Luna, Rei, Minako, Michiru, or any evil character. Whichever you like best is the one I'll do, or if you don't feel I'm right for any parts, that's cool, to. ^_^

LUNA: You're not here to play. I agreed to let you girls come out here because you said you'd do Sailor Soldier training!

"Are we there yet?" moaned Usagi, "We must be lost."
REI: Only because you insisted it was this way!

"Hey, this is the lodge," said Rei.
"No! No! No!" said Usagi.
REI: What do you want now?
"It looks scary!" cried Usagi.

In the lobby, a sinister looking man suddenly appeared. Usagi screamed again.
REI: Will you quit that! You're embarrasing us.

MICHIRU: For example, someone put themself in danger to protect you. That person wants you to be safe no matter what happens to them. Others stay alive thanks to the sacrifice of another. What do you think, Usagi?

MICHIRU: Are you sure about this? That girl is going to die.

MINAKO: What do you mean, this is a perfect disguise! (Mars and Jupiter hit her) Oh yeah, I'm the real, original Sailor Moon.

MINAKO: I don't know. She must be my fan or something.
REI: That girl's way too stupid and clumsy to be a real Sailor Soldier!
MINAKO: Yes, to be a Sailor Soldier she'd have to be smart and beautiful like me.

KAOLINITE: Get in the elevator. It will take you to heaven! (evil laughter)

KAOLINITE: Hah! You've used up all your energy now! The professor will be so pleased to hear I've frozen all the Sailor Soldiers into statues!

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