Don't speak. I know just what you said, so please stop explaining. Don't tell me cause it hurts. Don't speak. I know what you're thinking. I don't need your reasons. Don't tell me cause it hurts...


I'm considering piercing my tongue, but I refuse to go to Tattoo Express (assholes, I'll touch my navel if I damn well want to), and I don't remember where Earthborn Studios is located. Spoot. I was thinking about my eyebrow, too, but Miles shot that idea down. It would be a bit difficult to conceal from my parents anyway. Of course, as easy as concealing the tongue ring would be, it would be just my luck to need to go to the dentist after having it pierced, and having my dad catch me with it would not be nifty at all. I'd be afraid he might actually rip it out. Ick. x_X
7:28:27 PM


I now have check writing capabilities. Yay. I may be getting a credit card, too, so that of course means Audrey's domain name may come back. ^_^ I'm also dropping English. I'll just take it next year when that moron won't be "teaching."
12:15:17 AM


Yay! Krissy hosted Navi's Orphanage!! I heart you, Krissy! ^____^
1:26:32 PM


Last night I had a dream that I was sleeping on my floor and my mom came in my room waking me up telling me we had to go to church. I looked at her like she was crazy because we don't even go to church and I asked why. The only answer I got was "We're already late! Come on!" so being the stubborn bitch I am I continued to question her, and she finally gave me the reason. "There's a magician today and he plays with fire!" Then my mom started waving her hands around and random things in my room caught on fire as she explained the last audience the magician had he killed because they did something he didn't like. Again I gave her the "you've lost your mind" look and curled back up in my blankets thinking, "Why the hell would we go somewhere just to be killed?" o.O
12:11:12 AM


Ok, whoever the hell is responsible for me receiving those damn crushmaster things, you're dead. Understand? Quit entering my fucking email address because I don't use that retarded "service" and it's really pissing me off.
11:10:09 PM


So last night the lot of us go to see Queen of the Damned (I want Aaliyah's clothes... scratch that, I want all the costumes XD). I'm in the little ticket line with Ben and I look back at him to see if he wants me to get his for him since he doesn't like talking. He shook his head, so I turned back around to get just mine and I clearly say "Queen of the Damned." Then he gets up there and quickly mumbles "queenofthedamned." We proceed to give our tickets to the ticket chick and she tells him 1 to the left but tells me 7 to the left. Suspicious, I then look at my ticket stub and it says "I Am Sam." What the fuck? o.O
12:54:14 PM


I met up with Ben and Jimmy to see the high school's production of Rebel Without a Cause. Niftiness. And then I got the idea to make little game sprites of all the people! ^_^ After the play we mingled for a bit and then wondered off into the construction areas. XD A janitor caught us as we were leaving. Go figure. I went out the exit where they were parked and they walked me all the way to my car on the other side of the school. Sweeties. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Jimmy has a page now! I'd link to it, but I have to get the URL from him again. Damn my memory.

I got the pictures from Sunday back. XD Michael, you're dead. Actually, you're not, but I needed something to say after I discovered you took a picture of my boobs. Eh, at least the picture makes me look like there's actually something there. =P
11:10:49 PM


Oh lookie who's back! The fun begins again! XD
Sent:      Wed Feb 20 11:04:26 2002
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** This is a private entry **
Name: Roxi
Hey bitch, thought you could get me away from your site again, eh? You're not as smart as you think you are...
by the way, your site's bad.

Well, at least her grammar seems to have improved. Perhaps I should reply and congradulate her on the accomplishment. =P
7:26:44 PM


x.X I just looked at this site under other resolutions. 1024x768 & 800x600 are fine, and 600x460 (how can you people stand this one?) works, but it doesn't look very good.
10:12:08 PM


Well, I had this whole little plan that I'd actually go to class today. So much for plannng. Sleep was better. =D
9:44:14 PM


Well, I know what he thinks now thanks to someone that won't allow himself to be named. =P However, it doesn't make life any simpler because he's unsure. But hey, at least the "what's he think about all this?" question is out of the way! XD

Still haven't started that paper. ^^;;; Hopefully I can get to school early enough to bullshit.
12:42:32 AM


So Michael has the internet now. One less person I have to call. XD Now the only ones left to get hooked up are Donna and Amanda. And then I get to have fun adding more people to Blarg. ^_^ Or I'll end up inviting and the invitation will be mistaken for spam.

Blech. I have to go out again tonight. I don't feel like reading for a servant right now. And I've got a paper overdue that I haven't even started on, and I don't want to start. Hard to get motivation to do anything for someone I hate, especially when that someone has already given me an incomplete on something I previously wrote just because her feelings differed. My grades aren't supposed to be based on your biases, bitch.
5:45:24 PM


Ok, no class. Yay! I dropped off some film earlier. The pictures taken last night are definitely being posted. XD We attempted a group picture in a chair, but Jimmy slid off the seat and then I fell on him. Painful. Probably more painful for him though since my bony ass landed on his stomach. ^^;;;

I'm feeling sick. Again. Note to self: Wendy's chicken nuggets = BAD
2:59:33 PM


Deleted a post. If the person that it was directed to ever saw it, I'd probably be in deep shit and never forgiven for what I said, but we're good again. Now if I could only read Ben's mind life would be simple once more.

... Do I have class today? o.O Not sure.
11:51:54 AM


Oh shit. I am definitely sempastic. I'm so sempastic I've gone and confused myself. It really makes me wonder what he thinks. And people saw and now they're asking me what's up with me and him and I don't know! Arr! >_<

I need to get my mind off of this. Time to work on sprites! Anyone want a blinky? Distract me, please!
1:42:38 AM


Would you like to keep me connected for even a minute, computer? Cripes.
6:18:14 PM


Last night I had a dream that Nick asked me if I had a sempastic (Sempastic? *boggle* Where the hell did I come up with that? o.O;;;) relationship with someone. Of course, I'm stuck making up the definition on my own because he wouldn't tell me what it meant, but the dream seemed to have an implied definition.
sem.pas.tic (sem-pas'tik), adj. 1. a highly flirtatious person that causes people who don't know said person well to assume the person with whom is being flirted is the significant other. 2. a very affectionate person towards friends.
I am sempastic! XD This gives me an idea... More on that later.

My cat is being weird. And as soon as I wrote that he started staring at me. Evil kitty. Evil weird kitty sleeping on a plastic bag. o.O

Arr! Why can be up and running? Without it, my webring is pointless! ... Well, actually it's pointless anyway, but that's beside the point! o.O Err... Heh heh... ^^;;; Yeah.

Poor kitty, he's meowing at me... And he got up and the bag is stuck to him. Poor static cling kitty. XD Erk! He's starting to trash my desk... And now eating my curtains... Time for kitty to go back outside. -_-;;;
5:27:26 PM


Nooo! Damn it, why?! is down! This cannot be!
1:43:50 AM


There. Finally uploaded everything. Under me, zodiac and am/am not don't work yet. Everything else should be up though. And I also put my scans and skins and shit back up for download. Lotsa new links added.
EDIT: I take that back. Under you, sprites and palace dolls aren't up either. ^^;;; Gomen! I'll get them up as soon as I can. Speaking of sprites, I've still got some to finish!
10:52:06 PM


I put my contacts back in. My eyes feel kinda weird now. And the right one immediately starts with the twiching again.

Yesterday someone said I looked like Thora Birch. My first thought was, "Who the hell is Thora Birch?" followed by, "Oh yeeeah..." and then, "No, I don't." For those of you that still have no clue, Thora is that chick from Now and Then. I believe her character was young Tini. Whether or not that's the spelling, I don't care. She was the one that wanted to be famous, and she put pudding balloons in her bra. She was also in that stupid goose movie, I think. Thora, Thora, Thora, what were you thinking?
6:45:27 PM


Apparently dumbass is getting more morbid. She had everyone copy down the obituaries. o.O That's very weird and rude and cruel since several people in class are friends with a girl whose mother just died a few days ago. I'm glad I skipped.

I'm really bored. Uploading things would probably be a good idea.
6:04:21 PM


Figured out why the layout was uncooperative. I am an idiot. ^_^ That's why. Problem fixed, pages conformed, and now all that's left to do is upload. Yay! But I'm tired and would much rather sleep right now and procrastinate like the procrastination princess I am. Speaking of procrastinating, I have a draft due tomorrow. Teacher can kiss my ass.
12:00:25 AM


And now Michael seems to think he's a pimp trying to sell me for sex. Damn it! My body does MY will, not yours! And I'm worth more than what you're offering anyway, so nyeh! XD

Cody and I went back up to the high school today. I miss high school! I never thought I would, but I dooo! After all the remodelling, it's not even a familiar building anymore. I was quite lost. But at least I got to see people I knew. ^_^ Some of them I didn't want to see like my ex (I was a stupid girl. A stupid, stupid girl.) and a stupid snobby bitch (I honestly cannot see what she finds to be so wonderful about herself). =\ But that's ok because I don't think they saw me. It was good to get to talk to Ashley, Amanda, and Angela again though. However, I could have done without seeing Victor, which lead to me wondering if Cassie was still trying to get information about me from Amanda. Luckily, she never sees Amanda anymore. XD But in the extremely slight chance of events that she sees this blog, here's a message to her. Fuck you, bitch. Stay out of my god damn business.
1:33:32 PM


Mrs. Poston picked the wrong time for a hysterectomy. I cannot stand the woman she got to fill in for her. I wonder if it's still possible for me to drop the class without a grade. Knowing my luck, it probably isn't. The dumbass had me write an essay on a funeral experience and how I felt about it. Well, I did, and she gave me an incomplete. I'm sorry, but the comments she made on the paper makes it sound like she wants me to rewrite the fucking thing and change how I feel. FUCK YOU! Life doesn't work that way. That's like trying to change a stubborn pro-lifer to pro-choice. It's not going to happen. She also tried to tell me to reword things that were perfectly easy to understand. Not everyone is a stupid fucktard like you, lady.
11:57:26 AM


I think my friends have death wishes. They're trying reverse prostitution or some fucked up shit like that. Originally Collin had said he'd pay them $20 to attempt to kiss me, and after I was done beating the crap out of them, I'd be too tired to fight Collin off. o.O;;; Now Miles tells me Collin said he'd pay him $10 to kiss me on the cheek. What the fuck? Miles wants to kiss me anyway. Why is he getting paid for it, too? All I get is unwanted sexual advances. I protest!
7:14:35 PM


Grrr... The new layout is not cooperating offline. There are spaces where there shouldn't be. =\ And I'm too tired to worry with it now.
12:03:09 AM



YES! I guessed Ed, and I am Ed! XD

You are Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the Fourth
A strange and fun loving kid. You are an expert computer hacker and have all the really important, meaningful dialog in the series :).
Which Cowboy Bebop Character Are You?
2. Julia, 3. Spike Spiegal, 4. Ein, 5. Asimov, 6. Jet Black, 7. Faye Valentine, 8. Vicious

I am the Puma Sisters!
I took the catgirl test by Meeki
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2. Merle, 3. Catreece, 4. Meeki, 5. NukuNuku, 6. Felicia, 7. Smurf

12:57:11 PM


Apparently I've been sheltered and you can get TSS from wearing too much duct tape... Although I've yet to figure out why anyone would want to wear duct tape. Explain that one please, Daniel.
11:59:19 AM


Naga, you're cute and shit, but I'm already getting tired of you. I need more text space to work with, but I've got too much shit for a frameless layout. Arr! Well, maybe not... Nah, I'll just find a way to make it look frameless.

You know, I think they made up TSS. Really now, have YOU ever heard of a TSS case? I sure haven't. And if it's caused by leaving a tampon in too long, then why are men warned about contracting it in the tampon pamphlet?
12:12:18 AM


Aha! I knew there was another reason I felt odd. I started my period some time today. Whoopdeedoo. I was strangely giddy earlier.

Oh cross! Oh spite! Oh hell! I don't want to go to rehearsal, damn it! I want to go to sleep! ... Just as soon as I finish this slice of pizza.
5:33:55 PM


Bleh, I'm all sick and stuff. It got worse after I went out the other night. I keep getting cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, and it really is quite annoying. I find it difficult to stand without wanting to fall over, and what is supposed to be black text occasionally looks green to me, and what is supposed to be blue text sometimes looks purple. o.O

I went to this New York Model Contract thing yesterday just to see what it was about. If that wasn't total bullshit, I don't know what is. The so-called "talent scouts" talk to you for a few seconds and ask how tall your dad is. o.O Yeah, good way to determine talent. It wouldn't have been so bad if I had chosen a better place to sit. I was stuck next to a snobby racist bitch with matching mother. I was ready to knock the shit out of them both. The skanks had the nerve to talk about me when I was only one seat away from them. Really, people, like I can't fucking hear you. What really pissed me off is that they actually liked her when she didn't deserve shit. People suck.

I take too many of these damn tests. Oh well. XD

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7:09:34 PM