Don't speak. I know just what you said, so please stop explaining. Don't tell me cause it hurts. Don't speak. I know what you're thinking. I don't need your reasons. Don't tell me cause it hurts...


Okay... Michael and I are back together... I think. I'm hoping so anyway.

Everyone went to Donna's last night, and all but Ben and me got drunk. Michael managed to trick me into drinking something that had vodka in it though. It was disgusting and obviously not Dr. Pepper. .
8:08:56 PM


I wish yesterday didn't happen. I'm such a fucking moron. I made a huge mistake. How could I let you go like that? I'm so stupid.
11:46:34 PM


I feel like shit. I thought I knew what I wanted, but now I don't know anymore...
2:09:05 PM


I saw Blade II last night. Bleh. I lost count of how many times I yawned during that movie.
12:04:01 AM


Ben, you don't need to eat cockroaches either. Yuck. >_<
7:32:02 PM


Gathered at Clint's last night for cheesy... horror... I think. Evil Dead... Raped by plantlife. Now that's something you don't see everyday. ^^;;; I think they just liked throwing red Kool-Aid at people and making messes.
6:03:19 PM


It's officially spring. It's also snowing. _ Starting to feel like the girl in the layout.
4:01:27 PM


Audrey's not confused anymore. Audrey's finally made a decision, and she thinks it's the right one and doesn't care what the rest of you think except for the two people it involves. Audrey also doesn't know why she's talking in third person. Perhaps it's just because she can, and it's fun damn it.
5:59:38 PM


Still confused. No conclusion. Shoot me.
10:13:42 PM


I saw Resident Evil tonight. I was lost at the beginning. I suppose it might have helped if I had ever played the first game. The gore content was rather weak. A big disappointment. -.- The only reason I went was to see people die horrible deaths, and they really didn't show anything when it came to severing body parts. Yes, I am well aware of how bad that makes me sound. ^^;;; Anyway...

Michael and I still need to finish our discussion, which happens to be a pretty damn important one, but everyone seems to enjoy interrupting us everytime we try to talk. . I lied to you, Michael. I lied to you, I lied to Cody, and I lied to myself. When you told me that last night, it made feelings come back to me. I tried so hard to force them away, and I said I didn't want you over and over again hoping that maybe I'd believe it, too. And I did for a while. Until now. Now I'm just not sure what I'm feeling for you or Ben, and I hate it. My thoughts and feelings are just a jumbled mass of confusion.
1:11:06 AM


You were right, Michael. It was easier when you made me think you were a jerk. Now I'm just confused as hell.
4:12:39 PM


I'm back in my little funk of wondering if I can force myself to be a lesbian (since forcing myself to be nonsexual just isn't good enough for anyone to accept). Sometimes I think it would be better if I was only attracted to girls. Then I could be a happy single again (single I am, happy I am not) since I don't know any other lesbians.
10:15:27 PM


Collin has started a group blog now. Yay, Collin! I was going to say something else, but I don't remember what. Nevermind, I remembered as I typed that. I finally started taking pictures for photography. I took three rolls of black and white, but I'm pretty sure I fucked up some of the first roll. Oh well. My first test was tonight. I didn't know about it until I got there, but that's okay. I think I did all right. Cody yelled at me for not knowing and studying for it. Poor thing. She tried to study last night, but her studies were interrupted by the all annoying one. Why don't you just study at home, Cody?
8:30:58 PM


My bangs have successfully been dyed ultra violet (in some light, it's blue, and in other light, it's violet; squeeness). I am pleased. Apparently the closest I'm going to get to a lip ring is a fake one because Ben doesn't want me to get any more piercings. If it were anyone else telling me not to do it, I probably wouldn't care and would do it anyway. You should feel special, Ben. I actually listen to you.
1:08:09 AM


So Daniel's driver, Clint's in the front, Ben is in the back left passenger seat, and I'm in the right. One of us is going to have to move to the middle so Powers can get in. Daniel pops his head in and looks at us and says, "Ben doesn't seem like a bitch kind of guy," and then gets a look of "Oh shit" on his face. I then attempted to pull his hair out. From then on, he said everything backwards like, "Well, you're bigger than Ben, so you should sit in the middle," followed by a head slap. I was blowing bubbles at everyone in the car. It was fun.
3:46:26 PM


The cody eyebrow ring idea has been thrown out. I bought fake cody stuff to see what it would look like, and I don't like it, and I can see it up there, and that cody annoys me, so no cody eyebrow piercing. Although cody lip has been considered now. I also bought a new cody navel ring. It's a happy shiny surgical steel cody hoop of hope. Ok, so it's not really that. I suppose it will never be as good as cody Barret's shiny golden wire of hope, but I can always dream, right? Right. And cody Barret's wire didn't have a happy shiny sun with a blue stone that I can see myself upside down in anyway, so nyeh.
4:40:57 PM


Grr... I've dyed my damn bangs three bloody times already, and the dye still won't work on the area near my roots. Damn manic panic. I'll get you, Tish and Snooky! You shall feel my wrath for giving me faulty products! Arr!
3:46:53 PM


Jimmy called me moon child. I don't get it.
10:24:27 PM


Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. Cody. I love you. You are mentioned, and you have been in the past. Does this make you happy? Cody. Cody. Cody. Why am I the only one to be singled out about never mentioning you when I have mentioned you and everyone else that has a page never mentions you? Cody, I, Cody, just, Cody, do, Cody, not, Cody, understand, Cody. But I still love you. =D
8:51:45 PM


Ick. Ben wants to eat ants. Ick.
9:32:55 PM


Ben just showed me this. I'm afraid. Very very afraid.
2:20:40 AM


Stupidity should be a crime punishable by death.
10:12:46 PM


Is this "Spread Shit About Audrey Day" and someone forgot to tell me or what? Earlier Jimmy tells me someone said I got drunk off my ass and woke up the next day with my navel pierced. Ok, no. First of all, I don't get drunk, never have, and never intend to. And secondly, I was well aware of what I was doing when I got pierced. If I really didn't want it, don't you think I would have removed it and let the hole grow back together by now? And just a little bit ago Michael tells me Nikki's spreading shit about me being in a wreck, and she won't tell him who she heard it from. Probably because she didn't hear shit. She made the fucking thing up herself. I think Nikki likes receiving threats to kick her ass.
7:06:00 PM


Bleh. I don't know what to say right now. I talked to Donna and then to Michael. Lucky him I talked to Donna first and that calmed me down. If it wasn't for being on the phone with her for at least three hours and getting tired, I probably would have been a lot meaner than I was (and probably would have responded with more than just little sentences). I told him I wanted my ring back, but he lost it, so now he's going to get me a new one and then get two other matching ones so he'll have one to wear as a reminder of the hell he put me through. I still won't be able to trust him for a really long time though. He doesn't know it, but he made me cry again tonight, although for once it was over something that didn't even have to do with him. He mentioned getting drunk and I thought about something that happened at least seven years ago and started bawling. o.O
12:00:44 AM


I'm useless, but nor for long. The future is coming on says: would anyone mind if mike brought ashley
Musashiden says: ...
"Life is tough. Life is tougher if you're stupid." John Wayne says: Nope.

I'm so glad my opinion matters. I don't want her there. I can't help but despise her even though I've never met her before. Stupid whore bitch.

Interestingly enough, Michael messages me right after I post. Men are dense morons. Michael, if you had any common sense at all, you'd know damn well that it bothers me that you're bringing her. I've already told you I don't want to be around her, and you're going to drag her along anyway, aren't you? Fuck you. You fucking promised me that you would never bring her around me. I'm so glad you don't give a rat's ass about me. Not like you ever did anyway, but you sit there and lie to my face telling me what good friends you want to be with me. BULLSHIT!
5:53:19 PM